I fantasize about fucking my best friend's husband

I am a happily married mother of three amazing children. I have the typical sub-urban life with a house, a picket fence etc. My husband is amazing in every way, except when it comes to sex. While he loves to have it with me he is just not that great. He has an "average" penis that is probably 5.5 -6 inches and not very thick. He also has back issues so some positions are tough for him.

just some description to give you a picture of me. I am about 5'5 with long straight brown hair and brown eyes. I am 33 and thin with a size 6 waistline. My breasts aren't large (36B) but firm with what i've been told are very nice quarter sized nipples.

Lately i've been bored by sex with him and for the first time in our relationship i rely more on my vibrator than him to cum. Our vanilla sex is too routine. I've tried to spice things up but nothing has worked. Recently my best friend was telling me about her sex life and i found out her husband has a nine inch cock. She claims they've never had sex that she didn't cum at least once or twice. I was shocked because they actually have a terrible marriage but the sex is supposedly incredible.

He is 6'4 with brown hair and green eyes. He is well built but not muscular.

Now whenever i see him (he is also very cute though not my type), i can't stop imaging his huge penis. I realized i started dressing differently when i know i am going to see him and when we greet each other i hold on just a second longer when i hug him hello, hoping to feel his cock brush up against me. My normally conservative clothing has switched to short skirts, low cut shirts etc. I even realized i "forgot" to wear a bra when he came over to pickup a book i was loaning his wife. It was then i noticed him checking me out.

Now i can't stop thinking about him and every time my husband and i fuck i am picturing my friend's husband fucking me. It has enabled me to have really good orgasms.

the other day we were at our pool club and he was in the hot tub. I joined him and sat right next to him. I flirted like a girl in high school and found myself rubbing up against his side. i even started making dirty jokes/comments to him. Like a typical guy he joked about his "big cock" and i teased him that he probably has a tiny pecker. I guess he felt the need to defend his honor and he grabbed my hand and rubbed it against his bathing suit shorts. I can confirm he is HUGE.

i was stunned and he immediately apologized. before i could think my hand slipped back onto his stomach and then down into his bathing suit. right there in the public hot tub i began jerking him off. I then whispered that it was too bad there were all these people nearby because i could really have fun with that monster. He smiled and said follow me. We both got out of the hot tub and casually to the locker room. There are three locker rooms, men, women and family. The family room was empty and had private rooms that could be locked. He pulled me into one of the private rooms and began kissing me hard and passionately. Within seconds i was on my knees and his monster cock was in my face. I began to stroke it and lick the tip. he moaned and pinched my nipples. i found his dick mesmerizing as i sucked and stroked it. I could taste his pre-cum as i tried to fit as much as i could in my mouth. never had it been so stretched before. It didn't take much for his head to hit my throat. I gagged and pushed him out of me. Then he turned me around and pulled my bathing suit down. He fingered me and played with my clit which made me dizzy and soaking wet. After a little while i felt him push me down so he could mount me.

He rubbed his massive head up and down my slit. i was begging for him to fuck me and dying to know how it would feel. Well within a few seconds i could feel my lips part as his head began to slide in. He was slow at first but with each stroke another half an inch slid deeper inside me. By the time he had gotten half his cock inside me i was already feeling the start of my first orgasm.

This went on for a few more minutes. he didn't get it all inside me but i can assure you i've never felt fuller than i was that day. I lost count of the number of orgasms i had. he pounded me hard and fast and soft and slow. eventually i couldn't take it anymore and begged him to cum. Within a few second i could feel his cock grow inside me and he began to moan as he slid his cock as deep as he could inside me. I felt the explosions hit my cervix (which i never felt when my hubby would cum inside me). it was the most intense feeling i've ever had.

After he pulled out i tried to clean myself up as best as i could. we kissed for a few seconds and then agreed that this would never happen again. Of course now all i can do is think of that day and how i can get him to fuck me again. There is no way i can go back to just vanilla sex with my husband. i don't know how i'm going to deal with this now.

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  • OP - I am pregnant! almost positive it is his baby as husband and i rarely fuck anymore.

