Sex with friend's bf

I've been having sex with one of my acquaintances' boyfriend. We're not that close but I still feel guilty. He's gorgeous and he gives me the best sex ever, especially because he is so rough. He once came over when my best friend was over an he forced us to have sex. We had a threesome. He eats me out in public places, like we once went to the cinema and we sat in a secluded row and he ate me and made me give him head . We made out for the majority of the movie and I was dripping because he had played with my nipples and fingered me. His girlfriend doesn't know but she definitely suspects something is going on because she's always on edge when we speak. He makes me wear really short, revealing clothes and I often go without panties . We go around on his motorbike a lot and he tells me to grind on the bike as we travel so I get horny before we go anywhere. He whispers the dirtiest things in my ears in public places until cum runs down my legs, things like: 'your wet pussy is begging for my cock. I'm going to slide in and out until your pussy hurts so much you can't walk tomorrow. I'll fuck your mouth and ass as well.' He's so hot and sexual, I don't want anything to change but I know the girl will eventually find out.

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  • I did that in high school. I was having sex with my best friends boyfriend behind her back and she never found out, the sneaky sex was a huge turn on.

  • I am fucking my best friend's husband. Sometimes I even touch his cock while we're all sitting in the same room! Anyway, the sex is so fucking good. And she's not fucking him anyway. Someone needs to be fucking that man. I am not looking to steal him from her. I just love his cock/cum. I have no guilt, and maybe no shame.

  • My best friends husband and I had sex but it was almost non consensual but it wasn't rape. We had been swimming at their pool and we were all drinking. My husband was inside and so was his wife. I went out for a smoke and he came out about a minute later and just walked right behind me and grabbed my hips and pulled my bikini bottoms down and started trying to get it in me. I reached behind and guided him in and he just went for it and came in about three minutes and just walked back inside. I lit another cigarette and sat outside hoping no one saw. Then I went in to take a shower and ended up having sex with my husband not even twenty minutes after I had sex with my best friends husband and my husband didn't notice or at least didn't say anything.

  • It is hard to pass up on good sex

  • You're a nice friend, so how's your GF pussy taste after he fucks her when you blow him??

  • Hi there, sleeping with my best friend's husband (not the OP). I have no issue with him fucking his wife, and don't much care if he puts his dick in me after it's been in her. He always tastes good to me. ;)

  • Tell him you want to be his girlfriend and to piss the other one off you should both be happy with that

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