Bosses Daughter

I'm sure this will comeback to bite me, but i really had too go for it as once i got so far, i figured i probably wouldn't get another chance.
For a few months, my bosses daughter has been coming into our work once a week to use our indoor lap pool. She normally comes about the same time as i go for a swim each week. We have been chatting and flirting for weeks, but only as fun.
I got bold and asked about her boyfriend. She advised she didn't have one as she was still too young. I worked it for a few weeks and today i got her. I told her i could help her have her first orgasm as she admitted last week she had never had one. She took a bit, but i got her to agree to letting my rub against her to give her an orgasm.
She headed to the disabled bathroom and a couple minutes later i followed her. I didn't really think she would let me, but she said only if she could keep her bikini on. I convinced her to let me put my cock inside it and rub against her, but she could keep it on. She held the arm rail over toilet and bent over. I pulled her bikini open and slid inside against her slit. I rubbed her clit as i slide up and down. It didn't take long for both of us to get worked up. I slid slowly and made sure i got her to her first orgasm. She bent her knees as she held herself up, which let me just rest my head against her slit. I blew so hard in her slit, most of it going inside her. As i pulled out i held her gusset and watched my cum leak out and in her bikini.
She freaked out and said i shouldn't have done that and i needed to get it out. She wasn't watching close enough as i put her gusset back in place. I told her not much would have made it in and i will push her bikini inside her to soak it up. She nodded and lent as far forward as she could. I made sure to pull her bikini pants down a few inches, freeing up the cum filled gusset, and then told her i was going to push it in now. I made sure the totally cum covered gusset was clearly open and i pushed it into her. I kept pushing and stretched her bikini pants tight as i forced it as deep as i could get it. I pulled it out and because it still had a fair bit of cum on it i pushed it into her again. I scrunched as much of her gusset as i could stretch inside her and as deep as i could. When it came out the second time it had a lot less left on it.
After telling her i think i got it all and if she just washes her bikini it will be fine, we went off to change.
On the way out i i told her thank you and i hope she enjoyed it. I told her if she has any questions she knows where i will be.
The issue with all of what i have done, she is only a naive little 14 year old girl. I just love knowing she left for school with her little pussy packed full of cum.

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  • Probably the same idiot that could not spell the word "I" earlier. Hey dumbass, the word "I" is capitalized.

  • Hey dumbass; It's not a word, it's a letter.

  • It's a word. You are exposing your stupidity even more.

  • Dirty paedo

  • This is nonsense

  • Goose

  • I really wish I could grab your dick and balls real hard from behind and pull you around backwards then tie them firmly with rope and knot the end over a branch so you were on your toes bent in agony, you would be there for a long while you pig

  • Your an animal, pig

  • You are a shocking person doing that to such a young girl you do know she may get pregnant don't you, prick, I hope her father finds out and arranges to have you sacked then castrated

  • It's a fake story like most of them in here

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