Who has accepted sex for revenge or favors

Have any of the readers ever accepted anything sexual from someone in the name of revenge or favors?

I think this will be a fun topic and I'm genuinely curious.

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  • No. i was raped, but no i never do that revenge sex and favor sex for anyone. if anyone asked me i would be thinking "are you nuts? why do you want me to do that? I can't just do something cuz you said they hurt you or hurt someone, go do it yourself if your that bent?"

  • One of the doctors worked with attracted some really hot female nurses.
    I am a private pilot license. I would fly as he introduced the nurses to mile high club.
    I usually got a bj while on autopilot. Sometimes got a full fuck in the hangar after landing.

  • I knew my wife was cheating on me but she was still making love to me as well. I talked her into letting me tie her up one night and the guy she was cheating on me with lived on a few miles away. After she was tied up really well and blindfolded I used her phone to text him and asked him if he could come over in about 30 minutes because my husband is gone. I teased the hell out of her for about twenty minutes then left. I parked down at the end of the street and waited until I saw his car pull in and him walk inside.
    I took the next day off of work and cleared all my stuff out of the house. When she asked me how I found out about them I just told her she was not to smart about it at all. She told me she was really sorry but did not want to split up and that she just needed variety in her sex life. I told her good luck and moved out.

  • I got really mad at my friend for flirting with my neighbor at the bar we were all at this past Friday night. She knew how badly I wanted him but she also knew that I was sort of scared to talk to him. He's about 10 years older than us, single, wealthy, blah blah blah. I didn't think he'd interested in us. When I saw my friend flirting and him reciprocating, I got irrationally mad. She went to the bathroom, I went over, grabbed his head and forced my tongue down his throat. She came out and saw us making out. She called me a slut and stormed out of the bar. I went home with my neighbor and let him do whatever he wanted to me that night. I've never had sex on the first night but that night he treated me like his personal toy. I apologized to my friend yesterday but I wasn't actually sorry. She shouldn't have come on my turf.

  • I own an auto repair shop in a large city. I not only have sex with female customers at least once or twice a week because they can't afford the entire bill , but on some occasions I let my manager and even my techs have some. I have multiple cameras set up in the back office so we can all enjoy it later.

  • My wife asks me to do stuff all the time and she always knows what favor she will be doing for me.

  • I was attending night classes at a local college for Physiology and Anatomy. My professor was a married older woman in her 60s, always well dresssed. I always had a thing for her. My grades were not the greatest so I decided to meet with her in her office one night to see what I could do. When I got to her office, I noticed she was sitting at her desk with her legs crossed. I sat down and started talking with her about my grades. I couldn't help but notice that
    she was barefoot. She had the most beautiful feet and toes. She caught me staring at them a couple of times. I asked her if there were any projects that I could do to get my grades back up. She offered a few and I was just so distracted that I couldn't think.
    I just point blank asked her "I hope I'm not being too forward or anything, but you have the most beautiful feet". She laughed and thanked me for the compliment. We talked some more and I starred some more when all of a sudden I asked her "how would you feel if I kissed your feet?". She said "What?..kiss my feet...I don't know..my husband...and they probably smell"
    She said her husband doesen't even do that. She told me to shut the door and she put her feet on the corner of her desk. She said not to ever tell anyone what happened. I gently kissed her pedicured feet and sucked her toes. Her feet had a salty sweet taste. She loved it. After about a minute, she pulled her feet back and said that she needed to get home to her husband. I ended up doing 3 research projects and got a B for the class.

  • My neighbor does all my yard work and it started out as a joke when I could not get my lawn mower started. I was trying to get it started and getting frustrated, he came over and worked on it but then dragged it back to his house. He got his out and mowed both our yards then started doing the rest of it like trimming. When he was all done I tried handing him some cash but he would not take it, I told him that he was not going to do my yard work without getting something so I lifted my shirt up and showed him my boobs. He commented that he would sure love to touch those and I told him to come back to my place. So now he takes care of all my yard work and then he gets to play with me, I have multiple orgasms when he comes over and he thinks that he is the one getting the better end of the deal.

  • My husband refused to go to my sisters wedding cause I was apart of the bridesmaids and he wasn't a groomsman. He felt I never should've said yes to being a bridesmaid. At the wedding I had a great time everyone was asking about him, but I didn't care. That night after the wedding I took Bruce the young man I walked down with, back to my room where we fucked, and then his brother calls him to make sure he was alright, Bruce told him he was with me, and he came to the room too. My first threesome, and in the morning his brother Tod brings me Plan B. I laughed told him, at 38 I hold my tubes tied, no worries.

