I sucked on my passed out sons dick.

I'm a mother of 2 I'm 51 years old and been married for 27 years. The last couple of years my husband doesn't care to try and satisfy me sexually so I gave up. my son lives with us hes 26 and works fulltime. We'll one morning I went to see if he was home and I found him stark naked laying on his bed and to this day I don't known why but when I seen his dick I was so excited. I lightly said are you awake? After no response I slowly made my way towards his bed still staring at my son's huge dick I got down on my knees. I looked at his young body just laying there and asked again lightly you awake? No response.I honestly at that point felt no hesitation I leaned over grabbed his dick with my left hand and gently kissed the top of my sons cock after seeing no reaction I put more in my mouth still watching him passed and not react I started to suck on his dick. He was half hard when i walked in and now fully hard. Still not reacting I sucked his cock for maybe 2 to 3 minutes and I heard the backdoor open son I got up and rushed out of their. he has questioned me about it before thinking it was a dream. I of course denied it. I almost feel bad because I want to tell my son how much i loved sucking on his cock. I hope he blackout again son i can gontontown on my sons cock

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  • I am a single mother, have been for around 12 years now and my son is college age. When he first started drinking he overindulged like all young men do and I checked on him one morning after he came back home around 3 am. He was on his front side, naked laying on top of his covers, I noticed his penis because he had one leg bent upward. It was not hard but with the way he was sleeping I figured his breathing would give it away if he was waking up. I ran my finger around the head of it teasing away to see if he would get hard. it took quite a few minutes but the thing started moving and getting erect. I was able to reach a few fingers around it and stroke him a little bit and after a few more minutes and no change in his breathing I walked out.
    Few hours later I peeked into his room again and he had rolled over with his penis laying across his hip to the side. I teased it again making him twitch around some but he got hard again, I just kept running a few fingers up and down it watching it move around and react.

  • Hopefully by now, over six moths later, you two are engaged sexually. If he's become a dominant man, he makes you swallow his semen at will and of course you comply. He takes you bareback & you adore feeling him fill your core with his semen. You know it is your feminine mandate to sexually satisfy your spouse as well as your son. Sustain your obligation woman.

  • That's just wrong, you should have never done that. You should have waken him up and let him enjoy it, he probably would have given you a good hard fucking.

  • It's almost wrong to say this but the moment i licked his dick i wanted him to wake up and catch me and then sit back and really enjoy it. I just want to see his reactions to me. Since he's questioned me about it i noticed he is alot more comfortable around me he never used to just walk around in his tank top and underwear and every morning hes came down like that some mornings still having a little chub down there and not trying to hide it in the least bit. Ive been thinking he knows and believes that i did do what I denied doing. I can't lie im turned on by that . Im just taking this day by day but I fantasize more and more about my son sexually.

  • If this helps you take it to the next level, I don’t think he was asleep. He left the door open and slept naked above the covers where you would see him. He slept through getting his dick sucked? He knew what you were doing. This means go for it!

  • Its possibly true, he could think its a dream, but it you'd carried on until he came he would have woke up and caught you

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