I apologized for cock flash to mother in law MIL.

So I have flashed the the MIL several times now. She clearly knows it was not an accident but she talks to me normally. When I apologized I said I was sorry if I wasn't "covered up" when I came into her room a couple of weeks ago. (The act of apologizing was a big turn on btw). She said I was being silly and there was no need to apologize. Anyway following this conversation I won't be wondering into her room again with my cock and balls dangling out of my underwear (well I don't think I will).

Having said that I do intend to make the most of the any opportunities if she leaves her bedroom door open. Surely this is fair game? If she lies in bed looking out of bedroom door when the bathroom is across from her room (aka the spare room) then she might expect to see more than expected?

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  • This MIL stuff can be a bit fun if she has a sense of humour. I flashed my MIL and acted embarrassed. She said "Don't give it another thought, it was such a little thing". Not sure if she meant the incident or me.

  • This is the Gods honest truth. Tonight I offered MIL a massage whilst the wife was asleep with one of the kids but she said no twice. I knew she needed one so I went upstairs got some muscle rub and said "come on, go and put a different top on and I'll rub this into your shoulders" within seconds she was sat in front of me with a wide neck t shirt on. I rubbed her neck and shoulders for about 15 minutes and then gave her a neck tickle for a few more. I loved it all especially the tickle. She liked it too and I was hard all the way through. My cock was ouzing pre cum. Great experience that I hope to repeat. Afterwards I regretted not letting my cock free whilst she looked forward.... Next time šŸ˜

  • Walk in naked and fuck her

  • I flashed my MIL, once while semi-erect. She smiled and whispered to me, later, "How big does that thing get ?"
    "Bigger", I smiled back.
    "Does my daughter take care of you, give you everything you want ? " she wondered. I had to admit that she did.
    "Yes, she does, " I nodded. A sly smile crossed her face.
    "Like what ?" she asked quietly. One of her hands slipped inside of her housecoat. I decided to indulge the old gal. I described how we went to a nearby beach the night before, and after a great seafood dinner, we parked the car, watching the moon over the ocean. We got amorous, and began feeling each other up. She went down on me and after some excellent sucking I shot off in her mouth. The MIL looked shocked, and moaned. I thought she was going to puke, but, she was coming. Her hand worked furiously under her gown. "What else ?" she gasped.
    "She had to piss, so, I watched out for her as she dropped her shorts and panties and pissed about a gallon, making a foamy hole in the sand. It kind of turned me on, I've got to admit !" She sighed and shuddered, shaking her head.
    "Well, did you get it up again and fuck her ?" she asked.
    "I sure did !" I lied. "I got her up on the back of the car, got her legs all up, and drove my dick home. She got so loud that I had to put my hand over her mouth, "I laughed, then, I asked her, "You ever get that loud when P. is fucking you ? " She looked at me, eyes wide, and made a mewling sound of orgasmic delight. Taking the cue, I put my hand over her mouth, and pushed her against the wall. I opened her housecoat and roughly grabbed her 46 DDD tits with their large red nipples, and probed her wet cunt under a forest of black hair. She came loudly, so loud in fact, her daughter heard her and asked if she was okay. We separated and never went there again.

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