  • This is hilarious, I had almost the same thing happen with me except no threesome. My sister was getting remarried for the third time and my husband told me he was not going to go to the wedding because he could not get away from work. Yeah right. They did a beach wedding in South Carolina and we live on the west coast. The groomsman that I was with was this really handsome thirty year old and we were all staying at the same hotel. We were attracted to each other from the start and were making love back at his hotel room about two hours after the rehearsal then back to his room again after rehearsal dinner and drinks. I woke up the next morning in his room and was hoping that no one else was up while I walked back to my room. We did it again after the reception and the next morning. He knew I was married but I told him I did not care because it was his loss for not coming.

  • Ladies, ladies, ladies I guess we do have lots of fun at weddings. My husband kissed my nieces wedding, he guards dignitaries when they fly in. One of my nieces friends and a former co-worker of mine actually went to the wedding alone also, we ended up hooking up, I had a lot to drink,people said we were dancing inappropriately. We spent the night together. My mother and sister actually caught me with him. It didn't bother me

  • This happened a couple years ago. I was invited to a benefit dinner for a local charity. It would have been a fun night and it was supporting a great cause. I RSVP'd yes for my wife and I. The day of, for whatever reason, she decided that she didn't want to go and wanted to stay home. We argued and decided it "was best if I go" and that she was "going to her parents and would probably see me tomorrow." Great. While at the event, I was talking to an acquaintance that I knew from wherever. As our conversation continued, she began asking about my wife, where she was, etc. I answered her questions and we kept talking. Towards the end of the evening, when we bumped into each other again, she said, "some of us are getting drinks after this at Collie's (the bar down the street). Wanna come?" I told her yes and she said, "Good, you can drive." We never made it to the bar. We went right to her house and fucked all night long. When I woke up in the morning, there were no texts from my wife so we fucked again in the morning before I left. I went home, showered, and went to my in-laws house. Talked to my wife, made up, and went home. Felt great to get that out of my system.

  • I am having sex regularly with my best friend's husband, because she treats him like a servant. He loves her, but he resents her epic mood swings, childish demanding behavior, her laziness, and general apathy toward him and his needs. So, it's his silent revenge to fuck me. And having seen how she treats him I am happy to help him. Plus he's a great fuck,

  • I caught my husbands friend going through our dirty laundry sniffing my dirty underwear. I made a deal with him, since they were deploying, I told him if he brings me proof that my husband cheated on me while they were away, he could have me. When he came home on leave, he brought me pics and a video. And I kept my word 2 weeks straight I was his, all over our house, in our bed, he even made me put my wedding dress on for him. And then he suggested we take professional photos of each other which we did. And we continued to do so til this day

  • I was a journalism/broadcasting major, and worked a bit for a news station when I graduated. Being new, I always had the shit jobs: usually standing out in the snow at 5 AM talking about the shitty weather or covering some crack house raid. I was friends with one of the female anchors, and asked how she made it to her high level. In addition to her looks/experience/talent, she basically admitted to me that she fucked her way to the top. She was in her 40s, married, had two teenagers, but we all knew that she was fucking the boss, before work and after. I only wonder if her husband knew.

  • Many decades ago, what's-her-name beat out a large-breasted woman on a job. I knew this other woman to see her, but she didn't know me. I put myself in a position that we would 'meet' and we began talking. It came up that she'd just lost a job offer to another woman. She was hurt and angry. I asked her why if she felt so strongly about this hadn't she porked her husband.

    'I have no idea who he is!'

    I showed her my driver's license ... ;)

  • HUH??

  • When I was in college, my apartment was owned by a couple that was friends of my parents. We had sex two or three times a week. The wife was my first lesbian lover, and he was my first older male lover. They were in their forties which is really not old now. I had always thought he was handsome and sexy. I sometimes slipped off with them to their beach house for weekends. My parent's just thought I lived there rent free because of their friendship.

  • I have a similar experience even though it was just an old man. He had been friends with my dad so when I decided to move out he offered to rent me one of the apartments he owned for cheap. They thought he was being friendly and helping their little girl get some independence.

    It wasn't a month before he and I were having sex and it was amazing. He was more than twice my age but he fucked harder and better than any guy my age

  • As a single mom, I fuck my son's travel baseball and soccer coaches. For some reason I never have to pay for him to be on the team...mmmmm?

  • Coaches are some of the best fucks around. My kid's soccer coach was in amazing shape and always out me through a work out.

  • I used to rent my spare bedroom to college students ten or so years ago, I found that renting to women was much easier until rented to a woman named Robin. She was always late on her rent but usually came thru and even paid me upfront one time for a month early. She got two months behind one time though and I had reminded her a few times about it. She came walking into the living room one evening nude, she told me that I could have my way with her until she paid the rent up to date.

