Fuck you all.

All the guys who have hurt me.

jordon at the gym, matt the dr and the ambulance young guy I liked didn't even want a hug or thankyou card. the young police officer who came to see me didn't even want my love. see this is because I am fat. if I was thin and pretty they would want me. If I was rich they would be all over me.

why? why did you do this to me? don't you see that I need a life?

I wanted one of you to hug me and just say "everything is going to be fine, that fat dude won't harm you ever again. I will protect you. I love you. I will not let your family or him abuse you. your worth being loved and wearing a wedding dress to me. I will help you get thin and help you have a baby"

but they don't care. why would they like a fat ugly old unworking unrich boring girl who has never grown up and seen the world for herself alone and been an acheiver like them in all ways like them. a woman must reflect all that her man is, driving, smarts, bank a/c , everything.

sorry I forgot those rules.

5.1 years ago

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    • He is the same dude that sells kiddy porn over the internet.
      He was trying to do that here about 1-2 years ago.

    • Oh bullshit I am 37 5’5” in shape and I love heavier girls I love feeling yours softness against me and being able to be close to you is always warm and ugly is all in your head your as pretty as you wanna be there are guys like me everywear just stop giving us your resting b face and smile at us and we will fallow you home.

    • It's okay, just try to better yourself physically mentally and emotionally. Things will work out. Keep your head up and forget these negative people. No one is interested in me either, but I just try to look at better things in life, like being healthy and taking care of loving my parents.

    • I understand girl, I feel the same. I just gave up on guys they're horrible. I'm 30, I'm fat also and i gave up. The hell with them. We can do better alone. #aloneAndDoesntGiveAShit

    • Lose some weight, get a job, and quit measuring your self worth on whether someone else wants or likes you.

    • I starve my gf. She has to weigh herself everyday and if she gets even a little bit far I yell at her. I always have her wear miniskirts. If she puts on any weight the skirts ride up and are too short.

    • Nothing wrong with fingering or licking a nice wet fanny and some of the best fuckes I have had was with big fat woman .Good luck get your knickers off and take every cock you can .

    • Are the spiders crawling on your skin?

    • Tell us what would happen if you killed your self. And tell us how you'd do it.

    • PLEASE YESS!!! STFU!!!

    • You post everywhere. I'm so tired of your voice. When you silence it, will we care other than "thank god that bitch finally shut up!"? Make your voice worth something. Quit posting here, give up on love, we don't care. Please just quit posting.

    • Stop being a jerk, she can post what ever she wants, if u have a problem take a hike.

    • What is your problem? Why are you this way? You recognize what's wrong with you... just change it. Lose weight. Don't be such an ugly person. It's YOUR fault you're not loved. You aren't trying hard enough. Your personality is to blame. Be a different, nicer person. It's not everyone else, it's you. You are why you're not loved.

    • I think when you're fat, old, ugly, unemployed, poor and boring like you obviously are you gotta go the extra mile with guys. You gotta cook for them, do their washing, keep the house clean, take it up the ass, let them cum in your mouth, piss on you. You know, make an effort to compensate for the negatives.

    • You're obviously a misogynist pig but you are right about compensating for the negatives. I've always had a problem with my weight and could never get a boyfriend or even a date when I was at high school until I started giving head. The word got out and yeah, they used to laugh at me and call me Hoover but I could always get a date for school dances then.

      I have a wonderful husband now who adores me because I work hard at being a good wife and unlike all his other friends with their skinny, sexy little wives, he gets a fuck whenever he wants one and he can do anything he wants to me.

      My advice to you is get up off your fat, lazy complaining ass and make an effort.

    • You should resist a bit once in a while so that you trigger his hunting instincts. guys get tired of the same ol' conquered pussy

    • Yeah once I was thinking of fucking this fat babe but I was like I dunno she's too fat but then she said those magic words. You can do anything you want to me. Instant boner. God, she was a good fuck. But marry her? Imagine waking up beside that every morning. No way.

    • Please seek help.

    • "I will help you get thin"

      take care of that yourself, you stupid slut

      PS plenty of fatties get love, maybe it's your shitty personality with a giant sense of entitlement that makes guys walk across the street to avoid you

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