My wife's used pussy.

My wife and I have discussed a threesome for quite some time. We're both very aroused by the idea but my wife is self conscious of her body. She's very attractive, highly sexed and a chubby woman. Ass and tits are amazing.
Last month we went to a friends wedding which was in a hotel, which we booked a room for the night, so we could have a good drink.
My wife looked really gorgeous in a lace dress below her knees. I told her all night how hot she looked and grabbed her ass every opportunity i could get. She was horny and tipsy which i love.
I mentioned to one of my friends who i know is hung like a horse, that we would love a 3rd person in the bedroom but don't know of anyone. He laughed and said 'you know me?'
I said here's the spare card key, come to our room in 20 mins, he glanced over at his wife who was still partying with the other wives. 'Ok' he said. I went to grab my wife and noticed a tie left behind on one of the chairs. I rolled it up and hid it in my pocket. My wife by now was all over me, kissing me. I stripped her off and started licking her breasts. Her pussy was soaking wet. I told her to get face down ass up.
Using the tie i tied one wrist to one knee, then i removed my tie and took her other wrist and tied it to her other knee. She looked hot and kept moaning for me to fuck her. While i played with her pussy my friend walks in, and strips off. He gets onto the bed and is immediately hard. His dick is huge raging and thick, my wife starts freaking out, but can't move, apart from bucking her pussy away from him, i know she was just conscious about her rolls of chubb. I reassure her that we think she's hot snd i kiss her to silence her. As i do my mate sinks into her, my wife lets out a low coherent moan. I stop kissing her and take a look at her pussy.
It's the sexiest thing I've ever seen, she's stretched, bright pink, she has juices running down her thighs, he's sliding his girth in and out of her with such ease, i tell him to pull out so i can look into her pussy, his foreskin pulls right back, his head throbbing, a load of liquid rushes out from her stretched cunt lips. She's all plush waiting for more. I hold her open and stick a finger up her, my god she's slack up there. He's ruined her and it makes me so hard. She's backing up on to him, she screams she's coming then he asks if he can finish off in her, my wife begs for it, so i say sure. They come together, he pulls out and a ton of his sperm comes slopping out of her cunt. It's used beyond recognition. He thanks us and leaves, i then have an overwhelming urge to lick her pussy. She's moaning again, his sticky white sperm on my tongue. I then fuck her so hard telling her she's a good girl and this night will be one of many. I then come so hard in her, leaving her with a huge creampie. She's so fucking hot, I couldn't love her more if i tried.

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  • Awesome Stag and Vixen

  • England, Uk

  • Where are you based?

  • Would like to be sexy and stranger sex in the outdoors by the river forced to suck your cick and her pussy. To day in Helen Ga I'm mobile sovwhere u need me to cum to .7o6 three nine one 26 four three

  • Best night ever. I always thought fucking a tight cunt was the best. I'm a changed man now, a stretched cum filled cunt is way hornier.

  • Hell yeah!

  • Hell you pulled something off I could have not ever done. My wife is fun and all but no way would play along with this.

  • The key is wine, and plenty of it!

  • Got off to this.

  • I'm so horny reading this!

  • Me too that made me horny as hell damn

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