I love rapeing women

I don't know why, but I really love rapeing women. I'm a decent looking man and have never had any problem picking up women and getting all the sex I want. As a matter of fact, I have been happily married most if my adult life. It's not so much about the sex as it is the act of forcing a woman to do what she doesn't want to do, but the sex is good, my best orgasms are during rape. I love filling a complete stranger full of my hot cum while she screams and cries and begs me to stop. Some women play along and actually get into it after they realize they can't stop it. Their pussys get soaking wet and they have great orgasms, and to be honest, it really pisses me off and ruins it for me. I usualy punch them in the face when they do that to me. It isn't supposed to be fun for them. I know I should feel guilty about rapeing women, but I don't feel bad about it, I love the challenge of not getting caught. If I ever get caught, I will likely just kill myself because it will be Hell on my wife and kids, that's the only thing I feel guilty about, but I will not stop, I think I am addicted to it.


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  • You are so full of shit. You can't even spell correctly what you say you like doing. I'm a 34 year old school teacher and mother of one. If you tried to rape me. I would first, grab a broom handle, and shove it so far up your asshole. When you open your mouth. The janitor at my school, would use you to swish out the urinals, in the boys locker room. You are a total moron. An idiot. An imbecile.

  • Okay I wasn't going to comment but I feel like I have to now. so the "man" who rapes women is really to me (this is my thought) not a man at all. he is a lowlife goddamn coward and should be murdered by an angry group of people.

  • Noticeably it's a good bet that none or very few of your enjoyable escapades were reported. Gals have learned that due to their past abuse of the 'r' word, their fate is sealed in a sense. It's a uphill battle and for good reason.
    You always finish by depositing your semen within them so I'm sure they realize it's a biological mandate for you and they submit. Regardless of how, very few gals can resist the amazing emotional feelings they undergo when a man's warm semen fills their center.

  • A good case scenario is stated here supporting once again the proven hypothesis that imperative or assertive sexual relations is in effect or actually nature dictating a man's behavior from the subconscious. Furthering this truth is the constant decline of reports claiming such, as well as more education among the female population toward helping them comprehend how nature controls a man's actions in much the same way as it does a woman's. They learn how a man may feel justified for what may be at least partly involuntary actions on his part.

    More evidence toward nature's large part in accounting for this behavior is the female gender admitting in many more instances their accountability in invitation to this action. Also, many women actually & truthfully confessing to attaining orgasm during such sexual relations brings to light a wider spectrum of variables, yet undetermined, as to her unwillingness or complaint.

  • Good point. When one couples your concept[s] with a point the poster makes regarding many more women just acknowledging these assertive sexual relations during the act, it serves well to advance society's further acceptance of imperative sexual relations. I submit that it's indeed a natural part of human evolution.

  • Bad spelling troll alert.

  • Try spell check too...no e needed. Raping....

  • As a woman who engages in dangerous behavior in the goes of getting raped, I commend you. But you probably don't rape women like me, who would like it. That would take the fun out for you I bet.

  • DUH. Of course there is no enjoyment if a scumbag likes it. A large part of assertive or imperative sexual relations is exercising our capacities as a man to overpower or subdue a woman physically, mentally, coercively or emotionally. Knowing we have defeated the scumbag in one or more of those ways is enough for many of us to sustain an erect penis in order to complete the act of depositing our semen within the woman prey.

    Believe me, it's a thrill beyond....

  • You’re mentally fucked.

  • So sorry to see that you were born mentally challenged [i.e. retarded] regarding your ability to express.
    When one examines my conceptual expression, it's indeed common sense.

  • Tell us more about what's happened to you

  • Sounds creepy. what makes you think you deserve this sex? have you ever considered how the women feel? if someone inappropriate raped you?

  • First, there's nothing creepy to hear ; this is print, fool. Second, you don't comprehend the concept behind a man NEEDING to release his semen. It's unbearable at times thus ; sexual relations aren't about how a gal 'feels'. They are much more about the man's needs. Truthfully, if you were a man you'd know what I'm referring to & wouldn't be concerned with the girl's feelings during these times of imperative sexual relations. Certainly in the battle of sexism, it's impossible for a woman to have a victory. Digest that prior to further stupid inquiry.

  • Theres a fix for you its
    Called a bullet

  • Pff, Quite a peculiar statement from some liberal whose most likely afraid of guns.

  • How do you meet them?

  • I wish someone would rape me. I have a huge rape fantasy. Probably not an old beer belly dad like yourself but a hot young hunk would be ideal.

  • Where have you done this, you sick bastard. I want to keep the women I love far the fuck away.

  • I've done this in many cities and states around the country. My job takes me all over the nation, at least 2 or 3 times a month, so I never rape women near where I live. Yes, I agree I am sick, but I can't help myself. I think the only way I can stop is if I get caught or die.

  • Then get yourself caught, you fucking monster

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