When did you suck your first cock?

How old were you when you sucked your first cock? Doesn't matter if you are female or male

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    • 14 with a friend who was very thick.

    • I was 15. I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about sucking my first cock. All my girlfriends were telling me about the distinct taste of cum, and how warm it was. I of course wanted to taste it too, but I didn't have a boyfriend.
      I eventually went out with a boy who had a car. We went to the movies. My parents seemed to like him so I said why not.
      At the movies, it was obvious that he was there for more than the show. He kept putting my hands on his cock. I told him no as there were too many people in the theater.
      When we got out to his car in the parking lot, we started fooling around and I got horny. He undid his pants and took out a nice cock with what I could see and asked me if I wanted to suck it. I leaned over and enjoyed just licking the head but he wanted more as he kept pushing my head down onto it. It wasn't a few minutes and he said he was going to cum. He held my head down and flooded my mouth with his warm cum I almost gagged. I didn't mind the taste, but the consistency was very thick. I did swallow some, but allowed most of it to drip down his balls.
      I wiped the rest of the cum on his shirt and he took me home. I saw him in school the next day, which was awkward but I never went out with him again.

    • 21, my boyfriend got me so very drunk, I was so horny, pulled my tits out and sucked till be blasted his load all over my face and tits

    • Male I sucked my cousins cock we were probably 13, then sucked my friend's cock. Over 40 years ago, lately I've been wanting to try again,

    • I was in the fourth grade in camp for the summer. The older boy stood over me with his dick in my face and I opened my mouth and he stuck it in. That's how it started, by the end of camp I was not only sucking him, I was holding his dick in my hand and loving it.

    • I was 13 when I gave my first blow job. I had seen my mother and father do it and my older sister suck off several boyfriends. One day I had to baby sit a couples two kids. The location was two miles away. The only one home was my sister and her current boyfriend. They were in the kitchen fighting over something. I asked my sister to drive me to my job. Her boyfriend said he had to drive by that location in his way home. He could drop me off. Just before we got to the house he pulled into a vacant driveway and told me to blow him. I did it and he loved it. From that day on he would stop by the house and pick me up and I would blow him. He was 22 and my sister was 19 at the time.

    • Did you enjoy sucking his cock?

    • I was 12 I am bisexua! Male.
      His name was Leon he was 40/and black.I.am white. One summer I workedput on some hard core for him collecting scrap iron. My parents liked him and that I had a job.
      I.went to his house, do a little yard work then it was this then that. He ask if I ever saw xrated I had not b4 the internet. It was a time of VHS AND BETA. I watched got so hot, next time wand still seeing the movieatched He was seducing me. I would be so horny so hot he came out of his bedroom naked like so what and began stroking his huge fat cock he purchased me to get naked he jacked and blew a little then, now do me I did he was bossy, no hands, eye contact, spit on it, deeper then he held my head fucked my mouth til he came. Would not allow me to spit swallow it.
      Two weeks later he was ass fucking me and sharing me with his friends. I still love BBC when I can get it.

    • I was 8.. my friend also 8.. and he wanted to show dicks. so it went to touching and then sucking.. about a week later we had a sleepover at my place and we were both downstairs in our "fort" playing around.. i can only figure he got into his dads porn stash for what happened next.. he asked me if i wanted to kiss. and i had never done that so i said i dont know. he kept telling me if i didnt say yes.. he would go home. so finally i said yes.. then he stuck his tongue in my mouth. and started licking. i kind of freaked out. but finally gave in. we kissed a lot that night.. and from then on.

    • I had dick in my mouth by 10. I love sucking the boys dicks in class. They must’ve told their fathers cause I was sucking some of their fathers dicks too. 10 y/o with h 30 year old dick in my mouth loving it

    • I seen my wife fucking a guy that lived by us , they didn't know I seen them . A month later was talking to him by pool asked him how he liked my wife's pussy he looked shocked told him I was cool he fucked her good I'm 6 inches he was 8 and thick I told him enjoy her pussy he said he wanted blow job and said she wouldn't I know she has fobia about oral told him half joking I would suck him lol he said ok so went to his apartment sucked his cock he basically face fucked me and blew his load down my throat loved it , note I had tasted his cum in her pussy . So now after he fucks her sometimes he text me to come clean his cock after she goes to work sucking him with her cum and his on that cock is great luv how he leaves thick load in her I know she likes it she will back up spoon me I fuck her she says she is hot and wet yes she is full of cum lol but still don't know I know she fucks him he sure makes her moan as he fucks her luv it .

