Best anal sex

Since we married my husband pestered me for anal sex always grabbing my bum at every opportunity we tried a few times in the first three years but it hurt like hell he hardly got the head in before I would buck him off so I put the foot down it was just never going to happen.
About a year ago my best girlfriend asked if we did it and obviously I said no she was surprised because her and many girls we know really love it she asked how we tried and I said doggie, so she explained I should loosen my velvet hole by use of dildos , lube and butt plugs and when confident try it in missionary with my legs right up on his shoulders.
She made a video of them in action so we could get the idea and maybe change our mind it was so sexy that we decided to start off immediately it took about two months but when I was comfortable I was over the moon horny and everything turned out great, we now even do doggie a lot as my husband loves the thought of being dominant.
Anal has been our favoured sex position since.
If any other couple have trouble please try our training I am sure like us you will love it xxx

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  • Snarly Carly is just a fat pregnant prostitute who is on drugs and just like ron. she will end up fat agressive whore fighting pit bull dog screw fighting for cockolds and run a riot to a pussy jail riot and I can see that happening to all rons kids and grandkinks kids and ex wiffwooffy wiffey. she is going to waste that money and come down. ron is a bad spirit wronging me that jesus and angels on my side are gonna fight to stop them abusing me and stop them winning all the time. karon and her beastiality sex is so sick its so sick what she wants her girls to do. its just so sick. and setting up farm well its were they belong away from me.

  • It's cheating to stretch your ass first. Your ass should be stretched by the cock that claims it.

  • I agree whole heartedly

  • Fuck that stupid bs. Do it however is good for you. No rulez, fuck the man

  • Fancy replying to your own comments *cringe* 🙈

  • Agreed!

  • I am sure with this post you will help and encourage many couples to get into anal it is the best sex anybody could have my husband and I have been doing it for years we both love it

  • Good for you my husband and I do anal all the time mainly doggie it is the best but missionary is great for getting him deep inside

  • You have convinced me we should really give anal a good try, we have tried a few times without success but your post clearly give very good advise, thank you

  • Thanks I will 😘

  • Please let me know how you go Darling, I really hope my post helps a lot of people xx

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