Sisters boobs

It was my sisters prom night, so she was all done up and in a dress. What you need to know for this is that my sisters boobs are absolutely huge, and she likes to show them off a lot in the clothes she wears. She's F sized bras and I get a lot of abuse from it at school. But Anyways the dress she was wearing was really tight agains her tits, and they looked like they would pop open and tear the dress. They were very visible. And basically she called me to say goodbye before she went, and I was wanking in my room, and had to stop halfway put clothes on and come down. She hugged me, and I was looking at the design on her dress, but in her eyes it looked like I was staring at her tits. Then she said "eyes up here. Have you really got a boner over your sisters boobs? Fucking weird". The thing is, I was genuinely not looking at her boobs but for some reason I said in hesitation, "oh sorry, they're hard not to look at, cause they're massive you know". And she looked shocked, she took a step back and kicked my dick with her high heels. She pulled my face up by my hair and hit me twice in the face. To top it off, while I was bent over holding my face she gave me one last kick to the head which actually made me black out. She just left me there, she was disgusted. And all cause of what I said, which I don't know why I said it cause I wasn't looking at her tits

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  • Where were your parents? Or her date? And why did she give a shit if you said goodbye to her before she went out for the evening? Why didn't you just say you were looking at the dress? There's so much off about this.

  • Parents weren't there, I know it's an important night but our parents don't really care about us. Her date was waiting for her outside in a limo. She wanted to say goodbye cause it's a big night and she wants it to mean something that she's going cause our parents weren't there, and I don't know why I didn't say that. I was hesitating cause of how angry she was. This isn't one of those made up stories this genuinely happened aha

  • I know how you feel, like you think why does this sister bother, no one wants to be seen with me or come on holiday with me like as if I am some devomonsterdog?

  • You must be a right wimp letting a girl do that to you she need a good fucking and throw the bitch out on the street she will always make money with tits that size .

  • And she has been modelling for a while and I'll admit she could make money With her body, she has a really good body. But she's too smart for that she will definetly get a high paid job as something

  • I would never hit a girl, especially my sister. I do get beat up a lot tho, by girls and guys. I am a wimp really, but I don't mind I've never been a fighter

  • When she get s home meet her in the door and kick her in the cunt with your steel toe caps that will put a stop to her kicking you in the balls .

  • No i wouldn't do that to her. I don't mind if she beats me but I don't wanna hit a girl

  • BULLSHIT little boy

  • ? No it happened it's still happening

  • With tits that size how can you not look at them but it will teach you not to wank until your home alone .

  • WHAT? I hope this story is not true.

  • It is aha

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