Officially a bitch boy

I used to think that my girlfriend was only a little more dominant than usual. Of course as they years went on and she opened up about her fetishes we have now completely switched rolls in sex. The only time I'm allowed to do any straight sex is if she wants a kid. Otherwise I get pegged, and for a while I thought it wasn't that bad, I wasn't a full on bitch boy. But last night she went all out on me. Bent over and chained she whipped my ass until it bled all over, she wiped it off and pegged me. After the pegging she fisted me deep and hard for a few minutes. After that she unchained me, and I said that was maybe enough for the night. She said no and carried on with the next thing. So I was stripped naked, and tied up. I was kneeling down, hands tied behind my back, dog collar on and a buttplug in. She came in with a tight leather costume and high heel boots. She then pierced my nipples which was so painful, and I couldn't do anything about it. She passed a rope through each piercing, and if she pulled it, it would pull my nipples and like tear them and make a bigger cut. She pulled my hair back and my face was facing the ceiling, and she sat on my face. Her pussy and ass was covering my face, and while I was told to lick it I could t breathe. She pressed down the heel of the shoe on my dick. It crushed down creating a big cut and the pain was ridiculous. All this happening and every few seconds she would yank the rope really really hard. For about 10 minutes this happened and she came all over my face. Afterwards she untied me and got rid of the rope etc. My nipples wouldn't stop bleeding for 3 hours, and my dick Still has a giant mark and cut in it. If tonight didn't make me a pathetic gay bitch boy, I don't know what will. I'm disappointed in myself, at least my parents and friends don't know although that could be easily changed by her. She is my 'master' and I'm the 'slave' . I have to learn to love it

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  • No, you do not need to learn to love it. If you don't like it, if it hurts you, it's not BDSM anymore, it's now sexual assault. You have free will, and even a slave CHOOSES a master.

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