I lost my virginity to my dog

Ok I lost my virginity to our dog last night. I don't know what came over me but I'd just gotten out of the shower and was laying on my bed with my hair in a towel and my bath robe on. I admit I was touching myself and running a finger in and out of me. Bandit was scratching on my door and wouldn't stop so I let him in so my family wouldn't come upstairs. He layed by the dresser and I went back on to the bed and started rubbing my pussy again. I got really hot and was getting close to cumming when I felt a rough wet tongue go right into my pussy! Before I could do anything I came so freaking hard! I couldn't think and let him keep licking me. I finally kicked him away feeling ashamed but it felt so awesome so I decided to let him do it again. I got up and made sure the door was locked, took off my robe and got into the floor. I bent over with my ass in the air, hoping that he'd just start licking again. He walked over and started licking my face and I pushed him away hoping he'd go to the other end. I guess he could tell u was getting wet again because he did. He licked me so fast I thought my head would spin. And when he licked my ass, I swear I came a little. I was just in a daze it felt so good. Then I felt him jump on me and felt his dick hitting me on the back of my leg. I was scared but was too turned on, so I lowered my butt and felt him go inside me. It felt really good. It was very fast but not sure if he came but I sure did! He did scratch my legs up though, and I feel kinda guilty but kinda want to do it again. I hope no one thinks this is too sick or weird even though I know it is :-(

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  • How old are you honey..

  • Oh I think she's full of shit

  • Look up bacterial infections caused by having sex with animals. Some are not treatable. There is actually deaths every year in the U.S. from these infections.
    Just something to think about.

  • Ok it's me again. I'm about to take my shower and have been thinking all day about what happened. Im kinda scared about doing it again because​ what if get caught.

  • How old are you sweetie. I caught my 11yr old daughter naked and her dog licking her bare pussy. Engoy it honey and just be careful..

  • How old are you sweetie. I caught my 11 yr old daughter naked and her dog licking her bare pussy. Just engoy and be careful..

  • What you need to know is if you do this again, he has a knot at the base of his penis that will swell up and if he gets it inside you you will be tied together and it could last for nearly and hour or a few minutes.
    You can not get pregnant from your dog and he will not give you STD's either.
    If you don't want scratched up again, try putting some thick socks on his paws.
    Have fun and let me know how you get on xx

  • Do it again, and tell us about it.

  • Make sure you put a Condom on him, you don't need to get pregnant... that would be hard to explain to your family.

  • It's a dog, are you fucking stupid. You can't be impregnated by a dog.

  • I know dip shit just seeing if you're paying attention

  • They make a peopog

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