Open nudity in my household

So for as long as i can remembber even as a kid im 25 now my family was never really shy or warranted privacy in our house. As a kid my mom would walk around naked, so household chores cook clean etc naked. My sister who is 2 years older than me caught on becoming a teen never hiding herself after the shower changing openly in front of me or My mom. Weve had family dinners completely naked many times. Watched movies cuddle each other as a family. Still to this day we openly walk around naked and interact as if nothing is wrong. I honeslty can say i think it helps us become a closer family. I mean the occasional touching ornrubbing happens but never penetration. My mom or sister can run my balls and cock while watching a movie like other people give back massages.

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  • I can not believe there was no penetration, we use to do that in our house we would sit naked nobody commented if the men got erections, my daughter would giggle a bit and have a good look, until I caught my husband with our daughter, I found out later her brother had had as well, she was getting more than me I did feel left out.

  • Recently we dad and mum suggested go naked in our house, me and my sister agreed, when I see mum or my sister bend over I get an erection, they are not modest in any way she will pick something up off the floor, I can see in her vagina and her anus, the other day she was on her hands and knees cleaning a mark off the carpet I was sat right behind her pretending to watch TV, I was watching her arse moving about from side to side I was so excited I got a premature ejaculation the clear cum on the end, she noticed it and smiled and rubbed the end with her thumb needless to say I had to run to the toilet, dad is the same when he is watching my sister, we are all adults I am wondering what will develop I thing I know

  • Itsbhard to explain but like ourn lives run smoother this way. I mean after dinner inusually ask my mom if she wants to shower and 9 time a outn of 10 we do together. The most we ever tookn it was we were watching Tango and my mom started suck my dick after running it and my older sister must of got excited and crawled behind me and tongued on my ass hope while my mom sucked my dick getting toncompletion my sister stop came around and they both sucked on my cock until i came. I came more in my mom mouth but she wasn't shy and she shared with my sister

  • You can come to my house and walk around with your tits hanging out and your pussy lips swinging .

  • I’ll do that if you flick my nipples and let me rub my wet cunt all over your face.

  • In our house we go naked at weekend, even when my aunt and uncle stayed,
    I am only 19 so I am honey most of the time so is my dad and uncle as well, I get a hard on when I see my dads hard dick even more so if he bends over showing his arsehole and bollocks, there is no taboo about looking at each others privates if we want to stare we do its ok, me and dad compared dick sizes years ago privately I am nearly as big as him now, I know my sister has a thing for her dad she is always looking at his privates when she gets up off a chair I can see her wet mark, I saw my dad and uncle wanking each other
    I wanted to join in. my uncle has asked me to meet him in private or we could go for a walk together and get to know oneanother better, I don't know?

  • My mom was never naked but most of the time in the mornings she was wearing just a t-shirt or one of my dads button up shirts. I saw her ass and pussy all the time and her breasts would bounce all over the place.

  • Like your mom my wife does not bother to dress up in the house either. She tends breakfast in t-shirt and panties, she does not cover when our kids come in and she changing.

  • We are naked everyday in our house and yes the sense of openness and freedom brings us together. Ever notice it's hard to have an argument with someone when your naked? I know of many families that are nudist. Just because people are naked doesn't mean they are rolling around having sex.

  • Too bad

  • I was 13 yrs old with my dad on the boat it was a weekday nobody was at the lake. He always checks me out I like to tease him and let my top come off showing my tits. I acted like it was an accident let's just say with non verbal response was quick. His long fat cock was instantly rock hard in his shorts. He was embarrassed not trying to hard to hide it. I said it OK laughing saying looks like you have a big problem. He laughed saying my sexy tits did it he sat moving to let it purposely spring out the leg. I could see everything balls and his huge hard cock. We joked and he asked to see my tits I took off my top he started stroking his cock. While I rubbed my tits we got naked getting in the water feeling each other up. We made out and went back to the house and fucked like rabbits. We found this a better way to show affection

  • Your dad needs a kick in the nuts and you little girl are sane age as my daughter. You would not be sitting comfortable for a long time as you would be spending alot of time over my knee with your bare little buns on display. You selfish little girl. My daughter gets spanked for alot less..

  • One disgusting father if this story is true.

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