Sex in the driveway

I'm 34, married to a great guy, and am not a cheater usually. I started a new job this summer and immediately began a friendship with a coworker. He's very handsome, very muscular and fit and his voice turns me on more than anything. It's like he can say anything and I'd do it. Which is scary to me since I'm married and shouldn't have those feelings. Anyway, we statted going to lunch together and even after work drinks where more and more flirting and touching started happening. He started texting and calling me late nights while my husband is asleep.
He told me he was quitting his job for another and I told him I'd miss him late on the phone with him while my husband slept. He asked to come over, I knew what he wanted, it was obvious and I said no.
He said he was coming over and to meet him in front of the house, I told him no again that my husband was here.
He texted me that he was on his way. I ignored it. He texted me that he was in my driveway. I looked out the window and there he was! I told him to go away. He texted back that if I don't open the door and come out he'd ring the doorbell and wake my husband. I put on a silk robe, I had on panties and a tank top. I was turned on by his risky behavior and wanted to tease him a little but that's all. So I went outside. We talked for a couple of minutes before he started kissing me. I kissed back, he was really good. His hands were all over me. I couldn't control myself. His car was parked with the hood facing the house, so I was afraid my husband would look out the window and see us. But I didn't stop him. He had my robe open and I unzipped his jeans and went down on him. He pulled me up after a bit and he pulled my panties down and put me on the hood of his car and we had sex right there. My robe was open, he had my legs up in the air and my tank top pulled up. He went hard and fast and he didn't wear a condom, and he came in me. When we were done we kissed some more and spoke and said goodnight. We kissed a lot, it was so exciting. I came into the house with my heart pounding and so afraid of waking my husband. I went into the bathroom to shower, I had showered before my friend got there but needed it now. My husband woke up while I was opening my drawers to get clean panties! He told me to come to bed, and I froze. I said I needed to brush my teeth, which I did after what I had just done outside. I knew I couldn't shower without raising his suspicion. So I brushed my teeth and washed my face and hands to get my friends smell off of me.
When I got into bed my husband put his arm around me and was poking me with His hard one. He was feeling my hips and breasts and his hand was getting lower toward my panties, which were soaked with my friend's cum, so I turned over and went down on my husband. My husbands hands kept going over my breasts and head and I was so worried he'd want to finger me like he does sometimes while I go down on him so I sucked and jerked him like I've never done before to get him to cum quickly. When he was done he hugged me and kissed my face and told me how lucky he is and that he loves me.
It broke my heart.
I love my husband, and I never want to cheat again. But it felt so good, I hate that I enjoyed sex with my friend so much. I don't think I can say no to him.


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  • The last thing you want to do is telling your husband what happened.

    You made a mistake. You recognize this and feel guilt. You think that telling your husband will help with the guilt and make you feel better. It won't.

    But it will make other things much worse.

    He accessed your premises against your express permission. You would be entirely in your rights to call the cops on him. Had he arrived in my driveway, my two pit bull terriers would have put me AND the neighbors on the alert. Is this guy ready for that? OR, is he ready to see the door open to reveal a shotgun pointed at his chest?

    This is about power. This guy think she can do what he wants and get away with it. Some day, this will catch up with him. Don't YOU go down with him.

    For the love of all that's holy -- DON'T TELL YOUR HUSBAND!

  • Do not tell your husband! Nothing good will come of it as shown by so many of the comments. What will telling you husband achieve? Fine, you unburden yourself of this dark secret for what purpose? To wreck your husbands world? To complete the destruction of your relationship and marriage? Sister you've already messed up in the worst way to put it mildly. You had plenty of opportunity to put a stop to this before you fucked the lecherous jack ass you cheated with. Now it is your cross to bear for the rest of your life so keep it to yourself. Your poor husband is better off not knowing. For as surely as you tell him, you will be getting divorced. You will be lucky In your own way you need to make amends to him without being obvious or giving away your little secret. Treat him like a king for the rest of your days together. You need professional help for yourself. Find the best female counselor or therapist you can afford, with or without insurance, and work with them to get yourself squared away. Look up the work of Dr. Laura Schlessinger to get a better idea of what lies ahead for you. Take care of your husband, take care of your marriage and take care of yourself. Hope for your sake this is a one off for you and the guy is over and done with. Hang in there sister and keep us posted on how you dealing with it.

