Wife's Panties - Making of a Submissive Woman

I posted about a month ago about how I have trained my wife and lead her into becoming a submissive woman. Any man can do this, you just have to do it with patience. I have broken a lot of her bad habits by slowly training her to become a submissive woman. It is a give and take...she has to feel secure and valued. She used to fight with me and buck against me about everything, now she kneels in front of me three and four times a day. She calls me Daddy and Master. She used to wear flannel and long pjs to bed - now she sleeps totally nude. She prepares my shower and gets my tooth brush ready for me. All I have to do is tap on my glass and she refills my drink. She gets spanked for even starting to back talk me. When we ride in my truck she automatically brings her dress above her hips and exposes her tummy and pussy. These are all rules and protocols that she has simply learned.

Her newest training is that every morning she sucks me and then kneels at the end of the bed. I get her panties and bra for her. I choose what she is going to wear. I then put her panties on her. She spends around for me so I can inspect her pussy and ass. She kisses me and asks to be excused - I normally swat her ass and tell her she is excused and off we go for our day....

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  • So is 815 your area code, or...? Pretty sure I found you, you dominionist sexist bastard.

  • Yea, and?

  • Screenshots have already been taken.

  • I'm sure your clients would love knowing that you treat your wife like a trained monkey.

  • LOL - you're barking up the wrong tree. I don't have "clients", but I really wouldn't care.

  • Yea, and?

  • Screenshots have been taken.

  • Here's the other post - https://www.naughtyposts.com/56760/the-transition-of-a-strong-willed-woman

  • You must get treated like dog shit at work.

  • Why do you say that? I'm the boss at work too and my employees love me. You just need to know how to handle people.

  • That you feel the need to treat your wife like this.

  • I don't think you have a clue what you are talking about. My sister-in-law came to our house yesterday screaming at her husband. Her husband was yelling at her. They were fighting with each other over an issue and their children stood in our yard moping and sad. In my home, it would not have been an issue. I make the decisions in our home that are healthy for both of us. The rule is - "she takes care of me and I take care of us." The second rule is, (for her) - "Do as Daddy says." Couples are not meant to be in tension with each other - who says we are?? Our Western culture has accepted the egalitarian doctrine so readily because the Femi-Nazi have shoved it down our throats. We just happen to believe that Husbands and wives can live a more balanced life. She is being treated the way she wants to be treated and I am being treated like a King. I didn't say anywhere in my text that she is being abused or mistreated. I said she has been broken of our cultures need to make women and men equal. She has become a woman now and not a girl fighting to become a man's equal. We don't fight any longer and she is much more balanced and calm. She tells me she is much more at peace and happy - so, try being the woman you were meant to be, or try being the man you were supposed to be and quit being judgemental on things you don't know anything about.

  • Meh. You and the Mormon Church. You're a piece of shit and a very weak man inside.

  • Not at all.

  • Do you beat her daily? When you go to sleep she will take her revenge, and your spirit will be trapped in the physical plane adrift and confused.

  • No, I don't beat her at all - weirdo.

  • One night soon, you won't wake up for another sunrise and the truth will be known about you. She is planning and plotting.

  • Yep. Ever see "The Burning Bed," you creepy abusive narcissist?

  • No detail is needed - she spins around so I can inspect her.

  • She must be ugly AF to put up with this.

  • Explain in detail the inspecting part?

  • He wants to make sure she looks just like the trained monkey he forced her to become.

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