Sex with a smelly old man.

I've done something that is dirty and horny the same time. I'm 34, married, with 1 child. During the holidays i took my child and went to stay with my parents for a few days, as my husband works long shifts. I was told before hand that a family friend Don was staying in the other guest room, as he'd had surgery and with no family around, he was recovering at the parents. Everything was good, Don was his usual pervy moody self which everyone ignores. My parents asked if they could take my child to a fete in the village and lunch after. I agreed, it would be nice to have the day to myself lounging. They went, and i ran myself a nice bubble bath. After an hour, i chucked a towel around me, and walked down the hall to my room. When i walked in, Don was sat on my bed with a towel around his waist, i was shocked and said "wrong room Don" he apologised and said "sorry love, help me up"
As i neared the bed, i froze, his towel was open at the crotch, purposefully without a doubt and there his cock was flopped on the bed. And i mean, it was an absolute whopper. Very thick and long, it was so big it was curling over the mattress and still hanging down. I tried helping him up, but hes a BIG man. I only had a towel around me, so he was holding onto me, and my towel slid down revealing my left breast, i tried to rearrange my towel, but he groped my breast with one hand and put his other hand on my inner thigh sliding towards my pussy. I smacked his hands away, i was disgusted he's fat and smelly. I could smell his armpit sweat. He said "Don't you want my gift?" I looked down and he was hard now. It was like an arm down there. I remember just staring at the odd proportioned head. I did not expect a 78 year old man to carry one of them around. I said "out, now!" All the while he kept poking his finger at my breast or bottom while trying to raise the bottom of my towel, it was annoying but i started getting aroused. I kept thinking no he's disgusting, he smells, but i was so aroused at this point, he kept poking, but i didn't move away from him, i kept thinking about what to do, so i thought fuck it. I pretend to push his hands off, and that give him access to my towel, he pulled it off and it fell to the floor, he made a crude comment about my nipples being like dinner plates, and went avout pinching them. I just stood there saying this is wrong, he promised he wouldn't say anything, so i moved a step closer and he buried his face in my breasts. He said "you want it because i can smell your cunt" this made me so turned on but at the same time i was repulsed. He smelled so bad and was so ugly, why the fuck was my pussy wet for him? My clit was on fire. I got on the bed on all fours, and after a few licks to my asshole and clit, i came hard. He pulled me over to sit on his huge cock. It wouldnt go in tidy, with no lube he had to keep licking his hand and guiding it in slow. Eventually what seemed like forever, after taking in an inch at a time, he was balls deep in me. At that point, his face, his fat meant nothing, this was an amazing feeling, i felt stretched like never before. I gushed all over him, he grunted and i could feel his warm sperm pouring inside me. I lifted my leg and a dollop of sperm splattered on him. I left the room quickly, and took a shower. He had left my room before i got back. The stench of sweat and sex made me want to throw up. But it was so good. Probably the best. How on earth, can something repulse you and turn you on the same time? Needless to say sex with my husband wasn't all that, when i got home.

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  • Quick check in, but we've done it a few more times since then. He's no longer smelly thank God! He seems to be making an effort for me now I do his ironing around his once a month. I hate ironing but knowing I'm going to get rewarded by sitting on that big old dick makes it all worth it. We now kiss with tongues too. The way he sucks on my breasts I can't even explain how intense it is with him. I love how he feeds his cock into me inch by inch slowly because he's so frikking huge. When his balls finally touch my cheeks, and that warm sperm spreads in my tummy... wow.

  • I bet your pussy was ruined for your husband. I bet it was stretched real good

  • Oh like I've never imagined.

  • Mmmmm

  • Way to go !

  • Don't beat yourself up sounds like you were satisfied

  • Thats hot as hell hon! You did an old boy a good service. Tell him if he washes you'll nibble on his big dick!

  • Sounds like you needed that big cock.

  • Nice

  • I love old men big dick

  • Would love to talk with you

  • I'm aroused after readin that

  • That's so hot

  • Disgusting

  • Why was it disgusting? He made her cum?

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