  • I'm the post writer. I do love my husband. The workers last day at the office is today, I do not plan on ever seeing him again. I haven't told my husband yet. But I will. I at the lowest place in life that I've ever been emotionally over this. I'm a wreck. And soon my husband will be as well.

  • Why tell him? All that will do is relieve your guilt but make him miserable. He doesn't know anything about it now so why hurt him and destroy your marriage. Live with what you did .

  • Do not tell your husband unless you are prepared for divorce. A few years ago my husband had to go out of the country for work. He was gone for two months and in that two months I became very close to a male co worker, long talks , out for drinks until finally I invited him to my house for dinner. Dinner turned in to a night of sex , which turned into a weekend of him staying with me in my bed. I ended it when my husband said he was coming back.
    I felt so guilty when he got back that I finally broke down late one night and just told him everything. His reaction was to tell me to get out of the room ,that he wasn't sleeping in the same bed as a whore. I slept in the guessed room that night and woke to my phone blowing up . My husband had posted it all on Facebook, he called my parents , my brother and friends or ours to tell them all that I cheated on him. He also posted it to my work Facebook and emailed our human resources dept. letting them know I had an affair with my manager. The end result was divorce , my father and brother hardly speak to me at all, I was shunned by most of our mutual friends and both my manager and I lost our jobs do to a policy in our company that forbids inter office affairs . My advice is to live with the guilt and try to make it up to your husband in what ever way you can.

  • I have to agree with this response. I had an affair, the lady started showing up at my house and place of work. She also started talking to people about it. I was scared and felt very guilty. I knew I had to get away from her and I managed to.
    I felt guilty to my wife and even kids. I confessed to get relieve my guilt and hopefully she won't leave. That was the beginning of a shit storm that lasted for years to come. I still felt guilty about it watching the hurt and trauma play out in the house. That was also the beginning of a living in a sexless marriage.

    I was forever under suspicion, monitored, always questioned and having the affair brought back up. I was serving a jail sentence and she was the warden.
    Marriage was never the same again, I was depressed and beaten down after so many years of it. I had no choice but to divorce her or I was going to do something drastic. I lost all property to her including I had to make monthly payments to buy my own business back from her.

    I'm remarried and you can bet, should I find myself in an affair this guy is NOT confessing. I would advise you to end this thing as it's getting to close to home and change your behavior before it's to late. This guy is getting off having power over you if you hadn't caught on to that yet.

  • My dear, I've cheated on my husband plenty of times, but you're playing with fire. With me its only sex, nothing more, and we always use protection. And never around the house, or any place someone may see us

  • If you truly loved your husband you wouldn't have had an affair with your"friend" . You knew what all the talking and meeting was going to lead up to and you kept it up. Having sex in the driveway of your own home while your husband lays sleeping in your bed shows you have zero respect for him so please don't say you love him. You have no idea what the meaning of love is.

  • Sex and love are two very different things that are loosely tied together by socially acceptable actions. You probably are just programed like most other humans... psh.
    Have you ever looked up how American Indians did things? I've always been a rebel And never stood for what society says is acceptable. Oh ya to the poster, I'm sure it will be fine, but it's very important to tell your husband, the longer you wait the worst it gets when he finds out. And with that asshole you fucked, he's going to blackmail you for more.

  • So you have always been a "rebel" but say she should tell her husband ? Why tell him if its just sex and it means nothing? Why call the guy she screwed in her driveway an asshole? Its just sex right? You being the "rebel" I thought you would be high fiveing the guy for coming to her house and fucking her. Its just sex after all right?

  • No I'm not programmed, I'm just someone who believes cheating is wrong and disrespectful. The argument of sex is just sex fails unless you have openly discussed it with your spouse before hand and both agree to an open marriage.

  • God bless you. Hot story

  • You cheating BITCH

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