Bigger cock

I'm confessing here and have no regrets it was amazing sex the best ever a one night stand. I work at a espresso stand it part drive thru and a small sit down area. I'm 19 years old and married at 18 years old been with boyfriend since I was 14 yrs old. We have broken up thru the years and I had been with other guys. All very similar to his 6 1/2" long average girth pens I always enjoyed sex with him. This guy in his 40's always comes in and drinks coffee while doing work on his lap top. We flirt and it's always been fun he has a ring as well married. One day he said his wife was going out of town and asked if I wanted to go out for dinner. He's very hot I can tell he was a popular jock kind of guy who would of had nothing to do with me back in high school. The whole older guy and adding that he is hot I couldn't resist saying yes. I have to figure out a excuse I told him we both laugh he understood. I told my husband I was going to visit Jessica. My husband doesn't like hanging out with her and her husband. She he quickly made a excuse to get out of joining us. I met up with the guy and we ate dinner and didn't waist any time. His cock was huge at least 4" longer and more than twice my husband's thickness. I couldn't believe my little body took his whole cock he was slow letting me get use to it. I orgasmed hard not even 10 minutes into it he held me tight keeping every inch inside of me. He took me fueling me harder and better than I've ever been fucked. I stayed into the next afternoon getting taken in every position. I felt how loose he made me and giggled felling gobs of cum he left inside of me. It was hard leaving we kept getting undress again and fucking. He comes in still and we both laugh my Co worker I think knows something happened. We have never talked about it I would do it again but wouldn't leave my husband for him.

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  • So I dont blame you at all. Im a guy with an average dick and i completely understand you craving a big dick. Life is short. Even I like dick

  • This is why Im gonna get a bathmate and enlarge my cock. Im hot but i got an average dick, i also want girls to fantasize about me ... Sex is not good for me if im not dominating the chick with a big dick

  • You gonna try doing it again?

  • It's all good as long as you keep your secret here lol, I wouldn't want to know if my wife cheated. I personally think if she did and chose for reason of trying a bigger cock for pleasure it would be kweel. I just wouldn't want to know she did it some things and just better kept a secret.

  • Can we talk somewhere?

  • Post your email and I'll contact you


  • Funny all the bigger dicks i had where just bigger dicks not better lovers infact one of the best fucks i had was a guy cheating on his wife with me last year he was a 5/6 inchs a good fuck and a good pussy eater so bigger dicks are not everything don't let that fool you signed 33 female with experience

  • It depends on the woman I guess. My wife has never orgasmed when I fuck her(she does from oral and manual stimulation of course) nor with the other dozen guys she fucked before me - except for one ex boyfriend - who just happened to have the largest cock she ever took.

  • Well.. he was cheating.. its a rush so you get into it a ton more

  • Babe, I love you already. your story is so hot.

  • This is why kids shouldn't be playing house. Kids haven't had even a glimmer of life experiences and there is no convincing them they don't have a clue to what is out there. 90% chance married teenagers get divorced but ya I won't happen to you.

  • Sometimes a gal just needs a huge cock, I guess.

  • Very sexy story.

  • Sexy :) its a rush isnt it?

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