Fiancée's Pussy and Ex-Boyfriend


I noticed my fiancée's pussy is pretty wide, so I'm guessing the real reason behind this is her ex's p e n i s. We live in a small town and it's always uncomfortable when I cross this guy in the streets or store; he always looks at me with a smile.

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  • Also recognize that the vagina expands a bit when females are aroused. If she is really turned on, she might feel a little loose, but that's just her being really, really hot for you. Take it as a compliment.

  • It's not so good when she is so loose I can't get to cum, better start putting it in her arse that's very tight

  • Lmfao, she's just a little big, not stretched out or anything. I've had two kids push through me and I'm still tight as ever. You are reading way too much into it.

  • I agree with the wide set vagina comment I thought my girlfriend had been with a really big cock. She's very honest and I eventually asked her about the sizes of previous guys. While she was open it took awhile she had been with 8 different guys. Some a little longer or thicker not by much, she said she didn't experience pain her first time. I know she is telling the truth she asked if I thought she felt loose. I told her the truth she is easy to enter and once she gets excited very little friction. She said how she noticed once she got excited as well. Explaining why she reaches down to see if I'm still hard since she can't feel me. We started using dildo's after talking wanting to improve our sex life. While she is a short petite girl she can accommodate 11 3/4" in length and 7 1/4" girth being her maxxed out capacity. She organs hard and our sex life is perfect she lubes her hands and squeezes my cock as hard as she can to give me pleasure. I think talking and finding ways to make each other happy anyway you can is best. Throw away the ego and insecurities they won't help you live a better life.

  • You really need to start fucking her arse, that will be really nice and tight for you maybe it needs to be stretched a bit but you can use a lot of lube, dildo's and butt plug's for that take your time till she is comfortable, we started anal about 5 years ago and rarely have sex any other way it is very good, I now automatically get into the doggie position and put the lube ready we only have to use a little now we also do it missionary with my legs high on his shoulders he really penetrates deep like that.

  • My wife was married twice before me and I know both their cock sizes. She's also had 3 kids. Her pussy is plenty tight. Your fiance just needs to kegel more. Has nothing to do with the dick that's been in it.

  • When he walks by and smiles he wondering how his dick taste after leaving many loads of cum in that pussy.

  • Hi, you're unfortunately stupid. She has a wide-set vagina simply because she has a wide-set vagina. It was like that before her ex and it will be like that as life goes on. I don't know how big you guys think you are - even you guys that actually have large dicks....but trust me, we're built to take you guys without permanent damage. The only concern size-wise that I see is too long. Then it can maybe hurt/bruise on deep thrusts. Women squeeze babies out of there, and they tighten back up after. Don't get me wrong. Am I saying a woman's vagina will be exactly the same after child birth? Maybe not, but that's after squeezing 7lbs plus of baby out! Your cocks don't permanently change us, but keep dreaming.

  • Dude do yourself a big favor and never ask her. Let it go, it's better to just wonder than let it fuck with your head if the guy is bigger than you.

  • That's because he knows how fucked up your girl really is and knows you're in for a surprise when her dark side surfaces.

  • There's a lot of truth in that.

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