Any girls want to tell their dog/horse/boat sex stories?

Not seen much of these stories lately. Any girls want to share with me?

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  • I don't know how a woman could take a horse dick, wouldn't that hurt her?

  • Any girls who still plays with their dog. Plz add me on Snapchat. Andyc2104. I would love to see message dog so I know who u r.

  • From age 13 I would have our dog mount me and fuck my ass hole. I would lay between his legs and suck his cock too. We had a girl dog too and I often fingered her, licked her pussy and shove my teen cock in her. Though I'd just love Cumming on her pussy or in her mouth. Managed once only to fuck the male dog after lubing, lickin and fingering its ass hole

  • My story isn't having sex on the boat but it started on the boat lol. I was 12 years old my dad bought a boat my parents are divorced. It was summer my dad took the summer off wanting to enjoy the boat her bought. We traveled across the USA going to different lakes staying in hotels. A sexual tension started to build between us on the boat I found him attractive sexually. We flirted and made sexually suggestive compliments and comments it wasn't your daddy daughter moment in the normal since at all. It was sexual tensions boiling and a courting for a sexual event that was needing to happen. I felt like I was going to pass out I was so horny as we cuddled together on the boat. His cock was rock hard I pressed my bikini covered pussy hard against his election. His hand was gripping my ass cheeks I was near cumming I was so horny not trusting my reactions on the boat. I was so nervous about people passing by us on the lake. Anybody could.tell we was in a sexual embrace and it being a daddy daughter. I knew my dad could get in trouble I said we better settle down. I could tell my dad was sad and nervous he felt rejected by what I did. I smiled hugging him saying maybe we should go to the hotel and cuddle. That put a smile back on his face the sexual tension was boiling overs as we got the boat back to the launch. I was dizzy and so horny I couldn't think I knew and hoped we was going to have sex. Once inside his truck he pulled his cock out I gripped it this was the first openly sexual event for us. I gave him a blow job while we drove enjoying his perfect over sized thickness of his 8 1/2" cock. We had sexual talks before about when I lost my virginity he bragged as he asked if any of the guys had a bigger cock than his. Not to let him get over confident continued

  • How old are you now honey. My almost 12yr old loves me to lick and finger her hairless pussy and rub her little breast buds. She also gives me bjs and loves poseing for me naked or in panties..

  • I'm 24 us old now we had a highly sexual relationship till I was 23 years old. I still dated and ended up getting serious with my boyfriend. My dad and I didn't have a dating type relationship it was just how we chose to show our love. He always encourage me to have boyfriends and be normal. While I now married we still have Saturday after noon dates lunch then a few hours of sex. My husband has a longer cocktail than my dad's he's just over 10" so he's about 2" Longer. Daddys allot thicker can't reach like hubby can but stretches me out allot more. Daddy knows hubby's bigger in length department and very happy for me we joke about it. Hubby doesn't know about daddy who's much better at satisfaction.

  • I've always wanted to but I have never been game and never really had the opportunity. It's kind of a fantasy of mine.

  • I was 11 yrs old my best friend and I just started puberty our Sex drive was crazy. The two of us would talk all the time about Sex checking out every guy. We both got bad reps with our friends mom's for flirting with our friends dads. Angelina dad was older and ugly my dad young and hot with a nice thick long cock. Even at a very young age we knew what we needed and wanted a very well endowed man to take us. We both rode horses since we was 7 yrs old and always giggled and laughed getting turned on seeing a horse get a big cock boner. Sara our trainer would scold us hearing us joke around saying how big he was. I think he likes me or saying how we wanted a boyfriend with a cock like that. She one time asked us if we even knew what we was talking about being a bit hyper and testing our limits. Yeah Sex with a guy who's hung like a horse we both laugh and she laughed as well. She was shocked saying we was naughty and a bit slutty she apologize quickly. We laughed saying it's kweel laughing saying we like being slutty. She just shook her head she was 21 yrs old not to old and was really kweel. A few weeks the later she asked us if we wanted to do something naughty and had to never tell. We both said hell yes. Her horse was in a stall only enough room to stand and couldn't move she tied it's legs so it couldn't lift them. Then she squirted gell on her hand and started stroking his cock. Lucky for us and obviously she knew she would had been fired and in big trouble. The stable and farm hands all gone it was just the three of us and Shadow. We giggled and watched him getting huge we took turns stroking his cock. We made him cum several times. Sara started sucking his cock and we both sucked him as well. After that Sara was like a naughty older sister we stayed the night at her house. A few of her guy friends came over all in their 20's we lost our virginity that night.

