My first blow job from a guy

All the ads for women on craigslist are empty, no one ever responds that is real so one night I thought why not try the men. I had responded to a few in the past offering to come and give blow jobs but figured they would never show up.
I responded to the ad and he was surprised that I could host and when he showed up I was surprised at how clean cut he looked. He told me he was married but enjoyed giving head to men on the side. He had asked me to be freshly showered and ready when he arrived. He walked in and I had on a robe he asked where I wanted him to do it at so I decided that he did not need to see the whole house so right in the living room was good. I sat down in a recliner and slid down a bit, he kneeled between my legs then opened up my robe enough to expose my cock. He went right to it licking, sucking and stroking me very good. He paid a lot of attention to my head sucking on it with very hard slow sucks then went down to my balls and licked on those while slowly stroking my cock. I had to admit that he really knew how to pleasure a man.
He continued sucking on me and after about five more minutes of superior sucking I told him I was going to orgasm. He did not even hesitate, just kept on sucking on me like a pro, swallowed it all and kept sucking. He then went back down to my balls and licked and sucked on them until they were started to ache. He then asked if I wanted a second orgasm, I told him you can suck on me for as long as you want. I only had two orgasms but I could not believe that he sucked on me for over an hour, my cock was throbbing from pleasure when he left.
He told me to email him again because I had a really nice cock and balls, I told him that if he wanted to email me anytime I was available to host. He has been over four times now in about two months time and each time as been great with a ton of licking and sucking.

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  • I have been with the same girl for 5 yrs. But me an my friend blow each other about once a one can do it like a man. I want to try anal. Should i.

  • With the right person I would say go ahead. hint,, lube yourself up good with some KY jelly for it will lubricate you up really good and the warming effect it has on you makes it even better.

  • I had one from a CD once in a peep booth. I'm a str8 guy but I was curious and tried it. Like you said, the attention to detail is amazing and to keep sucking as you cum, well none of my girlfriends have come close to being that good.

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