  • I know exactly what you're going thru for I went thru the same feeling last summer with a good friend's husband, My husband who does have sex with me perhaps twice a week has probably a normal size cock almost 6 inches and Jane's husband has a bit over 9 and very thick, She always boasts about him and one day I came right out and told her I didn't need to hear all about their sexual adventures for she has put so many thoughts into my head about him, then out of the blue she asked me if I wanted to fuck him I blushed and hung my head down to hide my eyes and she told me to go ahead but just not tell her about it.
    The very next day I was out sun bathing in my bikini and he stopped by and said to me that he was there to pick up the book Jain wanted to borrow and that was what Jane told me kinda a signal to go for it and I stuck out my hand and asked for help getting up and as he pulled me up off the ground my top fell to the ground, I didn't try and hide myself and he starred, oh god did he ever stare at my tits and I could see the tent rise in his shorts and he told me I had really lovely tits for a 30 year old and I thanked him and then he pulled me close to him and gave me a kiss I'll always remember and I kissed him back and in no time we were back on the ground and I got to feel that 9+ inch cock buried ball deep in me and god now that's all I can think about.
    Now Jane and I share her husband and I get him twice a week and my husband has no idea what's going on fact is Jane last night gave him a lingering kiss as he went out their door after picking up my book from her I know because he told me so when he got home and handed me my book.

  • OP - glad to hear someone is in same boat as me. It is amazing how different sex feels with a big dick. I feel so full and satisfied when he is inside me. While i still fuck my husband i do it for him only as it no longer does anything for me. i've been fucking my friend's husband now regularly for the past two months and i cannot get enough. the sex is absolutely incredible. at least your friend is okay with it. we have to sneak around as mine would die if she found out.

  • Be careful. I lost a friendship due to flirting/playing with my friend's husband. It started out as playful chat, dirty innuendos, etc., but soon we were sexting each other and eventually fucked at a local hotel, while our spouses were at work. My friend eventually found out that I was fucking her husband and went crazy on me. The sex was great--much better than my guy--but overall I'm not sure if it was worth it.

  • Why was it so much better with this guy than your man?

  • I think it was partly the thrill and danger but his size and the way he moved and touched me was not just different than what i was used to but so much better. he just knows how to fuck really really well.

  • I find it outrageously beautiful and inwardly quieting when a married woman discovers for the first time what sex is SUPPOSED to be -- just because the guy is hung the way men are SUPPOSED to be hung.

    Of COURSE you're hooked! That's what's SUPPOSED to be!

    Likely, this will take time and work, but bringing him into the world of cuckoldry is about the only option you have. Now that you've actually experienced sex as it's supposed to be, your body is going to demand it. You can't ignore it.

    Thank you for sharing your story. It was not only hot but powerful!


  • Update from poster - i am going to his house this weekend for a dinner his wife is hosting. I have no doubt the wine will be flowing and am hoping there will be an opportunity to slip away and have a second go at it. I am working on what sexy outfit i can wear that will draw his attention but not make me look slutty. I am thinking short skirt and a tight top. Wish me luck!

  • Isn't it interesting that just half in, he gets you off as your husband can't. That's very instructive, isn't it! There is definitely some chemistry between you two. Not least is that just thinking about him improves sex with hubby. It's telling that you succumbed so quickly when you found his sizable cock -- and doubly so that you found his dick ‘mesmerizing…’

    Truth is – it captivates you. Doesn't it. It’s a very powerful, commanding presence – as if his dick is itself a person. It commands your attention and controls your response, making you extremely wet and needy. You can’t help yourself to NOT respond this way. And best of all – it’s darned pleasurable!

    When you were with him, it was like sex for the first time. His big dick made you feel submissive and made your body prepare to receive him. Some men are gifted to give women great pleasure. You've discovered what that gift is, and how it works. Now I want you to do something for me. In fact – two things.

    First [obviously], I want a full report on how this weekend’s dinner goes. Your first post was very complete. Commit to do the same with the next. It will spur you on! The other thing concerns attire. I want you to wear no panties. If you get an opportunity … flash him! I’m guessing his reaction will be priceless!

    Remember -- you now know that however well-intended, hubby can't give you what your body demands. YOU must take responsibility for you sexual needs.

  • OP - So i had my dinner this weekend at my friend's home. Her husband "dave" answered the door when my husband rang the bell. I was dressed nicely but not overly sexy. just enough to grab his attention. When he opened the door and saw me his face was priceless. He tried so hard to act normal but i could tell there was both panic and lust in his eyes. My husband greeted him with a firm handshake that turned into the modern day bro hug where the opposite shoulders touch but the guys won't commit to a full hug. Then i stepped forward and on my toes i reached up to give him a peck on the cheek and made sure to brush his crotch with my hand. He was hard! I knew then that he too was thinking of me and our afternoon at the pool.
    before sitting down to dinner we waited for two other couples. I managed to act normal and even help our host with preparing a salad. Everything seemed totally normal but inside i was ready to explode and my pussy was dripping wet in the hopes of somehow something happening.
    Once the other couple arrived we took our seats. By some stroke of luck Dave's wife (Lisa) told me to sit across from her and right next to her husband at the head of the table. He wouldn't make eye contact with me through most of the meal. A couple of drinks and courses later the couples all moved to the den to relax while the table was cleared off by Dave and his wife. I told lisa i was going to the use the ladies room and asked if it was okay if i used hers in the master bedroom. She said of course and i walked down the hall. Right before leaving the kitchen i made eye contact with Dave and made it very clear i wanted to speak to him. I went to the bedroom and then heard dave tell lisa he was taking out the garbage and she said she was going to finish up prepping the desserts and needed another 10-15 minutes.
    Dave grabbed the trash and dumped it in the garage and then poked his head into his bedroom. I pulled him into the room and closed the door quietly.

