Dad watching porn with 12 yr old daughter

Do you think it's ok for a dad to watch porn with his 12 yr old daughter alone and teach her about sex? My ex husband told me he was been watching porn with our daughter for several months. She goes over every weekend and several days during the week to stay he lives a few blocks away. I was surprised when he told me and asked why he didn't ask me before doing this for several months. I asked my daughter about it she giggled and said that it was better than trying to have him explain it. I said it's not something acceptable in society she laughed saying that's stupid don't you think. I laughed saying kinda being thrown off from making my point to her. I told my ex a few days later I didn't think 3 months nor the content of porn for sex education at 3 months was a good idea. He said she's already seen it it's not like she hasn't seen it so what's the big deal. He always has a question to my question and throws me of thought. My mind thinks regardless if they are father and daughter watching porn together is going to lead to desires. My own mind thinking of watching porn makes me sexual aroused so I can't imagine it's not happening between them. I'm not going to ruin our lives by reporting to the police about them watching porn. Not sure if I should make it a point to tell them not to and miss them off at me. Or should I just relax since she's already seen it. I'm not going to watch porn with her so don't ask I'm not comfortable with my sex drive trusting watching porn with her or anyone I don't want to find my self having sex with.

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  • Dirty pervert

  • Wrong wrong wrong

  • Ok here is a serious response to ur question, I won't let my fetish interfere with a 12 yo girl. Incest is one thing but pedo is another. This needs to stop, if u think all they did was watch porn u are dead wrong, her lips have most certainly closed around his dick. Nuff said

  • Thanks. Finaly somebody with some morals. Im the single mom who put up post a copil of weeks ago. Who caught my fiance last year watching porn with my 11 year old daughter. I kicked his ass out door. But as said my daughter at time threw a magor tantrum and was screaming at me and slapping my hands as i threw that fucker out. I said also it had being a while since i spanked her. But after i kicked that piece of shit out. I brought my daughter into lounge and bared her bottom and i can honestley say she recived the longest and hardest spanking i have ever giveing her. I told her she was not to watch that filth or raise her voice or hand to mommy again. I talked to her after words and she promised it was only second time she watched it with him. Up date he got a proper hideing off my brothers and has not being in contact since. I can say since then my daughters being over my knee quiteba bit with spanking over panties or bare. But apart from madams little tantrums. shes shes never raised her hand to me again..

  • As long as it is child porn, it's
    Seriously, I watch porn with my young daughters. Those "desires" come anyway...they are natural.

  • I have watched child pornography with my 9 year old daughter for over a year. We do it secretly and madturbate openly as we watch. We also make out and touch everywhere.

  • You should go prison

  • When my wife is out visiting her mother, I watch porn with my 8-year-old daughter. She cuddles up to me, and I gently rub her sweet, young clit. When the movie is over, I fuck her - often with her feet on my shoulders, the way she likes it.

  • What she look like. I caught my 10 year old lyeng naked in lounge with her legs spread and pulling her little bald lips open and i wont lie as it got me so turned on watching her putting her little finger in her pussy and seeing her little clit and pink folds. That was almost 3 weeks ago and now she does it every day and i told her its ok to do but not infront of anybody else..

  • How old are your daughters..

  • I caught my x fiance watching porn with my daughter last year year when she was only 11. I was totaly in shock and kicked him out before i could kill him. My daughter was yelling at me and try slap my hands as i was kicking him out. I completley lost it and dragged her into lounge and pulled her shorts and panties down and gave her one of the longest and hardest spankings i ever gave her and told her in no certain terms was she to be watching that filth or ever raise her voice or hands to mommy again. Beleave me although shes had quite few spankings since. Shes never raised her hand to me since..

  • Did you like spanking your daughters bare bottom, I use to when I spanked mine I did give me buzz I know its unusual for a mother to sexually attracted to her daughter

  • How old is your daughter now and what age was her last bare bum spanking of you. What did you like best about spanking her..

  • What did you like about spanking your daughter. My daughters not even 12 yet and has regular trips over my knee for a bare bum spanking. It is kind of cute looking at her kicking her legs all over. Shes still as hairless as day she was born. But she does the cutest spank dance after words rubbing her throbbing red little bum. She gets corner time with her bottom on display. She hates if my brother and sister in law are here when she gets spanked aa its the excat same procedure..

  • When my daughter was 14 yrs old she had started having sex she brought it up wanting to get on birth control. Guess I never imagined the conversation as I never had it with my parents. Being a single dad her mother not involved in her life. I made an appointment with a Dr. To get her on birth control asked if they could educate her on STD'S. I told her if she was going to have sex do it in the safety of her bedroom. I think it is brilliant and wish I had thought to watch porn with my daughter. Think I might have to do that with her so she knows what to do and show her a few things myself lol!