  • I caught my wife having sex out by the pool on the diving board, she got startled and jumped up and slipped landing on her back hitting the edge of the board and then almost drowned. The other got up and ran like a bat out of hell. Wifey is now paralyzed, I've cared for her since and will continue, but I got back at her by having sex with strangers and recording it for her to watch, then I played the guilt trip on her sister, and she gave it up to me too. But the best is when I let our dog fuck my wife, I put peanut butter on her pussy and let the dogs lick it up. I've even had some sex offenders come over to fuck her for a price. She used to beg me to turn off the lights, but I explained to her I wanted her to feel my pain

  • Saw this girl licking a dogs bolliks as it fucked a horse as it fucked a boat

  • My best friend and I used to have sex with her dog. I don't know why people make such a big deal out of it. Her dog loved it. We both got divorced about the same time and she wasn't my best friend then but we became best friends. She was crazy but so much fun to be with. I moved in with her and we partied, went to night clubs, took a guy home one night for a threesome and tried the lesbian thing a few times.

    I guess you could say we were spreading our wings a bit after our shitty marriages.

    We used to love going skinny dipping at night in her pool. We'd turn off all the lights and sneak out to the pool naked. It was great fun. She had a Golden Labrador, a beautiful, lovely dog but he was so horny. We would always lie on a towel in her garden near the pool and just dry off in the night air and he wouldn't leave us alone.

    He'd get so excited and jump all over us and try to sniff our pussies. We thought it was hilarious and we'd just push him away and laugh. One night he began sniffing my friend's pussy while she was lying on her stomach and she just let him go at her pussy. She was laughing and giggling and she said 'You won't believe how good that feels.'

    She thought it was really funny and we were both laughing like idiots. She got up on her hands and knees and he mounted her and he really tried to fuck her. She just kept laughing and laughing.

    I said. 'He really wants to fuck you.'
    She said. 'Maybe I should let him.'

    We were both laughing when she suddenly cried out. "Fuck. He's in me. He's fucking me.'

    That's how it started and we did it for a few months after that. Neither of us actually encouraged him, it seems that any dog will try to fuck a woman if she gets on her hands and knees naked. I did it too. He'd fuck both of us. We both loved it.

  • My husband and I sometimes have sex with our dog. It's our deepest, darkest secret and our biggest turn on. There is nothing else that turns us on as much as this. Just being naked with a dog is such an incredibly turn on and it's impossible to describe what it feels like being fucked by a dog. You cannot compare it to sex with a man. I get so turned on just thinking about it and sharing this now albeit anonymously is also a huge turn on.

  • Gross

  • When I was in my teens I played Lacrosse in the summers, I lived in the south so I would be pretty gross by the time I rode my bicycle home after practice. I came home one day pretty tired and hot, I stripped down and thru a towel on my bed just to rest for a minute in the cool air. I was not all the way up on my bed, my knees where bent and hanging off the edge. I felt our dog start licking my feet and ankles, I just let it happen. He kept going upward though and soon he was licking the inside of my thighs and he started stretching to lick further. I have no idea why but I slid my body off the edge of the bed more and soon he was licking away on me while I had my eyes closed and mouth open not believing how good it was feeling. I began massaging my clit with a few fingers while he kept up his licking and had a very good orgasm.
    I began coming home from practice, putting a towel on the floor and letting him lick me all he wanted.