    • Elementary school, so I was about 10 or 11. I and some of my classmates would meet up and play around, and a couple of them came over to my house where we played various games that involved sucking each others' cocks. There was also a small group of 4-5 of us who would suck each other on Boy Scout camping trips. None of the adults knew and none of them ever did anything, we NEVER had anything like that go on. But plenty of us boys did! I sucked a lot of dicks, always like sucking much better than getting sucked.

      I sucked off an adult man in his 30s and swallowed his cum for the first time when I was 16, and about a week later got fucked for the first time by a different man. All of this while I had girlfriends and was fucking them several times a week, sometimes I'd suck some cocks at a gloryhole, get fucked, and fuck my girlfriend all in the same day.

    • 61 year old mwm. I was 23 the first time I sucked a dick. I loved it.

    • Male. I was fourteen and hiking alone in the wooded area behind our house. It was hot and humid so after a while I took my t-shirt off and kept going. After a while I came to a small stream. I took my sneakers off and waded into the cool water. After making sure I was alone I took my cutoffs off and waded around nude. But I wasn’t alone. When I looked for my clothes they were gone! An older teen appeared and said if I wanted my clothes back I had to suck his cock. I begged him to just give my clothes back. He refused and unzipped his jeans. His cock was about 7” long and thick. I didn’t have any choice. I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He was completely shaved and he told me to fondle his balls. I obeyed. I was shocked to realize I liked sucking his his cock! Liked being forced to do it because that meant I wasn’t responsible, wasn’t gay. He told me how to please him and was surprisingly patient. He held my head while he came in my mouth and I had to swallow every drop of cum. As he zipped up he told me where my clothes were.

      The next day I went for another hike. I was pleased when I found him waiting by the stream. He smiled and asked what I wanted. I told him I wanted him to make me suck his cock. He told me to strip. When I was naked he pulled a bandana out of his pocked and tied my wrists behind my back. He told me he was going to fuck me in my ass. I begged him to let me suck his cock instead but he bent me over a tree stump and I continued to beg as his cock pushed against my asshole. I was still begging as his cock enter my ass. I stopped begging and took deep breaths as he fucked me with long, hard strokes. He shot his load deep in my ass. I never hiked there again.

    • Why not hike there any more? Afraid of meeting him and friends there?

    • I was 12 or 13, my cousin and I experimented. He's 4 months younger than me, His cock was much bigger. I liked sucking then convinced friend he was about the same size. Now 57 wanting to suck an be sucked

    • I was 13. My grandpa was sitting on the closed toilet seat when I came out of the shower....he handed me a towel after studying my pussy and small breasts for too long a time!
      He dried me off....taking lots of time with my breasts and between my legs..It felt good but I was sooo nervous about what he was doing, and what would happen if my mom, his daughter, walked in on us!
      He reached over and locked the door, then had me straddle him while he played with my naked bottom...scooting me back and forth on him a little. Later, I figured out he was rubbing my crotch on his penis.
      He got pretty worked up - and told me that I must help him with a problem. He pushed me off his lap and down onto my knees - and there was hid hard penis below the towel!
      He asked me to put it in his mouth. I was scared - but my girl friends and I had already talked about doing this with a boy....one girl said it was pretty cool to see how worked up the boy will get! I
      So, I took him in my hands and put him in my mouth. He played with his own balls and held my head.....and then he put a lot of warm liquid in my mouth. "The baby stuff" my friends called it. I didn't like the taste - but he was soo thankful. We did it a few times until I graduated high school.

    • I wonder if my granddaughter would suck my cock

    • I suck my grandfathers dick and let him fuck my holes cuminmyholes348@gmail.com

    • When I 8 I started sucking my old brother cock all the time he always wanted it sucked

    • I always wanted a little sis??? Just for sucking me off

    • I was eight

    • I was 10 and loved sucking

    • What was the first time like? Who was it?

    • Really, only 8? Explain pls.

    • I was 10 sucking my fathers dick and loving it

    • I started a part time job when i was 16, and the shop owner would get me to suck him off to keep my job.

    • Did you at least enjoy the taste of his cock?

