Wishing my daughter's a great sex life

Is it bad to hope your daughters marry a guy with a huge cock to know they are going to be sexually satisfied?

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  • Yeah that's fine. I would have her marry someone that's rich tho and has a small dick, and have him just be a sugar daddy cuck lmao! Anyways ive fucked a lot of daughters, I'm 25 and fit with a big dick not bragging I'm rly humble just saying a few. Times I've fucked this guy's daughter in front of him and it was pretty good. The dad legit couldn't do anything about it and the girl was drunk as shit. I would've felt bad but the guy actually told me to do it lmao fucking cuck dad

  • YES! YOU are to ber her lover and breeder

  • Instead have them marry someone wealthy and who can keep his dick in his pants around other women, so he can be a faithful provider. Having a big dick is nothing, if it means that they will be unemployed, living in your basement, and siphoning your retirement funds while they collect government assistance.

    If your daughters crave it, they can find big cocks on the side that would be willing to service them. Have them marry someone wealthy and responsible first and foremost.

  • I think it's a thought some of us have with sexy hot daughter's who we know would be an amazing duck in bed. Knowing this like my daughter short and petite narrow plump bubble butt. With nice perky tits having gotten the fortune of seeing seeing her nude as a teen. Can't help but imagine using porn videos on the Internet to imagine how she would be. Always looking thru till you find the girl who looks closest to her and of course making sure she's getting BIG DICKED till she orgasms screaming daddy. With so much porn on this subject your not alone on this subject lol.

  • Petite hot little girls need a huge cock just the way they are built and guys with huge cocks prefer tiny girls!

  • Kinda l8ike me I got married at 127 to a guy who was 26 at the time and well hung. I mean well hung all 13 1/2 inches and quite thick since we got married I have caught him fucking my friends way more than a dozen times.
    I came right out and told him if he can't keep it in his pants for me then I was going out and have some fun myself. We now have a open marriage and we both have sexual partners outside of our marriage.

  • That is I was 17 at the time not 127, LOL

  • Weird standing with other parents and they are talking about protecting their daughters. I make mine always wear skimpy clothes and encourage her to be physical and let boys grope her andhave sex with her. She's on the pill and carries condoms.

  • Why? What does that do for you?

  • Yes me too...i want my 13 year old daughter to sleep with old men..

  • Why share her. My almost 12 year old daughter has being sleeping with me since shes 10 and shes still got a tight hairless little pussy and her little golfball size tits are amazeing to suck. She gives amazing bjs and loves me licking and fingering her tiny pussy..

  • I agree don't bring this up to people you know lol, I think it is sweet in a bit of a creepy way lol. I think sex is a very important part when finding that special person. But it's about matching a person's sex drive if your ddaughter have a high sex drive I would agree with hoping they get a BIG ONE. But not all women put much into sex when finding a life partner. You must have some idea they have a high sex drive how is it you might think this?

  • Both have been sexuality active from around 12 yrs old dress sexy and have very sexy bodies skinny girls = a need for thick long cock. I have a thick long cock their mother loves my size and since I made them they deserve a thick long cock!

  • When was last time. I fill my almost 12 year old daughters tight pussy with my cumm most days..

  • Can i have one?

  • Very true always see the tiniest skinny girls on porn fucking the biggest cocks easily. I've watched interview at 2014 expo Krista can't remember the last name she goes by. She is only 4'10" 82 lbs. They asked her at what age she first had sex she said 10 yrs old with her older brothers best friend. They asked if he had a big one she laugh saying he was 19 yrs old she giggled saying man size. But didn't have any idea how bug exactly he was she said after that she was addicted to sex ever since. They asked why she wanted to do porn she giggled saying because she wanted to get fucked all the time by huge cocks. She only gave out a dozen autographs I didn't get one but did get a hug. She was so tiny very sex

  • I've always wondered about if hung guys have a daughter would she need a bigger cock. You would think genetics would give her a pussy matching her daddy's cock. Also skinny hot girls get allot of cock I would think once experiencing a huge cock she would desire one if she enjoyed it.

  • I am on the regular or normal sized dick train here too. Some girth is nice, but let's not go crazy. I like anal so I don't want a python up there. ;)

  • Also, it's fine to wish this for your daughter(s) but I maybe wouldn't bring it up to anyone in your day-to-day life.

  • Being big isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm to big for my wife's comfort and the few times we attempted anal turned into a big no-go from then on out.

  • Your wife doesn't like sex lol she's just saying that to make you feel good lol!

  • Its not bad it's just weird, really weird. Really, really weird.

  • Best lovers were avg size. guys like bigger dicks then us girls gets me wondering if there not half gay i mean theres alot of bi girls and guess how big her dick is? EXactly.

  • Why do you think she would like a big dick, have you been in there

  • Yes, I admit I have.

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