  • Yes yes

  • I agree with the other poster on this its 2017 in America dudes dress like chick's the liberals applause it. Transgenders going into public bathrooms, the promotion of alternative sexual life styles in public schools. Then we want to freak out about about a father watching a porn with his daughter. I'm sorry this doesn't seem out of context for our society, sex between them was never stated by either of them!

  • I'd report your ex to the police and try to get sole custody. She will likely see enough of that shit anyway, but she sure as hell doesn't need to see it with Dad. That's fucked up.

  • I can say from personal experience that I was watching porn with my daughter for sexual purposes, to teach her how to perform sex with me. Not to educate her about the birds and the bees. It's the easiest way for her to learn how to suck cock, and she knows what to expect her first fuck. She wasn't confused about what was happening to her

  • I agree 100% learning how to fuck or what the fuck to do when you fuck. My first time I was 16 yrs old bit of a late bloomer never even gotten off home plate before that. I was very shy and didn't have any game as they say. My fortune was because my dad is wealthy and bought me a nice car for 16th birthday. It seemed like I had a face life as lots of girls suddenly acknowledge I existed. My first time was got into the back seat think just seeing a naked girl next to me had me dizzy. but from kissing to juggling tits I'm sure I looked like a scene from a comedy. She on the other hand was trying to get me maneuvered into place honestly I was confused. We did some foreplay and I think she knew that was pointless with me at my non existent level. She had me sit down and straddled my cock riding me OMG I was in heaven at this point. My only good thing I did was last a long time I didn't do a dam thing just sit there. After she kissed me asking if she took my virginity I laughed admitting I never done anything before. She told me she figured that but said you have a good control not to cum to soon. I smiled like I said back then very shy wasn't much of a talker. I think it's better for a dad to watch porn and tell her what guys like so she understands how we think. Obviously I can't imagine sitting down watching porn or talking about a sex with my mom. But given how long it took to figure out about sex with so many partners I wish she had. I know if my mom had done that getting with a girl would had been more comfortable. But then again I'm very shy person so to each their own.

  • Agreed, please die.

  • I hope you die a violent death soon.

  • I have caught my husband and daughter watching porn together I came home unexpectedly, she was is an adult, what to do about it anybody?.

  • It depends how to react where they sitting close or seemed intimate or had been. Was they surprised and trying to hide the fact or was they comfortable seeing you walk in. If they seemed like they got caught and was cuddly I might wonder. It's hard to explain but while they are father daughter they may be comfortable with the sex thing. While I've never watched a porn with my daughter who is now an adult. The two of us have gotten very detailed about our sex lives as adults. Both being single and preferring to stay that way my daughter lives with me. We have shared sexual preferences and even favorite sexual positions favorite acts. We even shared our best sexual experiences and as adults we have enjoyed getting naked together. We have done everything except actual sticking my cock inside her. We love 69ing making each other orgasm and sleeping together when we are in between relationships. We have agreed having actual sex is something we both need to enjoy together. We don't look at it as a couple we instead want to enjoy a closer father daughter bond. Taboo to us is within the mind of the beholder society makes allot of rules. We don't feel as it changes we should wait we plan on making it more special of a moment. We plan on taking a vacation to south Pacific islands and make it a month long fest. Our bodies match so perfectly and we are a perfect sexual match. We are addicted to each other sexually not to be controls by society's rules

  • I am a parent I have a daughter I can not watch anything smutty with her

  • Her father is your daughters role model she will be sexually aware without watching porn I was at 12 I use to play with myself at that age, if as you say she is watching hard core porn with her dad she will become more sexually aroused and so will he, things could be happening all ready. put a stop to it before its to late

  • Look, you're dealing with this CORRECTLY. Don't be thrown off the reasonable course of decision you are following. i.e. don't second guess!!. The previous responders are refusing to evolve with society. It's clearly much healthier for your daughter to learn of these topics via her father than with strangers. Additionally, I doubt the police care enough to be bothered when they have plenty of real crime to investigate.

    You're right again to just leave them alone about it. Again, it's far better for them to have intimate relations than for her to learn from strangers. IT IS or will occur with them, which you appear to concur with. Habits, traditions & processes change over time & it is 2017. You clearly have my support regarding this.

  • This is NOT ok. Record your daughter and/or ex admitting to doing this and then take it to the police. At the very least, he is guilty of exppsing an underage child to pornography, which is illegal in this country. If he has not already molestered her, he is grooming her to do so.

  • Here's the deal, you really don't want them to stop. You're really hoping your ex-husband takes it way too far and then either he or your daughter tells you what they've done. Bottom line, you're still in love with your ex and wish he was watching porn with you.

  • Bingo!! Your witness counselor.

  • You don't have to report it to make it stop. I would guess your ex would co-operate with you as not to have DCS at his door step.

  • Nope, call the cops. This is too fucked up.

  • You are a shitty parent for letting that go on. Your ex is a pedophile and your child is the victim. Do something now before it's too late.

  • No...its not okay. You're an idiot for even wondering.

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