    • In high school I worked a pet time job for a woman. She carefully groomed me. After a couple months, she asked if I could stay late and help her close up the shop. After everything was put away , she said I deserved a bonus. She took me in the office and asked if she could suck my cock. Naturally I had no objection and over the next month I helped close the shop to get my bonus. One night she asked me if I could do her a big favor. How could I refuse a woman who has been sucking my cock? When we got to the office her husband was there. She told me her husband cock was too big and it hurt her mouth to suck it. She asked me to do it for her. I was taken back at first and her husband could sense my hesitation He smiled and told me his wife had told him all about sucking my cock. He said he could sure use a good sucking and unzipped his pants exposing his fully erect cock. He put his hand behind my head and told me to open my mouth. Soon I was sucking my first cock and enjoying every minute. She pulled my pants down and began sucking me. As I was getting ready to explode, her husband began filling my mouth, after the first swallow i shot my cum in her mouth. It was great! I worked that job about 3 more months before graduating high school and going into the military. My lady boss introduced me to the wonderful world of cock sucking and swallowing cum. It was a great lesson that made me the hit of the barricks.

    • I had the same experience. It’s funny at the time I thought it was all part of the job. I had several jobs while in high school and 3 of the places I worked I was expected to give the boss and sometimes the lead supervisor a blow job.

    • I joined the Army when i was 16. I was made to suck two of my instuctors cocks at the same time. Ever since then i take every oppotunity to suck cock.

    • So, caught out by the 2000 character limit!😄 Here's the condensed version:
      8yo, male.
      This was a long time ago, so I was easier to manipulate then.
      Basically, I was tresspassing on railway lines; a man accosted me and gave the impression he was with the railway police and took me to a hideaway in some nearby trees;made me take my shorts and underpants off, plausible at the time; frightened me into thinking he was taking me to the police station before offering a 'get out of jail free' card - sucking his cock. As I said in my original account, 'He may have coerced me into starting but, after less than a minute, it was consensual. I felt strangely comfortable with him holding my head and pulling the tip of his cock back to my lips before letting it slip back in again as I sucked.'
      He didn't cum in my mouth and just made me run off, with my shorts and underpants in my hand to avoid him changing his mind about letting me go home.
      For years, I didn't speak about it as I was scared of being taken in by the police for tresspassing!

    • I love the fantasy of being made to suck cock, preferably a big black cock, to be totally submissive, do anything and everything he desires!!!

    • I was forced by two men when i was 16. One of them was black. I was made to suck him first. I eventualy gave in and did it myself. Then the white on let go of my arms and i sucked him too. Both at the same time untill they both came. They diddnt cum together but they both came on my face. Ive been addicted to sucking cock ever since.

    • Today. My own.

      I’ve been working out to eliminate body fat and learned to dislocate my ribs intentionally.

      Took me since lockdown to get to this point but I finally sucked my own penis today.

      After all that work, turns out I don’t even like it.

    • Wow~ I got to do mine when I was alot younger & Loved it so much that I wish I could still do it. So sorry it was a bad experience for you.

    • I was 15 and over my boyfriend's house just down the street. His parents had invited me over for dinner. After dinner, all of us sat in the living room and were watching a movie when his parents went upstairs to bed. We were covered with a blanket. He took my hand and put it on his cock. He was already hard. He whispered in my ear if I would suck his cock. I said "here...now?" I didn't want to tell him I had never sucked a cock before. He undid his pants and took my hand over it. It felt warm and soft.
      At first I licked all around his head and his shaft. He kept trying to force my head down onto it, and telling me to lick his balls but I couldn't breath. I didn't want to get caught by his parents so I stopped and finished jerking him off under the blanket.
      He came all over my hand which I wiped on the blanket. I went home a short time later.

    • What a let down, you know you really wanted to take every inch down your throat and taste his cum!!!

    • Did you at least enjoy your first taste of cock?

    • Yes, It was a unique different taste, kinda salty and sweet at the same time.

    • I was about 20 had a friend when time alone we make out suck and Jake each other off

    • I was 13 that summer that my parents and uncles rented a house on the lake. It was after nightfall and we, my boy cousin and me, were out on the dock talking. He asked me to show him my tits. I was embarrassed but he insisted and unbuttoned my shirt and made me unlatch my bra so he could see my tits. My tits were anything but grown up at the time but he felt me up and sucked them. He then took out his dick.

      He had me hold his dick once it was hard and held my head down and I sucked him. It took several minutes for me to get into it and for real suck him. He got fully aroused and the only outlet was for him to get on me. We had sex on the dock under the moonlight. Complete sex with complete ejaculation, with my naked tits under his chest and he stuck his tongue in my mouth

      The consequences came later. I was a very fertile girl.

