My wife is a slag

My wife is an actual slut. She fucks anyone. Flirts in front of me. Don't get me wrong, i love it. Im a lucky guy. She lays on her back legs wide open waiting to accept cock. She hasn't worn jeans in 2 years, just short skirts for easy access. We went to a wedding do once, and she layed there with her make up smeared, her hair a mess and 6 guys ploughing into her, spunk drooling all over the place, drunk as fuck begging me to get more guys. Shes a slut and i adore her used bruised cunt

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  • My wife grew up in Catholic schools and was a virgin when we married. She even told me that one guy she dated pulled his cock out one night and she got out of the car and started walking home. A couple of months after we married, I introduced her to porn and she seemed to really get off on scenes with very well hung guys so I arranged for a big-dicked buddy to come over one evening and I turned on the porn. I gave him the ok to try to seduce her but not force her into sex. She seemed a bit uncertain at first about watching porn with him there but started to get turned on. I have an average dick (5 inches or so) and his cock is about 9" long but as thick as a coke can. I made up an excuse to leave for a while (beer run) and made sure I was gone for a while. By the time I got home he was fucking her in our bed and after 20 minutes or so dumped a huge load of cum inside her. I had never seen her cum so hard or so many times during sex! When I slid my dick in her it was just a wet, warm puddle but it did not take me long to cum anyway. She was hotter that night than I had ever seen her and has fucked over 200 guys over the last 35 years. Lots of fun for both of us!

  • Yes..yum

  • Just a filthy slag slut, how do I get one?

  • I met her in a house party. I tagged along with a friend, the house was filthy, she was quite rough. She was so drunk laying on her sofa, her black denim skirt had wrode up, revealing her white knickers which you could see blonde pubes growing out the sides. I helped her back to mine, and run her a bubble bath, washed her over and chucked her clothes in the wash. I think she liked that i was nice to her. She drank because she had no one. We fucked and she just never went back to that dump. As we got comfortable i would give her drinks now and again, she'd get so wasted it always made her hot. I'd have a friend over and drop hints and play with her pussy in front of him. Soon they'd end up fucking her while i pinched her nipples. I just encouraged her to be the filthy little slut, she is and always was.

  • She sounds really sweet. Do you love licking up the semen from her sweet pussy? Give her a kiss for me.

  • Yes I've licked from her pussy, she forces the back of my head into her slit.

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