Fucked my Ex GF

We were GF/BF since high school but she didn't marry me and married some other guy. After 20 years of her marriage, she was in town on vacation. I invited her for coffee, took her for a drive, drove her around for about 5 hours , talked about marriage issues and all , In those 5 hours, I didn't even get her anything to eat or drink or even coffee. Then I seduced her and used her good. Fucked her mercilessly like a slut and gave her a huge load down her throat.

Revenge taken.

After she was totally worn out and ruined and made her destroying her clean marriage, I dropped her outside her hotel room like a cheap slut.

My only fear is she told me that she has confessed everything to her husband and what if her husband tells my wife? Her husband has all our chat history, photos, GPS locates etc.

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    Hubby and I have open marriage. We decided to choose a partner we want to play with. I chose my Ex BF from school. Hubby chose his work colleague. We both play with our outside marriage partners and fool them by telling them that we are cheating on our spouse. We get very horny from this set up and it makes our marriage very hot. We share our experiences about our sexual escapades with each other, we share photos and chats that we have with our cheating partners. My Ex and his work colleague thinks that both of us are cheating but in fact its all we plan. Since we started playing like this, our marriage has been very strong. My Ex Bf is really dumb, he thinks that my hubby is not aware or by fucking me in his car backseat or cumming in my throat he is doing something great. Only if he knew its all planned and approved by hubby, he is just being used for our fun. We have been with over 4 partners so far, all part of our fantasy and the new lifestyle we have chosen.

  • What happened? Did you end up getting busted by your ex's hubby?

  • If you had balls, you would have taken photos and videos of fucking her.

  • You are a sick fuck.
    Wish you get a serious STD

  • You should get worried, what if your wife is a psycho bitch and goes into revenge mode?

  • Don't worry, they are just fucking with you. You are being used.

  • Stag & Vixen using Ex.
    Once they are done with you, they move on to some other guy they both approve.

  • Seems more like hubby and wife have an open marriage and the Ex was setup as part of their playing. The thrill ov letting the Ex feel that she's cheating is then shared with hubby.
    This is common in Vixen and Stag lifestyle.

  • Impregnate the slut

  • Did you cum inside her?

  • Depends on how well your wife will take this news.

  • Don't worry that pussy won't have the balls

  • That pussy could ruin your marriage

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