Horny motorbike ride

So my car broke down a few weeks ago and I was finding it hard to commute to and from work on public transport while my car was being repaired. A woman who works in the same office as me offered me a lift as we live fairly near to each other. Thats handy you might think....only thing is she rides a motorbike to/from work. I was a bit reluctant at first to accept her offer but i was struggling to get into work on time using the buses. She is in her mid 40s and not really much to look at so i wouldnt say there was any sexual attraction to her on my part. She wears a full set of leathers which i had noticed her in before and did find sexy. Also shes married so i figured there would be nothing sexual between us....
Anyway she arrived to my house the first morning and gave me a spare helmet. I jumped on behind her. There is no pillion handles on her motorbike so she said to push up close behind her and hold onto her waist. I did as she said and off we went. I was a bit nervous at first but soon relaxed. Then i noticed myself getting turned on and hard. I think it was a combination of the vibrations from the bikes engine and being pushed up against her in her leathers. The saddle on her motorbike slopes down towards the tank so when ever she braked or slowed down, id ended up sliding down closer against her ass. By the time we got into work i was pushed tightly up behind her and i was rock hard. How was i supposed to get off the back of the bike now without her noticing my hard-on? I tried my best to cover it up but it was impossible. Just as i jumped off the back of the bike she turned around, opened her visor and asked how i was and if i enjoyed the ride?...the last word and just left her mouth when she glanced down and noticed the big buldge on my jeans. "Wow...well i can see you enjoyed that ride anyway" she said and winked at me. I was very embarrised but she said it wasnt a problem and liked that i found being on the bike with her sexy and that i got turned on. I got a lift from her for the next few days until my car was repaired and every time id get a big hard-on behind her on the bike. Im thinking my car might break down again soon so i can get a lift from her again :-)

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  • Your doing just great , good on you she obviously wants it as well but is taking her time, as long as you can keep it between yourselves (between yourselves how good is that) your going to be great I am certain

  • Sorry about the delay filling you guys in on my horny pillion ride.
    Anyway, we got on the motorbike and i pushed up nice and tight behind Rachel (thats her name) and off we went. We had the ear pieces in aswell so we could chat to each other. I could see a few people taking second glances as we rode out of the carpark! I was pushed up so close behind her another person could have fit on the saddle behind me. Needless to say it wasnt very long before i was rock hard. I said to her that i was hard and she replied....i know, i can feel it and that she was getting turned on too. I asked was there anything i could do to make it more enjoyable for her but she said to wait until we get to some quieter country roads away from the traffic. Pretty soon she turned off the main road down a twisty lane and then she took one of her hands off the handle bar, took hold of my hand and put it on her pussy and told me to rub it hard through her leathers. I nearly jizzed myself there and then but managed to control it. I started feeling her tits through her leathers and she was moaning as i rubbed her pussy too. It was amazing being on the back of the bike feeling her up. I was fit to explode. I told Rachel i didnt think i could hold onto my load for much longer. Soon after she pulled in behind an little electricity substation and we got off the bike and took off our helmets.

  • Contunued.......She told me to take my cock out and next thing i knew she was down on her knees sucking me. Needless to say it didnt take me long until i could feel my cock building up to pump a load out. I said im going to cum. She said i want you to cum on my leathers and turned around and stuck her sexy leather ass up against my cock. I let a full load all over her ass. Wow she said that was a nice big load, nows its my turn. She undid the jizz of her leathers and opened them down so her pussy was exposed. I didnt have to be asked twice what she wanted me to do. I stuck me head down between her legs and started eating her soaking her pussy until she orgasimed. As she came she grabbed my head and shoved it so hard into her pussy i could hardly breath but it was glorious tasting her juices.
    We chatted for a while about how nice it was. She said its been a long time since she had any type of sex as she and her husband arent close like that any more. She asked if we could do it again soon and maybe even make it a regular thing once her husband or anyone in work didnt find out about us. Absolutey i said. She said she didnt want to have full sex just oral for the time being but i reckon she is up for a good fucking. We got back on the motorbike and head back towards the city. I started to get hard again on the ride home but didnt cum. I did have a descrtete feel of her pussy and tits as we rode when ever there was no traffic nearby. She dropped me back to my house and as i got off the back of the motorbike i noticed the cum stains on her leather ass. It was like a trophy seeing the white stains on the black leather. I said to her that she better clean them before anyone sees them!

