I blew a ladyboy. It was my first cock.

When I was on vacation in Bali a few years ago, I blew a ladyboy. It was my first cock, and there has only been one other since then.

Here's how it happened. I was getting a massage, they're only about $5 there. I always pass on a handjob out of ego. I figure that I'm handsome enough to never have to pay for sex, and I never do. I was getting a massage from what I thought was a woman. At the end, she didn't ask if I wanted a handjob like they usual do, and which I always turn down. She just started doing it. As it wasn't a negotiated service, something she just did, I was fine with it. It felt great, and I was happy.

She asked me if I wanted to go to her room for more. I said that I would if it was just mutual satisfaction for each other, but I wouldn't pay for sex. She said that was fine. So I paid for the massage and went to her room which was behind the massage building. I got naked and laid down, and she took off her top and got on the bed and I started playing with her tits. Then she took off her pants, and had a dick!

I felt stuck. I was already undressed and getting my dick played with, before knowing it was a ladyboy, not a woman. It felt a little late to be leaving. And I suppose that I didn't want to admit that I was fooled, and went there thinking it was a woman. So I reluctantly started to stroke it. The first touch was kind of like, "Well, here goes, I'm going to touch a dick." I thought that it would be gross. When I touched it, it felt different than my own. I didn't
it to feel the way it did. She was making me feel good, even though I had already had an orgasm 10 minutes earlier. She kept motioning for me to suck it, and I kept shaking my head no. I had decided that I would stroke her off, but I wasn't sucking it. Eventually with her trying to get me to suck it, I thought, "I'll just suck on it a little and stop."

I found that it was very interesting to suck one. As an Asian, it was a small dick, and easy to suck. It felt interesting in my mouth. I went from sucking it just to please her a little, to deciding that it was kind of fun. I remember thinking, well, after all these years, I guess I'm bi now. I had never had the slightest urge to touch a guys dick at all. And now I was sucking one voluntarily. And enjoying it. I started to go all the way down and bury him all the way in my mouth, and enjoyed the pleasure that he showed. We were 69ing each other. When he/she came, I didn't let it be in my mouth. And then I came a second time, and we were done.

For the rest of the day, I was kind of weirded out, and horny. I kept thinking, I can't believe I played with a dick. Then I just decided that I guess I'm bi. I just never had any idea that I was. None at all. Not even a little bit did a cock ever interest me. And I think that if I wasn't put in a situation where I was face to face with one, in a difficult to get out of situation, I would have gone my whole life never having any desire to touch one. Much less suck on one.

Now I accept that I must be bi. But I have no interest in guys at all. Don't want to touch their bodies. Kiss one. Or anything, other than play with their dick. A dick is just an amazing thing. It feels so nice and different than touching your own. I guess I'm bi light. I don't want the guy that a dick is attached to. Just the dick. A ladyboy is perfect it turns out.

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  • I'd love to have a cock in my mouth

  • After that first experience, I started looking at dicks in porn and imagine sucking and stroking them. They are so much more interesting than I ever knew.

  • I wouldn't call yourself anything. you do what you like. I'd do it if in that situation. I'd probably go further and seek out some bottom action or group sex. It would just be fun exploration, not gay. Or even if it were, who cares?

  • Lots of guys who want nothing else to do with another man's body enjoy sucking dick.

  • I agree. I think tons of men... who don't care about or want to be with men... absolutely love sucking cock. I do... and I'm married. But I think about sucking cock day and night.

  • I really had no interest in another guys dick at all before the ladyboy incident.
    I wonder how many other guys think that they are zero percent bi, but it is because they never touched one. I understand better why the ancient Greeks were so bi.

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