Boat Sex

When I was 16, my friends and I went on holiday for the first time. We all had fake IDs, so there was lots of alcohol. We were taking a boat trip and we had all drank a lot. We kept drinking all the time, so we were constantly drunk. There were about 20 people on the boat, with around 13 boys and 7 girls. There was this one guy who had been flirting with me and giving me drinks who I wanted to have sex with. He was whispering how he would fuck me doggy style with his balls slapping against me while his dick slides out of my warm wet pussy. His fingers were lingering over my vagina and he kept pressing and rolling them against my clit every few seconds. People could see that he had his hand inside my bikini bottoms. We made our way to the back of the boat into the cloakroom, and I sucked him. He wanted me to swallow, and so I did. He fucked me 7 times until I was extremely sore. I asked him to stop but he went an eighth time anyway. He then said he has a girlfriend.

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  • Me too. I just want to say I think the queen in the uk needs to be told what a disgrace she has her son living in when he could be king and she could retire gracefully to allow a younger generation more freedom and equality. so many old people in jobs and they won't leave to allow younger people in their 40s to buy a house or overseas holiday or essentials for anything and then she wonders why her empire is falling down and young people can't work or marry and have kids. well hon, we are not all like will and harry and you all never have to worry a day in your life about where your next meal is coming from and real depression and poverty and struggle. go suck up to your refinery and suck some glass in ya ass the lot of you dirty royals. I hope the tv stations boycott harry and megguns wedding too. its not worth printing or telling the story about, no one gives a crap and its not out of jealousy as she would wish. people just don't give a toss anymore about others but themselves !

  • I feel you girlfriend. I wish I had a dollar for every time that exact same thing has happened to me.

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