Naughty opportunity

I was 15 years old hanging out with my friends a family moved into our neighborhood. They had a daughter she was 11 yrs old she walked up and started talking to us. It was awkward she was so much younger but very confident. Not sure if it was because she was a girl or everyone didn't know how to tell her to get loss. We mostly hung out in my friend garage it had a big screen and we played video games. It was a perfect hang out we used for years. She was a gamer and had her own controls and played along with us. My group of 5 friends was some what nerds lol in the since we never dated girls much. I had 3 different girl friend to that point and never had sex. A few of my friends said they had sex but I didn't believe them. It was around 11am her parents didn't care how late she came home. It was hot over 90 the whole day and still hot. We had ended a marathon against another on line group kicking as finally. We decided to walk down to the pool it was closed but all we had to do was hop the fence. We all hoped the fence and sat with our feet in the pool. Ashley started stripping naked standing there with a tiny patch of public hair and decent tits for a skinny little girl. Let's swim she said don't be shy all us guys froze saying nothing just checking her out. She stood there letting us get a good look she then said of you can catch me you can have me. We was nerds just sitting there stunned finally Jerry stripped down. No wonder he wasn't embarrassed he had a big dick. He swam up to her wrestling her they got silent and it was obvious they was messing around. I heard her say you have a really big dick she then looked at us saying come in. Eventually we all got in except Robert he just watched as we took turns fingering her and getting hand jobs. Jerry started to try and duck her she said not in here your to big. He said you don't want to have sex with me she giggled. I didn't say that I'll try to but not in here she looked at Eric who had a small penis. She smiled saying try to in here she told him Jerry was pissed. Your not a virgin Eric asked her she giggled saying no I've fucked. After few minutes she was getting fucked by him you could tell he lied about having sex before. He had a stupid grin on his face after ear to ear. She started fucking John who I was for bigger than as well. We heard someone and got out and jumped the fence and ran. We went to my house since my room is in the basement she stripped down quick. She started sucking Jerry off I didn't want to go after his fat cocktail stretched her out. He made a comment saying she's mine first hey you fat pick I'm not going after you stretch her all out. Ashley laugh gripping his clock saying calm down to him. I'm glad she did he would had beat me in a fight lol. She had such a tiny body I gripped her hips as she shoved her ads higher. I shoved my 6 1/2" long cock inside her fucking her she felt so perfect. All I knew about sex was don't cum to fast I thought about different things. She was pounding her as back at my cock as I fucked her. I gripped her hard pressing deep Cumming inside her. After I did Jerry twisted her around getting between her legs. I couldn't believe a girl that tiny and young took over 8" of thick cock. He is a strong guy and gave no mercy in his pounding but she loved it. The next few years lost count how many times I fucked her as well as everyone else.

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  • The guy does not even know how to spell the contraction "You're".

  • Bullshit

  • You are human garbage

  • Please stop the wall of text. Learn to use paragraphs.

    TL; DR

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