First sex, panty sniffing

When I was a young boy my older cousin came to live with us. She was beautiful, and still is. Nice big tits, nice ass, and an awesome pussy. She was **years old. Me and my twin brother couldn't have been more than * years old on the first time. She started getting us to tickle her back when nobody was around, taking off her shirt and bra and laying face down. Then it got better when she turned over and asked me to do the front. I Then I had to suck her nipples. I enjoyed it. I got a hard on. I wasn't old enough to cum yet but it felt good to get a boner. Before too long she took off her shorts and underwear and taught me how to eat her pussy. I loved the smell of it. This kind of stuff went on for a couple of years, but then it stopped. It's too bad too, I remember in grade 4 I started to jerk off. I found a porno tape and magazine hidden in the house and wacked off profusely every day from grade four all the way until I turned 42. Every day. She lived with our family unto she was about 20. When she would take off her panties and wrap herself in a towel and go for a shower, I used to sneak into her room and sniff and lick her panties while I jerked off. Then I would wait till she left for work and do it again. After she left, my stepmoms sister and her daughters came to live with us. The used to keep their clothes in the laundry room which was next door to my bedroom. There was a pinhole in the wall at the back of my closet through the paneling and I used to watch them change while I jerked off. I sniffed all of their panties but I never liked the smell. I missed my cousins panties. Once I moved back home for a while in my thirties, and my brother and his fiance were living there. I used to sniff her dirty thongs. I loved the smell of her pussy. I could cum in under thirty seconds. Once one of my brothers ex girlfriends started flirting with me online, and it turned sexual. She got me to make a video of me jerking my cock and blowing a load.She was 4 hours away, but convinced me to come over. As soon as I got there, I had to use the washroom. I found a top and dirty panties hanging on the back of the washroom door. I sniffed and licked them, and my cock got hard instantly. I came out of the washroom and we looked at each other and I said so, and she said so, the I started French kissing her and I took out my cock and she started sucking it. We did a 69er and then I fucked her for two hours straight before I shot a nice load on her face and tits.

I always look for opportunities to sniff panties. One time I was at a house viewing. The family that lived there had a cute young daughter, maybe 11 or 12. I ended up alone in the upstairs in her room. I looked for dirty panties but couldn't find any. I looked under her bed, and found a pair of panties that looked like they had been masturbated in more than once. I stuffed them in my pocket and tried to think of something else to calm my raging cock down. When I got home, I jerked off for a week with those panties against my nose till they didn't smell anymore. Then I got my girlfriends thong and sniffed that while I cummed all over those panties.

My Dad got together with a younger woman after his second wife died. She had two daughters. One 12 and the other 14. I ended up single, and moved in with them. I used to sniff their panties all of the time. It was really easy because they're messy, and dirty panties are left everywhere all over the floor in their rooms. The older one didnt smell that nice, but the younger blonde has a pussy that smells so nice, my cock gets hard instantly. I used to work nights. After they left for school in the morning, I would hunt for the freshest pair I could find. They really were wonderful. One day, she went into the washroom, and came out after like 2 minutes. I went in after her. There was a pantyliner on top of the garbage can not wrapped up. It looked clean. It was folded in half. I unfolded it. It was covered in her juices. It smelled so good. I jerked off right there and cummed all over the bathroom sink. I cleaned up and took the pantyliner with me. She was about 14 then. I moved out the following year. Recently I went to my dads house. I went to the washroom and found a black thong. It had a nice bit of pussy juice on it. It smelled sooo good. I borrowed I for three days and even put it on my head with the crotch at my nose. When the smell started to wear out, I licked the pussy juice and it smelled sooo good again. I brought them back and put them back so she wouldn't know. She is 19 now and sooo hot. The other day I was there and she had black tights on, and they were right up her pussy and I pretended I was reading the paper, but I was staring at those beautiful cuntlips. I wish i still lived there just so I could sniff her panties. She has that pussy scent that drives me wild. I've bought panties online and sniffed them, but I've never found the scent that drives me wild so I stopped wasting my money. I will continue to sniff panties but only in situations where I can't possibly get caught, because some people don't understand why.

That's my confession. Thanks for reading it. Feel free to comment or ask me questions. Especially if you think it's weird or something. I don't think its weird. Back in the day, I'm talking way back, before the women went to the ball, they used to rub their cunt juice behind their ears so when they danced with the man they wanted, he would smell it and the pheromones would make him horny. I wish they still did that today.

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  • You can buy my dirty panties. I’ll even masturbate in them and soak them with my cum for you. Hell, I’ll shovethem inside my soaking wet pussy so they’re all nice and juicy, wrap them in a ziplock baggie Ana send them overnight if you’ll pay for the shipping. Anything to help you cum.

  • Where did you go?

  • Please email me at
    Then we can talk

  • It's a dang shame you grew so old & from what you report, only had sexual relations with one girl awhile back. I guess some unfortunate fools like to masturbate & smell dirty underwear.

  • Haha, whatever bud, I didn't tell you my whole life story, I honestly have trouble remembering all of the women I've had sexual relations with. As for being unfortunate, or a fool, I am neither. I guess unfortunate fools like you read about other peoples fetishes and masturbate.

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