Mum held my Dick

At home its just me and mum I am nineteen mum has seen me naked many times and me her, she does make me sexually excited I know its very wrong to have the sexual thoughts I am having about what I would like to do to my mother, mum caught me wanking after I apologised with a red face, she said your only doing what's natural it ok it you don't do it you will only get frustrated, After dad left mum said its ok to be nude upstairs, we walk naked to and from the bathroom, mum saw me with an erection many times and said nice one, I use to do it on purpose because I liked showing her my dick , last time something happened I didn't expect, mum got hold of my dick and gave it a squeeze and said feels good,
The question is does mum want the ultimate taboo to happen , I know do, but could I be wrong?

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  • I am a dad me and my sun have shown each other our dicks that's how things started, at my suggestion I held his dick I said it was to check for the hardness
    until one day we did something we shouldn't have, we agreed not to tell my wife

  • I hold my suns dick just to check its ok ime his mum I have the right

  • As a mother I did have a passing fancy for my sun when he was a young man after I saw him wanking, I had many thoughts of feeling the full benefit of his man hood even though after seeing his penis I realised it would make my eyes water

  • My mother confessed something very wild that she did with me when I was a young boy. I was 25 years old and she was 50 years old when she told me. I was born very well endowed, my mother told me that she was infatuated with the size of my cock. Even as a little boy my cock was huge, she said. I was always getting erections and always playing with my cock, or rubbing it against my pillow or the couch cushions. One day while giving me a bath, she was washing my cock with soap in her hands, I got a rock hard erection. She said that she my cock was already in her hand, so she masturbated me for the first time. Then she said that she masturbated everytime she bathed me. That lead to her sucking my cock, she admitted that she sucked my cock many many times. She stopped when I was around 6 or 7 years old, I don't have any memories of this. She apologized and hoped that I would forgive her, she said, I probably think she crazy and a bad mother. She had to tell me to clear her guilty feelings about what she did. I said, I don't have a problem with it at all, I think it's awesome that my mother has sucked my cock, I think you told me because you want to suck my cock again, I said. And I was right.

  • Speaking as woman I have two sons I have seen them naked many times with erections, I does do something for me they are young men and have a man size dick, which I do like to see I think they expose them selves on purpose for my benefit because I don't have a man to take care of me needs, I have scolded my self for want to touch and feel them, I am sure they wouldn't resist,
    I almost did once but stopped myself because of what it could lead to.

  • Touch them and let us know about it

  • Speaking as a man [who wrote the comment below], you most likely have the respect of your 2 sons, although your presumption of they purposely displaying their manhood for your benefit is without a doubt true. By the same token & since you know neither of them will resist, I advise you to succumb to your natural emotions. i.e. approach one of them in a loving, motherly fashion & gently embrace their Penis, not their dick.

    You should not fear nor repress your or their natural sexual desires any longer. Intimate family loving in a sexual manner is healthy and can only bond you tighter with your sons. Furthermore, repressing sexual thoughts & sexual relations among family members became antiquated with the turn of the century!! On the other hand, Incest became mainstream. You aren't alone anymore ; proceed.

  • Reply to the person who said speaking as a man
    My urge to touch is very strong, stronger than my resistance which is weakening as I said I don't have a man to satisfy me, I keep having dreams about the boys taking turns on me I wake up wet through I can not sleep without having these dreams,
    Thank you for your comments are you single?

  • Look, we'll put this in perspective. ANYONE, ANYONE who purposely initiates direct contact, even through clothing, with another persons private [sexual] organ[s], including breasts on a female, is exercising sexual aggression, period. Now regardless of gender, it equates to, indicates, is a invitation to, & defines a willingness for similar and/or further aggression by the other party. IT is about as universal as it gets with regard to nature. Furthermore, she remarked that it feels good. When a woman says that, it clearly indicates her preference FOR it & where she knows it will feel much better!! We are talking coitus here young man. SHE made the blatant, physical connection. She is trying to help make a man out of you. What you need to do now is advance the invitation ; up the ante, if you will. Take control & display your confidence. Women of course prefer a man who indicates such.

    Now, regarding sexual relations with family, it's been occurring quietly. Since the turn of the century however, it has been more mainstream & continues growing as a common practice. No guilt, no harm, no foul. Get thine dang mother on the pill or something so you can do bareback though. NOTHING ruins sexual relations better than a freaking rubber!!
    Now do your manly duty!!

  • Game of Thrones is doing its best to make people root for incest. Now that the popular series has raised this so blatantly, my guess is that this won't be the last program that does it.

  • Many of us don't know & don't care to know what silly game or program you're referencing. It's all synthetic anyhow. We in the real world don't need it when nature, not incest compels man & woman to mate ; aside from antiquated social mores. Enjoy your synthetics.

  • There are two possibilities. 1] She's being playful. 2] She's testing the waters.

    When she's playful, play along. Play 'up the ante. If she grabs the dick, you cup her crotch and add [playfully] that 'turn about's fair play...'

    She can hardly argue. Take it from there...

  • Its unusual in our family for things like that to happen with mum son and dad daughter, its acceptable, don't know why she didn't give him a wank .

  • Hey dumbass there's your sign.

  • You must be "Red" Forman.

  • My mother has caught me wanking and has seen me naked many times, she has never grabbed my dick, if she did it could only mean one thing

  • I might be wrong it may be just a playful gesture on her part there might be nothing in it just a bit of fun.

  • Next time she grabs your dick, you need to grab a handful of her pussy. Rub it real good and stick your finger up inside of her vag. If she doeasn't try to stop you, then have fun, you lucky mother fucker.

  • Keep walking around with a hard on and see what happens. On the good side you get sucked off by your mum, the bad side she just still touches it, win win from my book.

  • Spurt, spurt, spurt aaaaaaaaaah and then she licks up the mess. Mmmmmmmmm

  • If she held your dick what do you think, a woman only touches a mans penis for one reason

  • Tell me about it. Fool is dense major.

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