Getting a bit too high

It was my wife myself and oldest daughter who is from a relationship before I met my wife. The two are like best friends since we met when my daughter was only 8 years old. I was still in high school when my daughter was born and immature dad. With my friends cussing talking about sex watching porn, smoking pot and drinking. My daughter knew more about life at 7 yrs old than most kids coming out of high school. Even my female friends didn't hold back we forgot she was a child and treated her like an adult. Her vocabulary didn't win her a good standing with her little friends parents. But my daughter always enjoyed hanging out with us she was one of the group. The things she would say or even do like when my female friends would dirty dance so would she. Even a train of lap dances the girls going from guy to guy around the table on a summer day. After several drinks and puffs off the bong as us guys lean back in our chairs in shorts our cocks rock hard. Ashley my daughter little ass straddling my thigh pressed her pussy grinding against my cock. I raised her skirt to get good look her ass very round I enjoyed it in a sexual way. Not sure why I've never thought of it was wrong or the fact she was doing the same with my friends right in front of me. I have always been a highly sexual person and my daughter was as well. My wife who was also one of my friends since grade school knowing my daughter since she was born never gave a second thought about it. My wife and the others joked Ashley likes riding daddy's thick long cock.
My daughter gripping my cock as they would say that grinding harder giggled. My daughter was 9 yrs old when she started developing her skinny body now had a meaty ass. The sexist strip of public hair above her clit her tits just budding. My wife was cupping her tits as the group of women along with my daughter walked on the deck naked. The sexiest feature was my daughter long thick pussy lips. Like her mother (who was not much in her life) she inherited surprising how huge they were. My desire at the time to slip my tung between my own daughter pussy lips overwhelmed me. Luckily I wasn't the only one who had a raging rock hard cock we all did. Standing in front of me my wife leading my daughter in front of me like a gift. The sexy moment and hazy eyes my daughter had I could see I wasn't the only one horny. My wife got behind me kissing my neck as my daughter straddled my thigh. While as a group before this having orgy's since high school. While my daughter had been present at them had never joined. At least I hadn't known my female friends including my wife had ate my daughter out finger fucked and used dildos and vibrators on her over the years. The gap between was evident as my with was telling me all this as my daughter was helping undress me. The other women was riding my friends cocks by now. Everyone was watching us with anticipation my hands all over feeling my daughter as I heard this. Never once did I think anything wrong with it. You know you want to fuck her don't you my wife said my hands gripped my daughter ass pulling her closer french kissing her a finger sliding inside her pussy. I going to give you a dozen orgasms before dinner I moaned. The women and my daughter all giggled I wasn't sure my cock would fit my girth 6 3/4" around very thick for a young girl. I could ease her down and control how much of my 9 1/2" long cock she could handle. But girth you can't it either fits or doesn't and as my daughter said how much she wanted me to stick it in her. I didn't know I picked her up carrying her to the bedroom a more appropriate place to have our first love experience. You two are the sexist couple my wife and the other girls said. I didn't realize ever one would follow us in wanting to witness our vows to incest. As the event itself could get anymore twisted a dozen people as witness.

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  • Hot. I also popped my 9 year old daughters cherrie as i slowley pumped my cock inside her hairless pussy and sucked her tiny nipples..

  • That's amazing I think ha in her so young and also the fact she matured along with you and your friends. She was mentally on the same level and was ready for sex. I think making incest illegal is stupid sex is just a expression of affection. I'm sure smoking pot on a regular basis expended your minds to expand your relationships. I've smoked pot since I was 11 yrs old I never had many friends to have relationships like this with people. While I could never have sex with my daughter I don't think so lol. I have pondered the thoughts but it's awesome you have a groups of friends like you have. Also I'm sure you have a much deeper relationship than I have or 99% of people have with their children.

  • That is so beautiful and sexy...

  • Nice ultimate sexual act

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