Despite being a racist, I had sex with a black guy

I come from a very, very conservative family. Very religious and also very racist. Growing up, my sisters and I were taught the way and it's something I have always believed in with great conviction. Until now.

I started having physical feelings for a black guy in my class. On Saturday night we ended up fucking (best sex I have ever had). A few people from my class at university were having a get together. We got drunk, and since alcohol lowers your inhibitions, I just decided to kiss him. We ended up in bed and I lost count of how many times we fucked. He has the stamina of a wolf. Just kept going and I absolutely loved it.

I won't lie - my mind is kinda fucked up right now. I'm beginning to question everything I was ever taught. I have befriended a Pakistani and Kenyan girl (live in the same dorm). Since yesterday, I've been chatting to this guy on the phone constantly, and we're meeting again today - can't wait.

My parents would absolutely kill me if they knew what happened. My dad . . . oh God, I think he would attempt to murder the guy. But you know what? I'm happy right now. Leaving home and going out into the world has made me realize the flaw in my parents' racist philosophy. Don't get me wrong - I am far from an idealistic liberal; I still have a lot of views that may be classed as "far-right."

But I'm beginning my own journey with an open mind.

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  • You are growing up, and realizing you can form opinions of your own, and not blindly follow everything you have been taught. Enjoy your time with this guy. Good Luck.

  • I'm a white woman , and I used to like fucking black guys too. I only realized that I was probably racist when I noticed myself kicking my black dates out of the house when we finished screwing, so I could hang with my white friends instead.

  • You are a piece of shit white trash.

  • Good. Your dad is a racist piece of shit.

  • Loved your story

  • Yeah get filled up with that black dick and pop out mix babies.

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