    • I was 13. Sleepover at a friend's. Honestly I didn't know that much about sex. We were watching TV in his room, and he had his hands down his pants playing with himself. I really didn't know what he was doing, he say do you jack off, I was like what's that. He pulled down his shorts, and starts playing with himself, and says like this. I'm getting an hardon and I pull it out and start rubbing myself. he looked over and laughed, said not like that, and stands next to me gets a hold of my dick and plays with my balls and strokes my cock and told me that have a big dick.
      he got my shorts off, sat me on the bed and started to suck my dick. I popped in his mouth so quick that he laughed after he swallowed. He said that I had to return the favor. It probably wasn't his first time as he didn't pop as quickly as I did but did give me a lot of direction.

    • I was 8. My babysitter got to drunk to perform, so her boyfriend enlisted me.

    • I’m a bi male. Sucked an older boy (17) when I was 15 after school. Came in my mouth and I swallowed. Have sucked about 20 cocks since then

    • Yes I have sucked cocks. Started when I was 13 or 14. First was my friend. Wen went bike riding and stopped for a rest in a field under a tree. He asked me if I wanted to try sucking and I said ok. we started to feel each other and being teens we were hard immediately. We pushed our pants down and laid down facing each other but in opposite directions. He cock was big and I did not think I would get it into my mouth. He said try it and see. He then started to suck my cock and I took his cock and slowly put it into my mouth. It did fit ok and we continued to suck each other for a while. I asked him what to we do with the cum and he said take it in you mouth and when we had both cum we could spit it out. So we sucked for a while and I enjoyed the feeling very much. His cock tasted good and I got feeling really good about sucking it. After a bit we were both ready to cum so we sucked some more and ejaculated in each other mouth. It tasted OK but then we both spit on the grass. That was my first of 6 or 7 cocks that I have sucked.

    • I'm a 55-year-old male. And sucked my first cock last week. I had 3some with a married couple and she had asked me to suck her husband's cock. At first, I wasn't too sure but then ok. It was good. I waited too long in life to try it.

    • I keep looking for a couple for a threesome and are looking for a male just for that reason?? Maybe someday

    • I was 14 years old. My best friend was home alone after school and invited me over to look at a Playboy magazine. I walked to his house, knocked on the door, and he opened it, motioning for me to follow him. We went to his upstairs bedroom, got naked and wrapped our hands around our hard-ons, and started jacking-off. Soon, he took my dick in his hand and stroked mine for me. I then took his cock into my hand, and began jacking him off. He asked if he could suck my dick and I told him that would be fine. He sucked me for a couple minutes and I came in his mouth with a toe-curling orgasm. After I recovered, I told him I wanted to suck his cock to see how it felt in my mouth, and he told me to go ahead. I sucked his cock for 2-3 minutes until he shot a huge amount cum into my mouth. I was shocked at the amount of cum and at the force his cum shot into my mouth. Wow! I loved it and the taste wasn't bad, so I swallowed. We continued to suck each other off for 5-6 years. We occasionally fucked each other's asses and he was super thick so I had to work at getting him in me balls deep. We did this until he married a woman. Good memories.

    • I was 65 years old .. I mostly just .. "Jacked--Off" the young mans beautiful "Cock" .. I walked in the restroom and saw this young man all of his clothes off except for his blue boxers with one hell of giagantic gulge [ "Cock" ] ..After reaching to touch his cock after he whipped it out .. [ took his "Cock" out ] I was stroking his young, beautiful totally standing straight out ..I stroked that "Cock" and then faster and more ... ( Ten what ssurprised myself is that I bent over and for a very short micro- second I sucked his "Cock" or at least tried ...and one more time I put his "Cock" in my mouth sort - of sucking for a short .. extremely short time ... So I I sucked my first and so far Only "Cock" at age 65 !

    • That's an interesting story, but not as interesting as why Boomers randomly capitalize and put words in quotes unnecessarily. Seriously, why do you guys do that? It can't just be brain atrophy from getting old, because previous generations didn't do that. Maybe residual damage from the lead paint you ate as children?

