Daddy daughter sex phase

It's a natural phase some daughter and daddy go thru and shouldn't be interrupted by anyone. Females are very intimate by nature and like myself adore my father. The natural sexual desire and phase society tries to break is the real sin. Your to clingy with daddy don't hang all over him don't touch him there. This natural desire for a girl to be intimate with her dad is just that natural within her desires. It's not taught it's not dirty it's true love and affection felt at the deepest level!

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  • All go through a phase of wanting sex with there dad, I did after I saw him with a hard on I did want a sample of his dick I know it was very wrong but it did I don't know what I would have done if the opportunity came up for real I suppose I would have committed the ultimate taboo I still think what it would have been like to have his man hood in inside the thing that gave me life, of am I completely warped

  • How old are you honey. My daughter caught me masterbateing few years ago and has asked to watch ever since. I also watch her finger herself now and i finger her and lick her little pussy. She also gives me bjs and lets me cumm all over her. I havint put my cock in her yet..

  • I never married my daughter mother we shared custody as her body started to develop I couldn't help checking her out. She would catch me checking out her butt she would smile and wink turning her head back around shaking her ass. It was from there I complimented her body. We flirted and snuggled one night she was wearing only panties and T shirt. I was wearing only boxers as we was watching TV we started wrestling. My hands all over griping her little firm bubble butt my cock became hard my whole cock and balls was out from under my boxers in view. I was on top between her legs my cock resting on her I put her hands on my cock. Our eyes locked as she stroked my cock, I love you daddy she said I professed my love for her. I had worked off all her clothing my hands feeling her pointy firm little girl tits. She was moving her pussy along my shift her eyes all hazy she had a shy lusty smile. She had a strong grip around my cock I had slipped a 2nd finger inside her pussy my thumb was rubbing her clit. I felt her body starting to quiver her pussy clenched around my fingers. Her whole body started jolting she had a serious look on her face. I shoved my fingers as deep as they could go while pressing her swollen clit. Her little body twitched violently as she had a good orgasm. After I held her closing making out with her she had this serious look in her eyes. I told her how much I am in love with her as she squeezed my cock telling me she loves me more. I said I love you more we argued who loves who more she spread her legs wide open. Pulling her pussy lips wide apart smiling and raising her eyes at me. I read her desires and pressed the head of my 8 3/4" long cock against her opening entering her. She had a tight hot wet pussy my thick cock stretched out any tightness there was. I pounds her little 11 yr old pussy hard for the next several days.

  • I have two preteen daughters and the oldest is very sexuau active with me. I love licking her preteen hairless pussy and fingering her. I can only put my cock in copil inches as shes so tight. But love filling her up with my cumm. She gives me amazeing bjs and wanks. There bought so sexy and love sucking her tiny breast buds. Whats your daughter look like. Do yous ever spank her. My wife spanks our daughters bare bottoms and i admit it makes me hard looking at there little asses..

  • After that the two of us was like nymphos fucking every opportunity we could get and every position possible. Love how tiny her body is making taking her in crazy positions stretching her out. One day we was at a park in public barley hidden we both wanted to have sex in public. She had a very short sundress on no panties while I know there are longer cooks than mine. I also know my girth of 7 1/4" nearly the girth of a can of beer is on the top shelf of cocks. My daughter very proud of her pussys ability to accommodate my cocks massive girth from any position. Due to our constant sexual relationship she wanted to get caught while I was a bit nervous getting caught. We found a spot we could see everyone clearly while they couldn't see us. There was a young teenage couple we noticed heading down a hill. There wasn't a trail and it wasn't a cleared or very possible path. My daughter wanted to follow them they are going to fuck she said. She grabbed my hand dragging me after them they had bit of a head start and I wasn't sure we would find them. I got a glimpse as they was still walking and followed them. The park was on a beach and they got to a place on a small patch of beach. We watched was they started making out my daughter gripped my rock hard cock. I lifted her leg and rammed my cock inside her she grunted as I did smiling. That was rough daddy I'm going to be sore from that not so rough get me ready for that next time. I kissed her saying she drives me crazy she giggled saying she understands. I sounded her pussy while we watched them start to have sex grabbing her other leg bringing it around my back. I gripped her ass slamming her up and down my cock carrying her down to the beach. We both acted surprised to see then both also caught off guard by us. Everyone naked and in a sexual embrace we all got comfortable with our situation. Continued

  • It is natural to both,me and daughter to touch ...i often touch her pussy..when she sits on my knee or sleeps in my bed etc...its really nice.

  • How old is she. I have two preteen daughters and the oldest one is very much a tease and touching me and wanting to sit on my lap alot and not wareing panties. Bought my wife and i spank our daughters and i have noticed the oldest ones bare pussy getting wet when bought my wife or i spank her bare bottom and to be honest it makes me rock hard..

  • No, it isn't natural, you're deluding yourself dear.

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