  • OP - I turned to him and playfully slapped him saying he can't just pretend like nothing happened. Dave made it clear that he really wanted me and had an amazing time but was extremely nervous about being caught and losing his family. I said i understood and was also equally torn and nervous but said i couldn't stop thinking about him. He said he needed to get back to the kitchen but i said just one more minute. I then kissed him and sank into his arms. After a brief kiss i slid down to my knees and started to unzip his pants. He tried to stop me but i wouldn't take no for an answer. "just let me see it for a second" was what i kept saying in a quick whisper. Once i pulled his pants open and his boxers down the most beautiful cock sprang out at me. I grabbed it gently with one hand and started to stroke it. He let out a low moan and then i decided to go for it and started to suck his cock slowly and in the most sexy way i could think of. I looked up at him and while sucking said "Dave, you have the most amazing cock". I felt his cock grow even harder when i said that. I knew i couldn't fuck him then and there as his wife and my husband were about 20 feet away down the hall. I sucked for about seconds and then stood up and told Dave we'd have to continue this later. For now i told him to fuck his wife tonight and think of me. I walked out of the room leaving a clearly excited and confused Dave with his dick in his hand. When we left that night i gave him a hug and peck on the cheek goodbye and whispered to him to call me later this week. His move now.

  • So has Dave made a move? Have you heard from him? If you want to, I think that you can crank up the pressure on him very easily. He obviously wants you. He can't deny it, and he's really not in position to resist it.

    Do you want to tighten the screws on him?

  • OP- i finally got Dave to meet me when the hubby and kids were gone. He tried to end it but was really not very hard to break down. All i did was tell him i just needed one more good fucking and then we can end it. Then i got down on my knees and started blowing him. After five minutes he picked me up, carried me to my bedroom and fucked me so hard and deep. We had sex about three times that day before i couldn't take it any more. That was about a week ago. Since then we've met twice for quickies and once where i gave him a blowjob. This guy's cock is amazing. I am severely addicted. I don't see how i can stop. Last night we discussed boundaries and agreed that this was purely physical and that we would start to be extremely careful as we were a little too reckless the first couple of times. We are scheduled for another meet up on Monday afternoon. My pussy is soaking wet in anticipation. Hubby has absolutely no clue.

  • Excellent! You have handled this well! Get more and more experience with him. Make a point to know him better than his own wife, and give him better sex. Do all the things she'd never do that he craves. That big, beautiful, orgasm-inducing cock will always be there for you!

  • OP - I've been meeting him regularly for sex over the past three weeks. When i got my period i was so depressed that i had to wait a few days to fuck again (i personally can't do it when aunt flow is in town). instead i just met him once during that span and gave him a blowjob. Yesterday we met up and had a two hour mind blowing romp. I could not walk straight when he was done with me. Between the anal he convinced me to try and the two rounds of sex i was totally exhausted. I've never felt more alive!

  • It's been a long time since I had sex with a woman that wasn't in discomfort with my size. Maybe your the one I need.

  • How big are you?

  • You can have your cake and eat it too, it's risky, but if you can somehow convince your friend and your husband to do full swap. You have to start slow though, first convince your husband to do soft swap, with people not associated with ya'll, in another town or something (just look up a swingers club), no sex with strangers just voyeur stuff, then build up from there, then "brag" to your friend about the experience, she'll want to try it, and so on...

  • Your trapped now sweetie, you can not stop thinking of getting that 9 inches rammed into you yet you know it would eventually impact on probably two marriages and really fuck up four nice people.
    You have to forget about it as best you can just love your husband for all he can offer.

  • Be careful not to take your future bldg frustration that you WILL have out on your husband in anyway. It is not his fault.

  • Now you have had a taste of that cock you will never be the same, this will probably end in a lot of tears and pain for everybody that your husband and his wife do not deserve take control and don't let yourself get caught up with him alone again

  • Welcome to the world of slutwives

  • Hot. Unfortunately, you might need to make a decision: is his cock good enough for you to blow up your family forever? Will it be worth it?

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