    • Extremely anti elderly no manors

    • Female. I am 15 and just sucked my first cock back on May 21st.I finially made my First Holy Communion that sunday morning with the 7 year olds and i was dressed like the little girls in a cute,poofy,short sleeve,knee length communion dress and veil with lace socks and white maryjane shoes and under my dress a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants,just like the little girls wore.After my party that after noon,my parents took relatives to the airport,so i was home alone.A boy whom i had a strong crush on came over and brought me a card and we started kissing.He put his hand up under my communion dress and felt my diaper and plastic pants and got very aroused!He dropped his pants and under shorts and put my hand on his cock.He then unzipped my dress and pulled it off of me.He then got me to my knees,forced his cock into my mouth and made me suck him!Afew minutes later he came in my mouth and i had to swallow it all.That was my first time sucking a cock!

    • You're 15 and wore a diaper? That's not even vaguely believable. Diapers have nothing to do with First Communion.

    • I was 15 year old virgin boy hanging with my friend in his room. He asked if I wanted to watch some dirty movies and I agreed. The video was older but quite hardcore for it's time showing guy on girl anal, oral and some hot girl on girl action. As we watched my cock started to become hard quickly. My friend was not shy and pulled his cock out and started stroking it. I was shocked but could not stop staring at his smooth hard member. He told me that I could take mine out if I wanted but I was too embarrassed at first. He suddenly stood up and turned towards me with his erection just inches from my face. I clearly remember the musky scent of his crotch and the sight of his large, veiny cock excited me even more. He then grabbed my hand wrapping it around the shaft of his dick and squeeze hard. I instinctively reached up with my free hand and cupped his balls. As I stared at the pre-cum growing on the head of his cock I noticed he and inched it closer and closer to my face. The next thing I remember is the head of his cock gently brushing up against my lips smearing the sweet clear fluid like lip balm. At this point he could not hold back and with my lips well lubricated he pushed the head of his cock into my mouth and slowly pushed forward about 3 or 4 inches and started moving his hips. I suddenly felt his hands on the back of my head as he started to push his cock deeper into my mouth. As his rhythm increased, I could feel his cock touch the back of my throat. I started to gag a bit but quickly recovered in time to feel the first hot jet of semen in my mouth as he held my head tightly. Moaning, his cock continued to pulse his sperm into my mouth and while still holding tightly the back of my head, his slightly salty cum had no where to go but down my throat. As he emptied his balls in my mouth, his pace slowed and eventually pulled out of my mouth.

    • I bet you couldn't wait to go back the next day and everyday after???

    • I like getting my heads up sucking my dick and I won't suck two three dicks in my life my uncle suck my dick off or almost 40 years my both my wife can't do it one of my wife you remember my head job I'm walking in the house I should go and suck away b**** but I've been good for 40 years and I love you I love it I love it

    • I like that musky taste and smell of cock

    • Female 15 years old. I sucked my dad's friend off who was much older than he was. I use to go over to his house and do odd jobs like cleaning the garage. Then, I found out that I could make lots of money by sucking his cock. He no only paid me for helping him, he paid me for sucking his cock. He showed me how guys liked it. and was very gentle. He had a big beautiful cock with a well defined head. I didn't have any experience, but he showed me how to enjoy the taste of a man...plus I made a little money on the side...my mom always wondered why I had money!

    • That's something, I wanted to suck cock that way when I was younger. I was always looking at cock in the locker room after gym class or at the pool

    • I'm literally licking precum after reading this... How long ago did this happen?

    • It happened 17 years ago. I am married and have a 2 year old daughter. I have kept this secret from my husband, but you never forget your first cock!

    • That's awesome!!

    • I took my boyfriend dick say that a p**** and take it out and put it in my mouth and got locking it too well and good for f****** my wife I'd be home with p**** open when you get a big old dick up in there yeah

    • Did u like the taste the first time?

    • I have to admit that I didn't mind the taste of his cock, but it was the consistency of his cum that I didn't like. It was so thick, and the taste afterwards...

    • This is hot and perfectly natural. Did this older gentleman every try to plow you also? Most woman I know would rather take the load in their pussy rather than in their mouth.

    • He tried once and I told him that I was a virgin. He respected that and never tried again. Are you an older gentleman?

    • Yes, I am. I would have tried anal with you too as its a good way to preserve your wedding virginity. But most female's hymens are gone before wedding anyways naturally even if they've never had penetration sex.

