It felt so natural

My sister and I are both in our early teens. Our bedrooms are in the basement of our parents house and we share a bathroom between us. Normally she gets up before me and showers and gets out of the bathroom before I even wake up, but one morning I woke up and had to piss so bad I couldn't hold it. I made my way to the bathroom and could hear the shower running so I knocked on the door. My sis asked what was up and I told her I had to piss bad and didn't think I could make it upstairs to use the other bathroom without pissing myself. She laughed and told me the door was unlocked and to come on in.
I opened the door, and could see the outline of my naked sister behind the shower curtain. I had always thought she was beautiful, she was kind of short and a little heavy, but not really fat, just an average girl I guess. She had just started to grow some really nice boobs, and a nicec round ass, and as a teenager, often found myself fantasizing about what they looked and felt like, but of course she was my sister, and I was taught that it was not ok to think that way.
She poked her head out from behind the curtain and smiled and said " you won't peek, will you". I replied "not if you don't". She grinned and closed the curtain. I immediately dropped my drawers and started taking a massive wizz into the toilet. At that point, she turned off the shower. "Jesus little brother" she said. "Sounds like you've got a fire hose going over there". "Hey", I replied, "I told you I had to pee bad" . After what felt like a five minute piss, I pulled my boxers back up and turned around to leave. I was startled to see my sister standing directly behind me, and let out a quick yelp. "Holy shit, sis, you scared the shit out of me" I said, "what are you doing?" She was now standing directly in front of me, with a towel wrapped around her. She had kind of a nervous look on her face, but she forced a smile on her face as she pulled off the towel and let it drop to the floor. I was momentarily awestruck as I gazed upon her naked body, almost paralized, I could do or say nothing, I just gazed at her perky tits and erect nipples, and then I looked down and saw the most beautiful, clean shaven pussy I'd ever seen. My 6 inch cock immediately became erect as my sister threw her arms around me and started kissing me on my lips. Neither one of us said a word as she took my hand and led me into her bedroom. I made beautiful love to my sister that morning, and it felt like the most wonderful, natural thing in the world. We have done it many times since, and are both very happy with our relationship. We have no idea why some people think this is wrong, as long as both people are willing, it has made us closer to each other than ever before.

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  • Incest love is so beautiful and so hot and the sex the most intense that sex can get.

  • Fairly common. In my case, it was my hot older sister in the shower, and my needing eye drops from the bathroom cabinet. She usually locked the door, but sometimes didn't, and that time wasn't locked. I went in, announced myself and told her why, just as she turned the water off. She's a free spirit, and actually joked "You look at me all the time anyway...May as well pull the curtain and hand me a towel..I'll even strike a pose to give you a good look!"

    I took a towel from the shelf, pulled the curtain, and there she stood..Wet, naked, legs bent, long-nailed hands on her hips, smiling and striking a pose. She asked "Like what you see?", as I eyed her up from head to toe and back again. With a little laugh, but remaining in place, she then said "You can give me the towel now, hun..I'm getting cold standing her being your nude model". I gave it to her and she dried off, then wrapped the towel around her hair, leaving her body naked as she stepped out of of the tub.

    Forgetting about my eye drops, I continued eyeing her up and complimenting her fit body and amazing 36C's. That's when it got interesting: she looked at my bulge and directly asked "Did I do that? Lil ole me cause you to get a riser? I see it!" I had no choice but to admit yes, she was driving me crazy naked like that (and her free attitude about it...I still think she fully enjoyed being naked and causing me to get hard for her, that fast). Following her to her bedroom and closing the door, we flirted and joked around until I made the first move, going in and kissing her, handling her ass in the process. That's all we did that time, basically make out naked on her bed, but, it did lay the groundwork for later sexual experiences.

  • Cool. It's fine, just don't make any retard babies.

  • Better put a rubber on that'll end up with a 3-eyed brother/son or sister/daughter.

  • It happens. It happened to me to when I was 13 and my older bro came in to use the toilet but ended up getting in the shower with me and once his hands were all over me I lost out trying to keep him away from me and gave into him.
    After the shower we layed upon my bed and he took me to heights I never even dreamed of and then he made love to me and I fell in love with him and decided he could have me any time he wanted me. I guess he liked my tight puss for he fucked me three times that morning and once more just before falling asleep in my arms.
    I love the feeling of having him inside of me and the way my body feels when he cums inside of me, he's made me his and now I cant seem to go but just a few hours and I get horney all over again and I go to him now more than he does me, but still we have sex perhaps 6 times a day.

  • Be wary of dragons.

  • There's no turning back now, your hooked for life.

  • I think it's mostly because it's a strange relationship. Although your close, you might not be able to ever find anyone else now. You always have to see her too. Good luck.

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