When did you suck your first cock?

How old were you when you sucked your first cock? Doesn't matter if you are female or male

4 years ago


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    • I sucked mine on holiday 20 years ago cause I wanted to see a foreskin being circumcised

    • I waqs 12 first time with a neighbor i did yard work for

    • M-33 I sucked my neighbors cock when We were both 11. He returned the favor and this went on until I got pussy at 17.

    • I was 20 he was in 60s. 8in long and thick and veiny. I was nervous, but he let me suck on it as long as I liked, like two hours, he ended up fucking my face on the bed. At one point his balls slapped my chin and precum was stringing from his big tip. He came all over my face and in my mouth. I kept sucking his big cock until it got soft. It took a while. The next few times I sucked his cock in panties for him. Now I'm 32 in Phoenix.. looking for that again.

    • I was a boy of 8,he was 39 and 8incher,I swallowed many times.Bu age 13 he was fucking me

    • I was 16 yrs old when I sucked my friends dads cock and he did me anal

    • Satan fucked God very hard up his ass until he screamed like a bitch.

    • I would let satan butt fuck my asshole

    • I was 14 and it was a friends uncle he was close to 50 gave me a ride and we drove out in country was cool smoked a joint ask if I wanted to play around he rubbed my dick through my gym shorts and got me hard sucked my 6 inch cut dick some ask if I wanted to try it I did he was solid 7 inches uncut big head I went down on him started slow seeing how much I could get in my mouth luved sucking his hard cock he asked if I wanted to taste his cum I sucked harder I wanted it he held my head and slowly face fucked me and cum in my mouth I swallowed most but he cum a lot was awsome still like women , he started a thing I have enjoyed a lot , even had me at 16 do a 3 some with him and his chubby wife luv 69 his wife as he fucked her would cum as he pulled out so I got cum and she cum hard and swallow my cum at same time seen them many times , he slow fucked my ass a few times as I got to fuck his wifes pussy .

    • I was 15 when I sucked my first gay cock. He was a neighbor boy, a year younger. Lived in a isolated area, very boring for kids, he had a few nudie magazines, we laid side by side and started playing with our own cocks, until we sort of mutually started to play with each other! The skin of his young cock was soft and wet, couldn't wait to suck his young cock. That was a good time!

    • I was 12 or 13, asleep in my bed and woke up because my cousin was standing next to the bed rubbing his cock on my lips. I think there was some precum, but not sure. He was smiling and said he would take me out for a burger and fries the next day if he could put his dick in my mouth. I open d my mouth, he put his hand on the back of my head and started rocking. A few minutes later he came and I involuntarily swallowed. We never talked about it and several years passed before I had another encounter with a man. My experiences are only a few, but each one has been pleasurable.

    • I was 18 or 19 and had been to an adult bookstore 3 times before. All three times someone had come into my booth and blown me. Being new to anything like this, i thought that was how it worked.
      The next time I went into a booth and was stoking myself. The door opened and an attractive guy in his lat 30s early 40s came in and locked the door. He tugged on me a few times. I let my shorts fall to my ankle and was ready for him hebgot between my legs and. Undid his pants and he took them off and put them on the bench. I could see his dick swinging in his boxers. It was probably 8in. Wow. The I almost freaked when he dropped his boxers stepped up on the bench and was tapping the head against my lips. I was going push it of to one side and apologize to him. But II ended up trying it since i should have known better. I ended up enjoying it and he came on my chest.l

    • God had to suck cock and swallow like a filthy pig to keep a good straight man like me single. Go figure.

    • It was the summer I turned 14. My first time I was hooked.