  • Aside from the coloreds, far too many scumbags could tell their stories here regarding sexual relations with animals.
    Consider how many white scumbags admit to having relations with n_i_gg_e_rs.

    Your witness counselor.

  • Offensive.

  • When my husband and I broke up after a disastrous 3 year marriage I met this guy and fell madly in love with him. He was so kinky though but it was the best sex I had ever had and for the first time in my life I actually wanted sex and I wanted it badly. I would have done anything for him and I did.

    He persuaded me to let his dog fuck me and of all the crazy kinky shit we did it was the most exciting thing of all. He used to get so excited, running around watching me from all angles and I fucking loved it. Letting a dog fuck you is just so out there but when a man is watching you and getting off on it so badly it's just too much for words.

  • I like your style. Can I hear more?

  • Leptospirosis. This is carried by, amongst others, dogs, horses and sheep and can be transmitted through any contact with an animal’s sexual organs. The infection generally leads to meningitis and about 10% of cases are life-threatening.

    Echinococcosis. This is carried by cats and dogs and involves the transmission of parasitic worms from the faeces of the animal. The onset of this disease often has no symptoms and this phase can last for a year, complicating diagnosis. Eventually cysts will begin to grow in the liver, brain and lungs, as well as other organs. If left untreated, the disease can be fatal.

  • I am a medical doctor and have seen and treated multiple cases of Leptospirosis and Echinococcosis. Nasty. Humans should not have sex with animals. Period.

  • I too am a medical doctor and there's nothing wrong with a bit of bestiality in moderation.

  • According to the Mayo clinic Echinococcosis and Leptospirosis are both spread through contaminated food or water, not sex.

  • I am also a medical doctor. We do not use words like 'nasty' to describe medical conditions nor do we use the word 'period' in that context. You are obviously not a doctor.

  • Yeah we get so many medical doctors on this site.

  • EXCELLENT. 's a shame people refuse to have any regard for common sense though ; especially females. Because they process via emotions rather than a reasoning mind as men do, they remain unfortunately ignorant to volumes of education regarding a huge variety of topics.

  • I don't think you can have a 'volume' of 'education'. You could have a 'volume' of 'information' but education is a process and a process cannot be contained in a volume.

  • If you are a man without emotion, I believe that makes you a psychopath. You seem like an asshole, either way.

  • Well, that is two diseases. Aren't there thousands of diseases that you can catch having sex with humans?

  • .. Another dodging, fool liberal. They always try to divert the dialogue elsewhere when they see themselves trumped.

    By the way, the pun was accidental however now that I see it, it is intended.

  • Just because someone disagrees with your puerile nonsense, doesn't mean they are a 'liberal' (in the American context). It just means they are smarter and better educated than you.

  • My ex boyfriend used to think it was a great joke when his pit bull used to try and hump me and he used to actively encourage him. I always thought it was just his idiotic sense of humour until one night after we had just had sex and I was naked and a bit drunk, he put the dog on me and got him to actually fuck me. It was rough and brutal and I dumped the boyfriend after that but sometimes when I think about it now it's kind of a turn on.

  • Why was it brutal? Why does it turn you on?

  • It was a pit bull. Do you think a pit bull woudl fuck you gently? It turns me on now because it was the kinkiest thing I've ever done in my life.

  • What the scumbag is saying is, Stupid is as Stupid does.
    Now, a pitbull left his scum in her bag.

  • Ahh, now the Minority Report has been provided, can we just get on with the porn.

  • Is it something you'd like to try again?

  • Yes, but not with a pit bull. Maybe a Labrador.

  • One time I had sex with a goat on a boat.

  • Great combination...want to add planes trains automobiles. Lol

  • I had sex with our dog when I was 17 and ever since I have been terrified that somehow, some way, someone would find out about it.

  • You should watch the movie, "Sleeping Dogs Lie" - that is the plot line.

  • It's meant to say boar. Bloody autocorrect

  • LOL -- So this girl saw a dog and a horse on a boat having sex...

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