    • I was in my 50s, I'd had guys suck my cock since I was 12 when a friend of mine spending the night made a bet there was no way he could win, saying if he lost he'd suck my cock. I took it as a joke, but when we turned off the light he said it was time to pay off his bet. I still thought it was a joke until I felt his hand sliding inside my underwear. When he touched my cock it got rock hard. Soon he'd pulled my underwear down and was sucking me off. He swallowed my cum and then started sucking me off every chance he got. When I got married my wife and I got into swinging and had lots of MFM threesomes and swapped with other couples and quite a few of the guys would want to suck my thick 9" cock but I'd say no until my wife said it would turn her on. So I started letting them go down on me understanding I wasn't going to suck them off. We'd go to adult theaters and while watching her get gang-banged I'd have guys sucking my cock and the same in adult bookstores with G-holes. We were swingers for about 20 yrs and after that, if I was out of town alone I go to places with G-holes and get a blow job. Once when I was at one of these places there was a room with benches with a big screen and several guys were in there jerking off in front of each other so I joined in. Soon a guy got on his knees in front of me and sucked me off. It was really hot having an audience watch me get a blow job. After I filled his mouth with cum he stood up and pulled his hard 7" cock out. I knew what he wanted and just leaned forward and started sucking it. I licked & sucked his balls and took my time doing everything I knew I liked. He shot a huge load of cum in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. After that over the next few years, I sucked off maybe 5 guys under similar circumstances and even fucked a 16 yo delivery guy from room service in the ass at his request.

    • I have sucked cock in public men's bathrooms, adult bookstores and the porno theater

    • When i was 11 . My friends 16 year old brother masturbated me to my first orgasm , making me cum . I did not know what he was doing , when i relaxed i enjoyed it . Shortly after this . I masturbated another friend to his first orgasm , making him cum . For a few weeks , we masturbated each other . One day i was kneeling between his thighs . Masturbating him . I wanted to have his penis in my mouth . I leaned forward and put my mouth round it . Using my tongue and sliding my mouth up and down . At first he was shocked , then he was enjoying it . I let him cum in my mouth . Spitting it out . I asked him to do it to me . When i was cumming , He let me cum in his mouth . He swallowed it . That was the first time . We did it all the time after that . He was the only one that i did it with . When i got a girlfriend who let me fuck her . It stopped .

    • I sucked my friends dick when I was about 13

    • AA older boy led me into the woods when I was 12, I had no idea what we were doing, but he put his cock in my mouth and had me suck him, when he came we were both embarrassed and left quickly. A week later he saw me again and asked if I wanted to 'go to the woods'. I just said 'ok' and he did it again. It became a regular thing then. He also fingered me. One time he asked if I could get hold of a pair of my sisters knickers and wear them for him, which I did

    • I was 65 years old .. a straight male .. but after watchig porn and being so "Damn - Horny" .. I finally saw a golden opportunity ... as I walked in the Rec-center's men's restroom ..... I saw a guy sitting on the floor ..rubbing his crotch .. as he was naked except for the blue boxers his clothes scattered all over the floor ... .his "Bulge" was Enormous ... after he stood up ..rubbing his "Cock" through the blue boxer shorts ... I said to him - Quote "Just go ahead and take your cock out" .... Amazingly he did .... so I reached over and touched his ( beautiful, clean straight "Cock" ) .. it was about - [ 5 1/2 to 6 inches long] - and totally sticking straight out .. I wrapped my hand around his "Cock" .. "Wow" ... ( I could not believe what I was actually doing ..... touching another man's "Cock" )

      But to answer the question ... "When did you suck your first cock? " .. Well as I said in the beginning of my story .. I was 65 years old ..After stroking his "Cock" .. and as he looked at me but said nothing ..( surprisingly !! I bent over and sucked his "Cock" .. but for only a "Micro- Mili - Second" .. No longer . ... I then stood straight up and resumed "Jacking - Off" .. "Masterbating" this mans long, hard "Cock."

      ....Then again ( surprising to myself ) ... I bent over and for a second time ... I sucked his "Cock" ..and - [ Yep ] - it was for probablly the same amount of time ... a "Micro- Mili - Second." This was the nly time I eve sucked a "Cock"

      Who knows what the future may bring ( maybe, hopefully ) getting a ( "HJ" ) .. "Hand - Job" from a straight guy .young, single, married, widower, or even old ... Des not really matter

      ... ( maybe ) .. I might recipitate and give a "HJ" -
      - - "Hand - Job" ...Who knows ( maybe just maybe ? ) even the guy might go as far as to give me the fabolous pleasures of him giving me a "BJ"... "Blow - Job" ..a.k.a. "Blowie"

      Date July 13th 2023

    • You are one lucky guy. I’ve heard our local Home Depot was a guy hang out, especially early morning when all the pro-construction workers are getting their orders filled. Rumor is they want a quickie before work. I have gone there several times looking to give a blow job, but no luck!