      Me and 3 of my childhood friends got permission to set up the tent in the back yard. We had everything set up from snacks to flashlights for sneaking around and playing cards. After it got dark, we were laughing and carrying on when my dad came out to quiet us down. Patrick who was 15 said we should play date/double date. It started off with silly things like confessing something embarrassing. Then Patrick dared Eric to strip and run outside around the tent. Eric did and double dared Patrick to squeeze his cock. Surprisingly he grabbed it and then being funny kissed it. The next several dared involved taking cloths off and soon we were all naked. I dared Patrick to rub my cock… he did and then double dared me to suck his. I was shocked and didn’t want to do it. Everyone started calling me chicken and a bad sport. Patrick stood up in front of me, his cock inches from my mouth. I thought if I gave him a quick lick it might settle things down. He was already erect as I moved forward. When I opened my mouth and suck out my tongue, he pushed forward and I had the whole head in my mouth. DAMN… I tasted the precum, the sweaty smell was arousing and my instinct was to suck. I heard the guys counting as I slurped on his cock. When they got to 10 I stopped and said I never refuse a double date! To my delight I got a double dare to suck the cocks of the other two boys and was told I had to double my sucking time. Finally Patrick double dared me to suck him until he came. I protested, but was reminded I never refused a double dare. I ll never forget the first time of how great it felt to have a cock throb and seconds later the warm cum in my mouth. He didn’t cum a lot, but I was hooked. No one said anything and we all went to sleep. A couple days later Tony came by and ask d me all kinds of questions about sucking Patrick. I told him I liked it….. Tony said show me….

    • Oooh that sounds like a very nice time, wish I was there

    • I had kind of a similar experience when I was 13/14 yo. I was so called camping out in the garage with the door open with a cpl of guys and we'd ended up playing strip poker at one of their requests. I'd noticed one of them was rock hard as they looked at my cock and made an excuse to go home. The other guy was a few years younger than me and suggested we keep playing cards and who ever lost had to run naked to the street & back.

      It was late and there was little chance of being seen, but it could happen. He lost and was reluctant to make the run and I wouldn't have pushed him because I'd have felt awful if I had and he got caught. But he said instead he could show me something some older guys had taught me. He said I had to lay down and close my eyes. I was reluctant but did it anyway. Then next thing I knew he had my cock in his mouth sucking it. He was telling me how he just knew I'd have a big dick and that he really liked big cocks.

      He sucked my cock and my balls and even ran his tongue around my ass hole as he kept saying how much he liked sucking my dick. Then he started to concentrate on my cock after saying he wanted to taste my cum. He was sucking as he stroked it with one hand and played with my balls with the other. I told him I was going to cum and he sucked & stroked faster after saying he wanted me to give him all my cum for him to feel in his mouth and then swallow. Just out of instinct I put my hands behind his head and started to skull fuck him.

      I emptied my cum in his mouth and you'd have thought it was his favorite flavor ice cream as he swallowed it and wanted more. It turned out his dad was in the Air Force and at the last base they were at some of the airmen had gotten him to suck their cocks and eventually brought more guys for him to suck off. That whole summer he sucked my cock about 3-4 times a week.

    • I'm a married man looking for a married man that's likes to. Suck dick and get sucked I live in the Springfield mo area

    • I’d love to be near you so I could get you to fulfill my fantasy of having a guy face fuck me.

    • I've got a thick 9 1/2" cock I love having sucked by girls or guys as long as they can take it all down their throat or up their ass. And I cum buckets so be ready.

    • We're you at I'm in Tulsa

    • I will take it all

    • I'm a female, now 32 and married. I sucked my first cock when I was 14. All my girlfriends at school were talking about blowing their boyfriends, I was curious. One afternoon as I got off the school bus with a neighbor boy, I asked him if I could suck his cock. We quickly went into the woods where he pulled his pants down. It was all so new to me, I kneeled down and sucked him for about 2 minutes when he said he was going to cum. I told him not to cum in my mouth, so I let him jerk off on my face. He came so quickly and when he did, he started laughing. He went and told all his friends what he had done which made school more difficult for me. I have never been so humiliated in my life!

    • How long after that first time did you suck another cock?

