Wife's Panties - Making of a Submissive Woman

I posted about a month ago about how I have trained my wife and lead her into becoming a submissive woman. Any man can do this, you just have to do it with patience. I have broken a lot of her bad habits by slowly training her to become a submissive woman. It is a give and take...she has to feel secure and valued. She used to fight with me and buck against me about everything, now she kneels in front of me three and four times a day. She calls me Daddy and Master. She used to wear flannel and long pjs to bed - now she sleeps totally nude. She prepares my shower and gets my tooth brush ready for me. All I have to do is tap on my glass and she refills my drink. She gets spanked for even starting to back talk me. When we ride in my truck she automatically brings her dress above her hips and exposes her tummy and pussy. These are all rules and protocols that she has simply learned.

Her newest training is that every morning she sucks me and then kneels at the end of the bed. I get her panties and bra for her. I choose what she is going to wear. I then put her panties on her. She spends around for me so I can inspect her pussy and ass. She kisses me and asks to be excused - I normally swat her ass and tell her she is excused and off we go for our day....

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  • Why do you keep reposting this, Kyle?

  • If you're not interested, why do you respond and read?

  • Because I hate you and everything you stand for.

  • Well, if you're a female, I would be happy to help you become the female you can become, and if you are a male, I would be happy to help you train your female. :) I'm just happy to be a pain in your ass - LOL

  • Freedom of speech, country, interest. Why do you ask?

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