Me and my BF both lost our virginity for the first time

Me and my friend are two guys and we are both virgins , we always had the hots for each other, so one day we were by our selves outside and I wanted him so badly so I got on top of him and I started humping him , our Penises were both soft and unprepared for each other, I put our Penises and balls together and they both disappeared as I got on top of him and started . Than I started humping him hard. Very soon I was hard and he was hard . The harder I humped him , the more our Penises and balls were aroused.
Than I cumed right on his dick, and he cumed soon after. I think we both lost our virginity.

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  • It doesn't take a social scientist to conclude that it was liberal scumbags performing criminal activity like the poster here that helped give rise to Brilliant leaders like Der_Fuhrer to correct it.

  • You two guys are so stupid. I am not gay. The story is not true at all. If you don't like the story. Flag it and get it removed.
    Otherwise just mind your own business. I am not gay or Bi-sexual.
    I am a internet troll.

  • True. It's clear the poster never had the opportunity to see the old concentration camp films that display the naked women & men going to the shower room where the deadly gas was released.

  • I'm not a fag , but my friend was gay . And he wanted my virginity and so I gave up my virginity to him , I never did a guy before and so I agreed to give up my virginty if I would dominate most of the sex . And so I dominated the sex, I have no regrets

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