    • My first experience was like the one above, I was 15. After he told all his friends, they started teasing me and calling me names (I am a guy). It about a month later when a senior (I was a freshman) from the football team came to my defense. He was great… treated me like his kid brother and the teasing stopped. After he graduated he decided to go in the military. His parents threw a party and he said he’d like me to come. The party was going to go late into the night, so several of the guests stayed over. The parents set up the living room with blankets and pillows. I had fallen asleep when he came in and said he needed to talk to someone. He was starting to worry about going in the military. As we talked he told me about being bullied and that’s why he didn’t like it when I was being bullied. Then he said the guy was a jerk for what he did and he told me it was natural for a guy to suck cock. At that moment all I wanted to do was make him feel better, but all I could say was really??? He smiled and said he wished he could have made it a better experience for me. I could see the bulge in his shorts. Before I knew it I put my head in his lap and was rubbing his cock. He sat back and said how good it felt. His cock was getting bigger. I reached inside and pushed his shorts aside. Soon I was sucking his cock and let him cum in my mouth. He left two days later and I never saw him again. But he took away my initial humiliation and I have been sucking cock ever since.

    • I have a sexy panty fetish. I also would like to suck a cock while he has panties on

    • Both of us in panties sucking cock? Works for me..

    • I used to smell my buddies sisters panties and suck his dick when I was younger, let's chat, mikethewaiter2001@msn.com

    • I’ll wear sexy panties for you and I love to have my dick sucked. I also crave a cock in my mouth. Bring along your panty collection.

    • Is there any body close to Springfield mo that likes to suck dick

    • I'm a woman. Back in the 80's things were a little different. I was a late bloomer and kept my virginity until I was out of college some years later. In my freshman year of college I started sucking cock because all my girlfriends were doing it and I was curious. The first guy that I sucked off was in my biology class. We met at a party and I went around the back of the house and sucked his cock. He came in my mouth so unexpectedly I almost gagged.

    • I live in mount Morris and i think about eating black seed looking for huge cummers only black cock any age

    • I would love to suck your dick

    • I would love to let you suck and swallow my bbc. Are you male or female? No matter to me, as long as you can take it all in and not spill a drop.

    • I am a man and suck my first cock much later in life… Think about it all the time

    • As you should! Sucking cocks is habit forming. Once you done it the more you want! Honestly

    • Same here. I have no clue how to find a man who would let me suck his cock. I would love to have a friend about my age, enjoy some activities including sucking each other.

    • Over here. I’m hard. I’m ready for your mouth. Kinda big to.

    • I live in idaho, any close by

    • How big

    • They say bigger is better. Show me, better yet put it in my mouth.

    • I would like to meet you and suck your dick and let you suck mine I have been looking for the same thing

    • Looking for a woman wants to suck dick 18 19 year old girls ain't never sucked a dick

    • Ok. Would u put on panties for me? Can I wear panties for you?

    • Yes you can I love to see a big dick all wrapped up in a pair of sexy panties

    • I would like that too. I’ve tried to find a friend who understands but haven’t found one. I’m thinking of taking a business trip with the intent of sucking a cock, no matter what it takes.

    • I drive a truck and travel northeast all the time I would like to meet with you sometime I'm going to clarksville Tennessee Tomorrow

    • Ever come through Akron Ohio? I'll suck it.

    • I wish I was there now I would love for you to suck my dick and you can put your dick down my throat sounds like a lot of fun it makes me horney just thinking about it

    • I would suck your cock anytime anywhere

    • Just knowing that makes my dick hard

    • I come through there at times I would definitely let you suck my dick and I would love to suck your dick and lick up your cum

    • How big is your dick

    • It is only 6 and 7/8” I would say 7” but not quite. I’m cut with bulbous head. Looks good in panties!

    • I would love to see you in a pair of sexy panties and I would have to rub that buldge

    • What state bo you live in

    • Sorry to cut in. I have. 10 inch uncircumcised cock that is hard now. In Texas

    • I sure wish I was in texas

    • I wish you were in Texas too. I was so horny I looked at some men sucking cock porn, jacked off and licked off the cum in my hand. I would loved to have had someone else’s cum.

    • I would love to suck your dick and you can suck mine I love cm

    • I wish I could suck your cock while getting mine sucked at the same time. I’m laying naked in bed with a raging hard on right now.