  • Congrats!! Sounds like a fun and horny time. Do not rush things, enjoy the oral for a while and let her tell you when she is ready for your dick in her pussy. I would also let your load build up as much as you can before riding with her, as she obviously likes the sight of a big cum shot. Cheers!!

  • Hello to anyone thats been wondering how i got on with me biker woman yesterday....
    Well she collected me as planned in the morning and gave me a ride to work. We used the ear pieces which were great as we could chat away to each other on the bike. I was hard within about 30sec of getting on the motorbike with her.At one point she braked heavy and i pushed hard into the back of her....i said sorry and hoped i hadnt squashed her but she said no and not to try move back. Thats exactly how close i want you behind me. Now i can feel your hardness behind me. She gave me a few nice bumps and grinds during the rest of the journey to work and siad there would be plenty more of that later....i thought friday evening would never come. I found it hard to concentrate on anything all day long but eventually 5pm came around and we headed out the the carpark together....

  • AND... what happened? Have you begun an affair? Did she let you cum inside her married pussy?

  • She wants a fuck for certain, better take a couple of rubbers with you till you find out she's on the pill don't masturbate till you get a fuck off of her she will love a giant load

  • I am sure your going to start fucking your little leather girl she obviously loves your cock getting hard when riding, don't orgasm till after Friday so your feeling horny for her she will appreciate it, please keep us updated

  • Hopefully! She is married though so not sure if shes going to have an affair with me. Think maybe she just likes the attention and the fact i got turned on by her on her motorbike. She ready isnt much to look at and is a bit over weight too so i'd say its been a long time since shes had a bit of male attention.
    Ive been holding off wanking so ive a nice full load for her....if it "cums" to that :-) Im so horny thinking about her....keep imagining myself blowing my load all over her leathers!

  • UDATE.....so im was just chatting to my sexy biker woman. I was about to ask her if she'd like for the two of us to head off for a spin on the bike again and to maybe get a coffee etc....but she beat me to it. She said she'd like to get me out for a spin on some nice country roads away from the traffic. So we have organised that she will collect me on friday morning and then we can head off after work. Shes also going to bring a set of helmet ear pieces so we can chat while on the bike....or as she said "you can tell me how much you are enjoying the ride!" Roll on friday! I cant stop thinking about my hard cock pushed up against her leather ass on the motorbike.

  • Awesome. Let us know how it went.

  • Will do....cant wait! Think i might stick on a condom before we head off on the bike on friday evening in case i blow my load behind her. It will contain the mess ;-)

  • Damn, that's sexy. It's cool that she noticed that you were aroused. How close were you to dropping a load in your pants?

  • Was fairly close to blowing at one stage. We were stopped in traffic and there was a queue of cars ahead of us that werent moving. She decided to try change lanes as the other one was moving. She was pulled up too close to the car in front so had to reverse the bike backwards. This resulted in her kind of bouncing on the saddle in front of me and then when she was trying to join into the other lane of traffic she was nudging the bike forward and revving hard to try get onto the traffic. I noticed myself getting very wet at that point with all the revving and bouncing and movement of her ass up against my cock!

  • I'd really suggest that you ask to go out with her again, even for a recreational ride. It sounds fun for you both, and she might put her ass to other uses on you, if you're lucky.

  • Yes was thinking of asking her if she'd like to head for a spin on friday evening on the bike and for us the grab a coffee/something to eat. I could say it would be my treat as a thank you for helping me out when my car was being repaired. I havent seen her yet this morning but im sure i'll bumb into her at some stage today. I'll keep you posted!

  • I really get the feeling she wants a fuck but is unsure how to ask

  • Yeah she definately likes me on the back of the bike with her alright. Not sure if she wants a fuck or not. Funny thing is, i wouldnt look twice at her in her normal clothes around the office but when i see her in her leathers on the motorbike im am instantly turned on.

  • That sounds sexy, I bet she loved feeling and seeing you with a horn pity she didn't let you use it

  • Yeah pity alright. I keep bumping into her in work and she gives me a big hello and smile everytime i see her. Yesterday we ended up in the lift together and she said any time im stuck for a lift dont hesitate to give her a shout! I think she really enjoyed my hard cock pushing into her leather ass when we were on the bike. Definately going to have to get a lift from her again soon. Id be tempted to let my hands wander up onto her tits or down onto her pussy while im behind her on the motorbike.....

  • Please let us know all about it

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