How would you seduce me? (CD anal virgin)

I'm all glammed up, hoeish, and sitting by the bar. How would you convince me to leave with you? What would you do to get me to slip my thong off and present my anal virginity for your taking? How would you enter me? What positions would you fuck me in? What would you whisper in my ear while your cock is buried deep inside me? Would you call me a slut while you hold my high heeled feet up over my head and bear down on me? How would you convince me to let you record our night together so I end up on all the porn websites, moaning like a whore and smiling into the camera with your cum all over my face? Or would you just tape it without my knowledge hehe? How would you treat me after you've drained every last drop of your cum in or on me? Would you abandon me or make me give you my number so you fuck me whenever you want? Please comment. I'm so horny.

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  • I can tell you want to submit, you may resist some but the fight won't last long. You are old enough because your at the bar drinking but your still innocent to some degree and very curious... You say your a virgin but I know you've been fingering yourself and tried sitting on home made dildos and possibly a vibrator or two yes you enjoy laying on your back legs spread bent at the knees like a girl slowly pushing it up your tightness until you just can't take the pleasure anymore and cum gushes out of your shaven cock messing up your pretty panties. No you won't have control when I get you to my place you won't have a say in how slow or fast I take you and when you wrap your hands around my very big cock you will understand that your helpless not because I'm making you do it but because you're in love with it and can't stop even if you wanted to. Yes on your knees, on your back, on your stomach so full of thick hard hot cock being used and enjoying the pleasure of it all. I will not go slow like when you use those toys on yourself. I will push my weight against you forcing your tightness to give in stretching the limit with my thickness and length the pain will cause your pretty little face to flush red with the fullness of me inside you and then the pleasure will follow causing your legs to tremble and you gasp and moan out loud in your best girl voice.... Ha! Admit it slut when I call you names like queen and faggot and kiss your pretty lips you'll cum and beg me to cum to isn't that right baby? Yes your coming home with me tonight and you know it.

  • OMG 😍😍😍 Daddy I need you to use me

  • I'd beat the shit out of you and leave you half dead in a fucking ditch like faggots deserve

  • Get a life

  • You would not need too much convincing for sure, you sound like a real whore

  • Depends how many drinks you buy me ;)

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