    • I would like you all to suck me and i would love to suck you all am in bay city Michigan

    • I'm driving with my pants down and my dick in my hands supper hard on just thinking of you

    • Damn that’s hot. I would love to be in the passengers seat….. I would be bobbing up and down on your cock and make you cum in my mouth. I’d lick your balls and get you ready for round 2.

    • Who wants to be sucked and suck my cock to night in Michigan

    • That's hot

    • I am parked and I have a man watching me play with my dick I think he likes it I know I do

    • I wish you was here to we would find a place to park and get necked I would love to suck your big 10 inch dick and let you put it in my ass I think there is a man watching me Jack off he keeps walking by and smiling at me now he is coming to my passenger side door and I think he likes what he is seeing I am steel playing with my dick while he is still watching me

    • Hell unlock the door and let him in so he can suck you dry. I was out of work once and going around getting applications and I'd go to a local park and sit in my car to fill them out or sometimes eat there saving a long drive home just to bring them right back. I'd had lots of guys go by looking at me and if we made eye contact wave. I hadn't thought much of it since the weather was nice I figured they were just walking for exercise.

      I wasn't right on the road but up near a picnic area and there was a restroom nearby. I'd finished up and was waiting for the managers of the businesses to get back from lunch and a guy who looked to be 17-18 years old had come by a couple of times but this time he stopped and started talking to me. Then he asked if he could sit in my car. I'm a pretty big guy and back then always carried a gun so I wasn't worried about being robbed. I figured he was just tired and wanted to sit a few minutes.

      But he was hardly in the car before he had his hand on my crotch. I was both surprised and turned on. In no time he had my cock out and was giving me one of the best blowjobs I'd ever had. Soon I'd shot a hot load down his throat. And it was almost comical as he sat up looking around and thanked me. Then took off really quick. It had been years since I'd been in that park and had no idea that most all the guys in the park during the day were gay or bi and looking for a hook-up. I'd gone back a few more times before finding that out and had a few more guys stop and talk and some were in a roundabout way were curious as to if I'd be interested in oral sex. But I wasn't about to tell someone that's what I wanted. So let all the innuendo pass.

      A few days later I saw in the paper where for about a week they'd had undercover officers walking around in the park waiting to be propositioned. And on guy they caught was a Jr High School Teacher who was also on the city council in a nearby city.

    • Damn… wish it was me at the door

    • By the way I live in Missouri real close to Springfield

    • While our 7th grade class was going on and the teacher was writing something on the board, I and my fried sitting in the back desk sucked each other pretending as if taking something fallen under the seat.

    • Yumm

    • I was 6 when I sucked my first dick. It was with a boy 5 years older then me. We started behind our apartment building and asked me to show him my dick. He grabbed it and started to stroke it and asked me if it felt good. I said I liked it and he took out his dick and asked me to take it in my hand. It felt so mesmerizing, his dick was semi erect and it felt so good touching it. we then went behind some garages and he pulled down my pants and started sucking my dick. After 5 minutes he got up, took out his dick and let me play with it. I started feeling his hard cock that seemed huge for me, I took a big sniff and smelled a bit like pee and sweet cheese and that made me so hard.He said to put it in my mouth so I took his dick and sucked it like a delicious lollipop . It was so big I could only get the head in my mouth. I was looking in his eyes while he was mouth fucking me and he looked so satisfied throat fucking me. He was pushing his big cock down my throat I was sometimes choking, but he told me to hold my breath when he's gonna push his fat dick down again. After he told me milk will come out from his dick that tastes sweet like candy. I said I want to taste his milk and after another few minutes of mouth fucking I felt a shot of warm gooey liquid in my mouth, it was quite allot some of it was dripping out of my mouth. He took out his dick from my mouth and said that is my milk do you like it? I said it doesn't taste like candy but is way better can you give me more? He was of course I will give you allot of milk from now on. We then done it 2 more times that day. We fucked for around 2 years after and I loved how his dick started to grow hair and got bigger and bigger and got a darker complexion. He used to shoot even more cum, the part that I loved and did not miss out a drop. After that he moved away and I only got to suck cock when I got to high school but that's a different story

    • I was 5 parents had friends they played cards with and we would go to there house 2-story , 3-boys and yes all older than me it was just sucking which they had me do but I just loved it so much! and even more today! mm yes, P.S. I have a tiny one .

