Lost my butt cherry

So, after smoking a couple of bowls of some killer bud and drinking a few beers with my girlfriend the other night, we were both feeling pretty horny. We went to bed and started off with the usual oral sex on each other. While she was sucking my cock and balls, she let her tongue stray a little south and started rimming my ass, which we had never done before. I must admit that it felt pretty good having her toung darting in and out of my bung and licking it all over. She stopped just long enough to ask if it felt good, and I told her yes, as she went back to work on my ass. After a couple of minutes, she straddled my face so I could eat her dripping wet pussy. She was moaning and rubbing her pussy up and down on my mouth, then she slowly guided my tongue down to her asshole and I started eating her ass, like she had done to me. After another minute, she guided my mouth back up to her pussy and she came hard on my mouth. She then rolled over and told me to lay back and relax. She got between my legs and started sucking my cock again, while she reached into the nightstand and pulled out her favorite dildo. I watched as she rubbed it on her wet pussy and slid it inside her vag for a few seconds, then she pulled it out and stuck it in my mouth so I could suck her pussy juice off of it. She then slid it back into her pussy to get it wet again. She pulled it out and then, with my cock balls deep in her mouth, she pushed my legs up high and slowly started sliding her dildo into my virgin tight ass. It hurt a little at first, but she slid it in real slow and easy, telling me to relax. After a few minutes, she was pounding my ass hard and sucking my cock, and I had the best orgasm of my life. It felt like I shot a gallon of cum in her mouth. She said it was the biggest load I have ever given her. I have never even thought about having gay sex with another man, and never will, but now I can see why they enjoy it so much.

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  • Butt play is awesome. Wife and I have been doing it for years. Once she did get a pussy infection from me licking and going from ass to pussy. She was a bit pissed about that. I have had a serious case of C-diff which is a stubborn bacterial infection from licking the inside of her ass. I can't stop doing it if I wanted to. She owns one of those asses you want to always worship.

  • Can I have a lick at that??

  • Lost my butt cherry first time I did meth

  • I lost my ass cherry to 7 big ass BLACKS several times over when I got high on LSD one Friday afternoon and they didn't stop with me till 1155 Sunday night.
    My ass was so sore I felt like my ass was stretched over a football.
    For three days all I did was shit cum and the fourth day my thoughts went right back to them. Doing me all over again by Friday I went looking.

  • Meth is great, lets me fuck for hours and hours and hours.

  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fIQznlZGOg&t=1400s

    what is so funny to you people that you go around killing women and hurting destroying families and lives and careers ?

    you have a lot to explain to police

    what so funny to all of you?

  • Take your meds and get the tinfoil hat

  • Sorry what?

  • You need to get her a strap on with double ended dildo so she can have a real nice ride

  • Your just busting to get a real pork sword in your arse aren't you ?

  • That's what he wants. His GF is going to suprise him with another guy so she can watch his ass get creamed.

  • No, I am totally not gay. I love women and have never had any desire to do anything sexually with a man. There is nothing a man and woman can do together that is gay, unless another man joins in, which will not happen with me.

  • Good answer. Just because a man can feel pleasure in his ass does not make him GAY.

  • Then what does it make him?

  • What?? A man... stimulating the prostate gland is a source of pleasure. Women do not have them.

  • Pretty soon you will be singing show tunes in a gay men's chorus. Then taking BBC up the ass

  • Someday, you will.

  • I'll be on American Idol soon enough while yiu will be at home wanking

  • It is prostate stimulation (the male G spot, called the A spot), and it does increase the amount of semen you ejaculate, so makes you cum big and strong.

    Enjoy yourself!

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