  • I had revenge sex once. My husband cheated on me with some slut wife of his friend (and his friend was okay with it--weird). I found out about it when he tested positive for chlamydia. We separated right after that.

    One weekend he wanted to meet up to talk about our problems and possibly get back together. I told him I was busy, and texted him a pic of me sucking a guy's dick while getting fucked doggy.

    The reality was that I screwed those two guys earlier in the week. They were friends from my gym, and the guy I sucked took/sent me the pic while I was blowing him. But I so wanted to make my husband think that I was getting roasted right there and then. He actually called later that night, and he cried his eyes out during our conversation. I was so much in the mood of "Fuck You." We divorced, btw.

  • A boyfriend I loved dropped me for an older female senior exec in his workplace, we both knew a hot friend that he had wanted to screw for a long while I but not he knew the girl had contracted the jack and was soon to undergo treatment so I convinced her to come onto my ex and ensure he fucked her without a rubber quite a few times to teach the prick a real good lesson. It happened not too sure of the outcome but I heard he lost his job BEAUTY can't stop thinking about it

  • An ex girlfriend fell on hard times and asked if she could couch sleep at my place for a while so while that was OK I talked to a lesbian friend who at that time did not have a partner and told her I think I might have a little sex slave for her, I informed my ex she needed to move out but she could share with a friend of mine if she was prepared to sleep in the same bed and do some favours she had no choice my lesbian friend is really happy because she is very dominant that ex bitch is getting exactly what she deserves because she dumped me for a supposed rich, handsome guy not so now, slow revenge is so sweet

  • A lovely girl at work lost her licence so unless I picked her up and dropped her off she had no way to get there within a reasonable time frame, I told her it would be OK without paying but she would have to repay by mean's of favour starting off with a blow job on the way home each day, after about a week I increased the favours to a daily blow job and a Friday night fuck with two fucks every weekend, when she had her period her sister happily provided the favours, everything went so very well we are now engaged.

  • Bunch of times, yes. One was my former business associate/partner, a cute, pretty, sexy little thing with the best ass in jeans I've ever seen. We'd always had sexual tension, and most people we knew thought we were fucking anyway. She did two jobs in a row with me that even she admitted, due to a health issue, she was useless on, but I paid her anyway. When the third time came up (not in a row), I'd had enough of the free money and told her, flat-out "This time, I get a bang for my buck..Understand?". And she did. To her credit, she proved worthy of the pay and was a great, wild fuck.

    Another was with my hot older sister, whom I'd been fucking here and there anyway. Her job was on strike and she had no money coming in for rent, car payment, insurance, etc..And only working a very part-time, under the table waitress job at a friend's pizza place on weekends. So, at her request, I picked up her monthly bills for the most part. Didn't mind, as I benefitted from her apartment as much as she did, but, same thing...I started feeling like a bank, and one night, she made me dinner, in her thin, white robe, and I went up behind her, peeled it off, and she knew what I wanted. Told me "I better start paying you back, huh?". Yep, it was..As long as I was footing her expenses, she knew..Her body was mine.

  • A great friend of mine and I went to school together. She and I never hooked up once, we were just great friends. I introduced her to her last boyfriend. I knew him through work. Things were great at first but he started getting jealous of our friendship and trying to eliminate me from spending time with her. It got so bad that it caused a strain in their relationship and they eventually broke up. I went for drinks with her the night after they officially broke up and took her back to my apartment because I didn't want her driving. We hooked up for the first time ever that night. When we woke up the next morning, she took a selfie of us in bed and texted her ex: "I swear this is the first time we hooked up. I want to thank you though because I've been missing out." He came to work that day and resigned. That happened a couple months ago and she and I are dating and living together now.

  • My sister is four years younger than I am and my parents bought me a car for going to college, during the summer she wanted to go places but did not have a license. She begged me to take her places, one day she told me that she would show me her boobs if I took her somewhere, I told her I can see those all day online. She came back a while later and to my amazement said she would give me a blow job if I drove her to the mall. So that was how my summer went for a few years until one of her friends got a car.

  • My sister in law never has any money and never has her shit together. My wife told me that she needed money for bills, like two thousand dollars. I was on the fence about helping her and my wife knew it so she smiled at me and told me that I could have what ever I wanted sexually for a month if we helped her sister out. I told her make it two months and you have a deal.
    I took advantage of that two months but I think she really loved it, I could tell she was enjoying it, there were a few days in there where she was rolling her eyes when I would walk up to her with my cock out ready to suck but she always did it. When the two months was almost up she was giving me great head and when she finished I waited like twenty minutes and then came back to her again, she looked at me and said really? I told well next week ends the two months so I have to get all that I can. She told me next time her sister was going to be my sex slave.