    • I sucked my first dick and swallowed 3 loads of cum from him when I was 5 also. I really enjoyed it too. I suck and played with a lot of dicks in my life time.

    • You can suck me of I'm a boy I want it

    • Oh yah

    • Let's chat about our cock sucking experiences. mikethewaiter2001@msn.com , I started sucking my buddies dick when I was about 14 and loved it.

    • It was great.his big dick tasted so good

    • I love to taste big bucks the bigger the better

    • I was 13 and I watched him pull it out and pee.i stared and he said you want it.i said yes.as it swelled in my mouth I rolled his balls and it got completely hard.i could not get all the way down.thick big balls.he made it go all the way and cum poured out

    • Part 1.
      I was thirteen too!! I was an orphan, alone at boarding school, small, geeky and very feminine in my appearance and due to that, often subjected to bullying, but I was academically bright and determined to be a survivor.
      I loved music and one day our part-time music master, a retired gentleman and a widower invited me to have private lessons at his house and I eagerly accepted.
      after about three weeks of piano tuition we were sitting at the piano together when he put his arm around me and he told me that he was very fond of me and I looked like the daughter he always wanted and that he hoped that I didn't mind him saying that. I felt flattered as I was no longer shy with him and immediately and at last, loved!!
      After that he became much more touchy feely during subsequent lessons he would kiss me when we said goodnight to each other. I began to adore him and I loved the affection.
      Then during one lesson he said he wanted to show me something and he took my hand and led me into a bedroom and on the bed was laid a selection of girl's clothing, knickers, a little bra, a skirt and a silky blouse and he asked if I would model them for him, I said I would and I felt nervous but excited and naughty and we had a secret he and I would hopefully share.
      He said he was going to put something on which was more comfortable than the suit he was wearing and left me to get get dressed in the outfit, I had put everything on including the little white socks and white sandals when he came back wearing his dressing gown and I could see as he walked toward me that he was naked beneath it.
      That night I became Silky Sarah.

    • Part 2.
      He went and sat on the bed saying that I looked lovely and would I come over and sit on his lap, I complied and as I lowered myself he lifted my skirt and said "better not get that creased my sweet" and I could see his erect penis where his gown had parted and I was being lowered onto it!! As I sat I could feel his erection throbbing through my knickers and I couldn't help it but my own penis stiffened. He kissed me and I felt his hand stroking my leg and working it's way toward my knickers and my erection. "Do you like that my lovely" he said and I nervously said I did.
      His hand was soon caressing me through my knickers and I liked it, no, I loved it!!
      He lifted the edge of my knickers and slid his hand through, I could feel he was trembling so I kissed him and his fingers closed around my penis and we snogged. I had never felt a sensation like it, someone's tongue inside my mouth, their lips against mine while my penis was being caressed. I had my very first ejaculation right then, I couldn't stop it and he kept on caressing and kissing while my cum spurted.
      I felt woozy, but my reaction was natural and automatic, I slid off his lap and onto my knees between his legs. I took his erection in my hand and started rubbing it, I felt so naughty but so aroused and loving toward him and wanted to please. I loved the look of his penis, it was big, stiff but it's texture very soft and silky and it smelt of soap. I couldn't help myself I kissed it and then put it in my mouth and licked running my tongue over it "don't stop darling" I heard him moan and then his salty cum ejaculated into my throat, lots of it!!
      He got some tissues and wiped my face and then kissed me and said "you are my beautiful little girl and I love you", I kissed him back and said I loved him too. That was the night I became his lover but he didn't take me fully until I was nearly fifteen three years later.
      Silky Sarah xx

    • Wow wish that was me I'm s boy I wear girls knickers I wish a boy would put his hands in my knickers

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