    • Sick

    • My dad said I was13 months old when he slid it between my lips.

      I was six when he popped my cherry.

    • How lucky you were. more of us should have such wonderful experiences. did he take your asshole too...i hope so.

    • 19 m. I was a freshman at uni and somehow ended up meeting a professor through craigslist. I was nervous but in a very cock hungry craze so I knew I was scared but wanted to try my first cock now that I was hundreds of miles away from home. First meetup was at his house. It was around noon and I thought he just lived close to the uni I was at so I jogged to his house but I worked up somewhat of a sweat and after sucking his dick for a few minutes I got a bit tired and started jerking him off as I licked his balls. That made it feel hotter so I took off my argyle vest and he immediately blurted out saying that he taught at that school. I laughed with his balls in my mouth and told him to invite me to his office. I finished him off by jerking him off and we made plans to meet again. It became a regular thing and I'd stop by his office everyday and suck his cock and drain his balls for almost three years.

    • I used to pretend I was sick so I could stay home from school when I was 11 and 13. I loved to put on my moms pantyhose. Eventually I added her heels and nightgown. One afternoon my friend came over and I had forgotten to lock the back door so he just walked in and caught me. He just started kissing me. I’ll never forget how freaked out I felt, but I also loved it. He asked me to be a girl for him and he pulled his pants down and started rubbing his cock. It got hard and wanted to put it in my mouth. At that point I was just in girl mode, but way beyond just dressing up and getting turned on, obviously. I got on my knees and started licking his cock and he started moaning. I loved that I was making him feel like that. I put his whole cock in my mouth and started sucking. I just loved it, but it was quick. He’d never gotten a blowjob before so he came pretty fast and it caught me off guard. Suddenly felt this warm liquid in my mouth. I spit it out and he left quickly and we didn’t talk all week. But he came over again the next week I stayed home and we did it again. This time I swallowed his cum. All this time I assumed I was straight but I loved dressing up as a girl a sucking my friends cock. Over time, it evolved into a lot of making out, and eventually we used a jar of Vaseline and he fucked me. I was his secret girl for two years. Then, after puberty, I wasn’t interested any more and we made other friends. But now, at 55, I’ve started sucking cocks again. And I still love it.

    • I was 13 years old when I told my 9-yr. old next door neighbor that I liked to walk around naked in some woods near our house. He said "no way!" I asked him if he'd like me to prove it and of course he said yes. But here's the twist...he gave me step-by-step instructions on what to take off. First my shoes. Then my shirt followed by my shorts. Then my underpants. I was standing there with my 13-yr. old erection pointing straight up and my friend just sort of grunted at the sight of it and buckled over slightly grabbing at his crotch. Then he told me to remove my socks. "Holy shit you're totally naked," he said. "Yeah and it feels great," I replied. I asked him if he wanted to touch it and he didn't hesitate. I told him to take off his clothes and the next thing you know he's on top of me in a 69.

    • I was 13. My parents had divorced and I was living with my mom and stepdad. He also had a son who was about 15 at the time. When my parents would go out to dinner, I would stay home and suck his cock. He always wanted to cum in my mouth, so one night I let him just to taste his warm sperm. I have been hooked ever since. My mom divorced the guy when I was 18 after he cheated on her!

    • 5-6 babysitters son would take me in the garage. Would strip me down and play with me. Then stand up and push his cock in my mouth. Then as a teen my buddy and me started with each other. Started out sucking then kissing then panties before I rode him. Later on in his moms bikini at the river he ate me out.

    • When I was 10 my best bud and I started fucking each other after he found a gay fuck mag in his dad's bedroom. We fucked three times. Then one night i discovered my 17 year old babysitter was jacking off to a little beefcake digest. I looked on with him and took off my pants. I told him to take off his pants and his tighty whities and lie down on the floor and I wou,d show him something cool. He was a virgin, but he let me in his ass and I had a dry hump. Then he said we should suck cock, and he showed me how to do that. I got my first mouthful of cum. He babysat me two evenings every week, so for almost two years we regularly sucked and fucked each other. Many times we did ATM with shitty cocks! At 12 I became the sitter for my little brothers, but for almost 6 more years my old sitter and I met on his bed whenever nobody else was home. We looked at beefcake and girls, we sucked cock and ate ass and fucked right up until he got married. I got the white stuff when I was 13 so then we both usually swallowed. I've relived my first blow job many times, and the time I took his ass cherry..