  • I used to own and manage an apartment building. I heard every story on this planet as to why rent could not be paid. I had been offered everything you can think of in exchange for rent. Sex was always a high one on the list but I rarely took it and if I did the women were really nice looking.
    One time stands out, I had a regular poker game going for a while and when this woman came to me and offered sex for a months rent I told her if she would be our waitress without any clothes on and do what ever we wanted with her then she could have three months rent out of it.
    She was nervous as all hell when the other three showed up and one of them was African American, she was moaning and crying out Oh my god in a good way when they where in the bedroom. I think she enjoyed it a lot actually.

  • I used to do snow removal in the winter when construction work was slow. A few years ago we were getting pounded by snow storms. While plowing one neighbor out a woman stopped me asking how much to do her driveway. I gave her the price ,she told me it was to much and she would shovel. That night we got another six inches of snow . This time she had me plow it. I finished ,went to the door to get paid and she met me in the mud room wearing pajama bottoms and a tee shirt obviously braless as her nipples were hard and poking against her shirt. She gave me a big sob story about her husband having a bad back and being out of work. The truth was he was just a lazy bum who hunted ,fished and rode his ATV all over but couldn't work.

    I started getting pissed thinking she was going to stick me for the money she owed me. I told her I could always push the snow back into her driveway. She invited me in walking past her husband sleeping on the couch and lead me to the kitchen telling her two daughters to go upstairs. As soon as they were gone she stood right in front of me then sank down to her knees took me cock out and sucked me off. I could see her husband sleeping on the couch as I held his wife's head while filling her mouth with cum. Eventually I fucked her after changing her hot water heater with bother her daughters and husband watching tv right above us.

  • I worked for a year at a small catering business. tbh, I wasn't that good looking then or now; I was 43, chubby 185 lbs, big butt, glasses, and fairly small tits (B). My boss (who was attractive) would flirt with me all of the time, even though he was married and so was I.

    After work one day we drank a bit and he asked if I did "favors," while unzipping his pants. I was shocked, but I liked him. I gave him a quick bj that day. I never though much about it, until I noticed more money on my next check. Things escalated after that. We'd often fuck before and after work while on the job. I even once had a threesome with him and a male friend of his.

    I got a raise and the occasional bonus for my efforts. It helped out at the time, since my husband was out of work. I think he was suspicious, but he knew the money was good and didn't ask questions. I left the job to take a better one after that year.

  • A single mum at work with two children was always desperate for money she was a great looker and very nice so I used to support her knowing full well she could never repay me even though she would always promise to, I wanted sex with her but she continued to have other things to do when I asked her out so I ceased giving her money or paying her bills that soon changed her mind she is my little sex slave now I treat her like a real slut and love it, she is so dependent on me I will not even let her go with other guys that could love and cherish her, I can have her do anything, love controlling

  • I work for a lady that owns a lot of orchards and fruit business. She gives me and others sex for bonuses. Her husband doesn't know what she do and don't ask because she makes so much money. She is good looking to

  • I once had a super jealous racist boyfriend who always accused me of cheating with a black guy I worked with. So one night after having to stay lay to do inventory with said black guy, I get home, boyfriend throws a fit. Says I only stayed late to cheat on him. Major fight ensues and we break up.

    First thing I do is text the guy from work, tell him I want to hook up and fuck my first black guy. Sent a picture of his cock deep in me to my ex. And had some amazing revenge sex. Had a pretty good relationship with him, filled with great sex, for about two years before we just went different ways.

  • A friend had this friend of his and her car needed repaired, he knows nothing about cars so he asked me if I would repair it. The parts were $200 or so for the repair and she was standing there while I showed her what she needed. She looked at me and told me all the money she had until she got paid again was less than the amount needed. I told her not to worry and I would get the parts and she could pay me when she had the money. I finished it up and gave her the receipts, her car worked great and she was very happy.
    She told me lets go in the house and get you cleaned up. I was confused at first when she asked me where the bathroom was at and then told me to come on. We stripped off our clothes and got into the shower together, she is pretty good looking with a lovely body. She sucked and stroked me off in the shower and let me touch and lick what ever I wanted on her.
    She left and I thought well at least I got a good time out of her, two days later she called me and asked if I was home from work yet, told her I was sitting in my living room watching the news. Good she said I am coming over. She gave me a great blow job and she did this everyday until she paid me what she owed.

  • For drugs, sure, but I bet that's common

  • I have given cab drivers blow jobs instead of paying the fare. That's it for me.

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