Best anal sex position

My wife and I adore anal sex it is virtually the only sex we have had for about three years.
I just love the feeling of dominance when she is naked on all fours in the doggie position with her nice arse lifted high to me while she likes it more when we do it missionary with her legs high on my shoulders
I am sure my preference is driven by male dominance while doggie humiliates the female a little and ensures she is in a subordinate situation.
How do others feel ?

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  • Wish someone or two would take me doggy.

  • I am a sex escort who works throughout the uk. I am in my early 30's and a lot of my clients request anal sex during our sessions and it's defiantly one of the most popular services I offer. Due to my age and appearance I am often asked to dress as a naughty secretary by businessmen who have a fantasies about bending their secretaries over their desks and fucking them up the arse. Almost all the time there is a domatation / power theme in these fantasies, that my clients like to play out, one in particular likes to spank me first before putting his very large penis in my bottom. Also while he sodomises me he continues to spank my arse cheeks hard and asks me too moan loud for him while he shags my bum. As i am often having anal l sex mutiple times a week I have learnt to cum through anal but my bum is always sore by the weekend, I don't mind as I have made a lot of money out of my bum. In answer to your question I think feelings of dominance and power play a big part in the enjoyment of anal sex with men. Doggie style also seems to be the favourite position.

  • Thank you so much Darling your a wonderful person, my wife cum's every time we have anal although I still give her vagina and arse quite some finger foreplay and lube the velvet entrance good before I mount she does not get sore at all now maybe we do not do it as much as you we usually have anal four times a week

  • My husband and I both love doggy so much

  • Me and my boyfriend use anal sex in our Don / Sub fantasies, I am naturally a submissive girl so find being told to bend over and spread my cheeks before he put his large cock up my arse really helps me get turned on, it is the fact he is dominating me via anal that really turns me on. He gets really turned on my this and loves to hear how loud I moan during hard anal.

  • I pride myself on being a proper wife and although I don't get much enjoyment out of anal sex, I always let my husband take me up my arse when he gets the urge. When my husband does request anal it's always in the doggie style postion. He likes how tight it is but has also mentioned that part of the pleasure is the sense of power he gets while I am taking it in my bottom.

  • My husband and I love anal every Sunday afternoon we roll a dice first one to spin a six gets to decide the weekly sex events, when, where what position etc. I must say he usually selects doggie, I go for missionary, scissors or flat on my front with arse raised all are great

  • I am female and find doggie gives the best and deepest penetration but it takes a while to get real used to it, my husband puts a ball gag and lockable collar with lead or chain on me occassionaly I am chained to the cloths line naked if I am naughty, I love being naughty sometimes

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