Last night I got Fucked in the Ass

So I hooked up with a guy from a cheating site. He's been married for 19 years. I'm single. We met at a hotel and split the cost 50-50.
I shaved my legs and pussy in the hotel bathroom while I waited for him to arrive and when he did, I answered the hotel door when he knocked.
Immediately, we started making out in the doorway with the door open. He palmed my pussy and fondled my tits. I was hoping someone would walk by in the hallway and see me, but no one did.
Once we closed the door, I started undressing him and soon we were 69ing on the bed. I lay on my back with my head hanging off the side of the mattress, and he shoved his cock down my throat while he tongued my pussy and sucked my clit.
I really loved sucking his cock. It was just the right size-- thick enough for me to gag on but not so thick it hurt my jaw.
It felt great in my pussy too!
We fucked (with a condom) for quite awhile before he pulled out and ditched the condom so we could 69 again. He fingered my ass, this time while he licked my pussy, and stretched me open.
Eventually he rammed his cock into my asshole and it hurt/felt so good.
I love being used.
He fucked the hell out of my asshole, and we were both sweating by the time he creampied me.
I've fucked my ass on toys before but this was the first time I got really fucked like that.
I don't cum easily, so I didn't orgasm, but I fucking loved it anyway.

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  • Totally wish I was u

  • Really happy you enjoyed it anal is great

  • You go girl

  • If I were fortunate enough to ride you like a borrowed mule, I would have paid for the's the gentlemanly thing to do.

  • Oh my god......
    What a cheapskate, he had you paying half?

  • Sounds like the guy has got some game. A guy that ACTUALLY made a hook up on one of those sites, impressed her sexually and got her to pay 1/2 the bill. I only wish to have such skill set !

  • It is the age of equality!


  • I wish I was you.

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