Sex With My Best Friend

About a week ago I had sex with my best friend and it has really fucked up everything. We've been very close friends since high school, she's been like a sister to me and my wife absolutely trusted me with her. I feel absolutely devastated. I have cheated on my wife and I feel like I have betrayed my friend's trust and taken advantage of her.

She broke up with her husband a few weeks ago and a mutual friend called me this night to tell me she was at a bar and a but under the weather and I should come and get her. I told my wife and she said to go get her. One moment I was helping her into her apartment and the next thing I knew we were in bed together. I don't even know how it happened.

We often joked about what it would be like if we ever had sex and she used to laugh and say that one day we should do it just to see what it would be like. Now that's not funny at all. The sex was fantastic too and that doesn't help.

I love her so much, I really do, but I am not and never have been IN LOVE with her. My wife knows something happened that night because I have been acting preoccupied and upset ever since but she thinks we had some kind of argument.

I think I have to tell my wife but my friend has begged me not to. She told me I would be fucking up my marriage for no reason. I just can't keep a secret like this from my wife. I think I may end up losing my best friend and my wife over a moment's madness. Life really sucks.


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  • Wonder what the OP decided. clam up or confess up?

  • Dude. Tell her.
    I was in a similar situation. I thought I'd stuffed away my guilt. Ignored it. But I watched as e grew further apart. Even as I was trying hard to stay close. Finally I told her, and stepped back. Whatever she decided I would accept. It took her about a month of rage, tears, distance and hurt. But she knew I loved her and had just been stupid.
    She decided that we were no longer to talk to that friend. Cut out cold. That was hard for all of us. I still feel like I haven't earned her full trust back, but I'm still trying. And as much as i miss or friend, losing her was the lesser of the two evils. Integrity matters. Guard it. When you mess up, salvage as much as you can. It is so much more valuable than pride.

  • You shouldn't tell her. Try to fuck her again and she loves it.

  • Tell your wife. Do you want a marriage based on honesty or lies? Things like this have a tendnecy to come out anyway, better to do it yourself now. She'll be hurt, things will suck, but if she really loves you eventually she'll forgive.

  • Guys don't need to be "in love" to enjoy sex.

  • Hush up and come up with a reason for your preoccupation. You do not wanr to go down the confession road. It will not take your guilty feeling away. It will wreck your marriage.

  • My experience in confessing a slip up to my wife was the worse thing to do. Yes I felt guilty and unloaded. Then after her devastation cleared she made sure I felt guilty about it. I was then on eternal wife probation, watched and accused for ever more. Also with this came a sexless marriage for the next 10 yrs. I don't count the once or twice a year she thru me a bone.

    My guilt went away because I paid highly enough and now I was depressed from no physical or emotional affection. I divorced her. She cleaned me out of $$$ for another 17 years.

  • They exact revenge worse than any torturer.

  • I bet your friend is preggo now too

  • Look at it this way, you confess to your wife and you'll feel better but your wife will be devastated. so don't compound a selfish moment with a selfish decision, just stop being a fucking asshole to your wife and keep it in your pants

  • And the wife will torture you for ever

  • Why don't you have a threesome with the wife and your friend .

  • Take a very, very deep breath, calm the fuck down, and don't tell your wife anything ever. That would be dumb.

    Btw, did you drop a load into your friend?

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