    • I sucked my best friend. I was wearing a maid costume for a Halloween party. It was over 25 years ago. After the party, one thing led to another and I was on my knees taking care of his needs. I fell in love with the power of making him lose control. He likes pretending I'm a girl so he keeps costumes for me at his condo still and I love to visit.

    • I had a similar experience when I dressed as a girl for Halloween. After we were finished going door to door, we went to a neighbors house for a party. We played spin the bottle and I kissed my neighbors oldest son. As everyone was leaving he asked me if I wanted to stay and watch TV in the basement. We watched for a while and I noticed he had unbuttoned his pants. He laughed and asked if I wanted a special Halloween treat. I was soon giving my first blowjob and swallowing the tasty treat.

    • I dressed up as a girl before when I was younger for Halloween and wondered if any other boys or daddies wanted me to suck their cocks

    • I bet there were a lot of boys or daddies who would have gladly let you suck their Cock. I know I would have let you and maybe returned the favor.

    • I wanted to suck someone

    • I sucked my first cock at 14. It was a boy that I liked in high school. We ended up going out to the movies together after being dropped off by my parents. I sucked his cock in the back row. I loved how his cock felt so soft in my mouth. He wanted me to swallow his cum, but I ended up jerking him off instead. You never forget your first cock!

    • Sounds like my first time sweetheart!

    • I sucked a lot of cock in the backseat.

    • I was 15 he was 17 my cousin found out my dressing up and liking guys he made his bitch for 4 summers i wouldn't change a thing

    • My friend did the same to me. I wore a dress as part of a Halloween costume. He said since I was “his girl” that evening I had to act the part. Before the night was over I was sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. We did lots of similar role playing games over the next few years. It normally ended me sucking his cock. I loved it.

    • (Female) I was 8, I would suck my Dad's cock before he'd fuck me.

    • How romantic. did he take you up the ass as well?

    • I put my mouth on several boys dicks when I was in grade school. I used to suck my own dick in the 6th grade. The first cock i sucked was in freshman year in high school. His cock was a nice size and extremely magnificent. I sucked him until he erupted like a volcano in my mouth forcing his hot creamy white delicious cum down my throat. It was the most memorable moment of my entire life.

    • I was 12 and still sucking in my 60s. Wife has no clue I'm a cocksucker

    • Three cheers for cocksuckers! We keep the world sane.

    • You sound like me! I sucked my best friend when I was 11 and never could forget how erotic it was. After I was married and wife slowed down on sex I went to an xxx place where I discovered glory holes! I’ve been sucking dicks ever since!

    • Fucking hot!

    • Got you beat by 10 years….70’s and still enjoying sucking whenever I get a chance. Last week my best friend (whom I suck regularly) had his grandson visiting from college. He told me he knew about me and his grandfather with a big smile. I jokingly said we should let the tradition end. 5 minutes later I had his cock in my mouth and swallowed the best tasting cum I had con a long time.

    • When did you suck your first cock

    • I ducked my best buddy when I was 11! He was kinda alpha and talked me into it! Never forgot how his dick felt in my mouth!

    • I’m not sure how old I was…. Most likely between 11-13. It all started as a night time game with my brother (we shared a bed). It all started as a guessing game (guess what am I thinking) to more brain challenges ( what’s 8+ 2*3 etc..). At some point the challenges had consequences for losing. The loser had to sneak out to the kitchen or had to get a punch in the arm etc. One night after I lost my brother said do I want a punch in the arm or another punishment. I chose the alternative… he push the covers off and pulled down his shorts. He told me I had to kiss it.. next loss I had to lick it… finally I was told to suck. To me it was just a game. As time pasted, the sucking got a time element. 30 seconds…. 45 seconds and soon was 3 minutes. I knew I liked sucking and sometimes would loose on purpose. One night I had a 5 minute punishment. It must have been over 3 minutes when I could feel his cock getting bigger and throbbing. He started to pull back, but it was too late and I got my first taste of cum. It was great. From that night in I always finished and swallowed every cock I have the pleasure of sucking.

    • Nice , I was about 13 when I started sucking my friends dick

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