Sleeping sex

Is it strange to do things and not remember? When i sleep or am drunk, i am told i perform sexual acts. I have very vivid dreams that make me hard, but in the morning, im naked and cum covered. My wife tells me i am either doing things to her or masterbating in my sleep

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  • My husband is like that. I'll wake up to him pawing at my ass or trying to slip his fingers in me. And it's usually at like 3 AM on a weekday or something like that. I can tell that he's totally out of it and asleep, but acting out of instinct.

  • I sometimes find i masterbate and shoot in her panties in the crack of her ass or in her bush

  • My boyfriend does this while he asleep quite often. I'll wake up and he will be doing stuff to me, or putting my hands on him while he's asleep. I like it! Most of the time we end up doing stuff, but he usually wakes up when we get into it :D

  • I fuck my wife while she's asleep.

  • I started messing around with my hot older sister that way..Her coming home loaded up, and who knows what else, all happy, suggestible, and sexually aggressive. I'd let her in the house, take her to the finished basement to calm down, and she'd start kissing me, thanking me for helping her all the time, letting me strip her, and we'd end up having sex on the couch more often than not. If the kissing and oral examination started soon after she got home, I knew...Couch time with the hottest woman I knew.

    Sometimes, I was no different. If she was home and I got back from a night of partying with my friends, my mind figured, we fuck when she's drunk, why not the other way around? Go get her..Tackled her behind the home bar one night and fucked her on the foot padding...After my hangover wore off the next day, she jokingly showed me red marks on her elbows from "you taking me down last night"..

  • My wife says she slowly strokes my hard cock when I'm sleeping

  • So on three occasions I've been drinking and got blackout drunk, and I've done a bunch of stuff I'm not aware of and don't have much memory of doing it. I come to in my bed, not sure how I got home. I was face down and a stranger was fucking me from behind. Immediately I was curious who it was and what they look like, but I thought I was being raped so I didn't look, I just kind of stayed still and let it happen. The next day he wasn't acting like some kind of rapist, and I was really confused. I ended up finding receipts to places that he was spending money on me, and when I looked at my phone I found out that I met him on Tinder and found a bunch of messages between us.

  • Thats scary

  • When I get drunk, I've been told I'd sleep with anyone, even if my bf is around.its like the liquor is the key to my pussy

  • Im more open to do things when drunk, but this can happen while sober sleeping

  • Open your eyes, see if that wakes you?

  • I opened my eyes once and saw a big black cock that I was sucking on as another was drilling my puss, then I came alive and really got into it and really had some good times.

  • Eyes are open, have told wife to try wake me

  • My boyfriend does that. Even if we have sex before bed, I'll wake up with him sleep fucking me.

  • Like last night, had a dream i was watching my wife with another man while she was stroking me. Found out i had a vibrator in her, was jacking and cumming on her chest, rubbing it all over her tits, then licking as much as i could. Had no idea til she told me in morning.

  • Lol sometimes I dream I'm having sex and when I wake up he's cumming in me, or it's dripping out of me

  • Thats pretty hot, he ever clean it out of you? Guess i was licking it up pretty good

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