When did you suck your first cock?

How old were you when you sucked your first cock? Doesn't matter if you are female or male



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  • I was 13 when my uncle made me suck his big cock

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  • I was around 8 and it was my 10 yr old cousin. We started out "playing doctor" and I don't remember exactly how we progressed to touching each other and sucking each other but it went on for years. The last time we did anything we I was probably around 13 or 14. I am married now but occasionally have desires to suck cock.

  • I was sucking my cousins to, and one was 10 then a 11, and a 13 years old. The two younger cousin started to cum at 12&13 but I was shocked when I sucked my 13 year old cousin he started pumping my mouth fast and hard when he grabbed my head he was not letting me go and he was cuming a lot. I was swallowing and a lot flowed out of my mouth his 2 younger brother's licked my chin off. He came in all 3 of our mouths that day. And then he asshole fucked his younger brother. I really miss those days.

  • 15 Under the bleachers at a high school football game

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  • I was about 10 or 11 and my older cousin 16 would make me suck his cock for cigarettes. I made on I hated it but I really liked it. Then when I was about 13 me and another cousin a year older than me use to suck each other’s cocks and we both loved it. Now I’m married 71 and all I think about is sucking cock. My wife knows and approves. In fact we look at cocks on the internet and she asks me which ones I like. I’m dying for cock and cum!!!!

  • I have been sucking penis for a lot of years. I'm now 60 and I am sucking dicks when ever I get a chance to. I like all ages and size dicks. As you my wife likes the idea of me sucking a dick. We go out and she finds a guy who she wants to watch me suck his dick. So I get cum every weekend. Last weekend we were in Long Beach and she was talking to a couple of young men and I had sex with the 20 year old female looking guy.he sucked me good.

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  • Everything I said is 100% true. You sound jealous.

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  • 65. And I’ve wanted nothing but cock to suck ever since. The taste of spunk is just wonderful


  • I agree i have loved cocksucking since i first tried it and i would love to suck your cock dry while your wife watched me sucking in my pink frilly pink knickers

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  • I was 19 and got drunk at a Frat House party. I ended up sucking a hot guys dick off who was on the college swim team. I did it on a dare & it didn't take long & he shot a big load gagging me his dick throbbed wildly. I been sucking dick ever since.


  • I was 9 and it was a friend in the family

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  • I sucked my 1st dick when I was 10yo with my 14yo cousin who made me do it then I did it again when I was 12 & 13 yo stopped got into girls till I was 21yo start swinging both ways now I'm 58yo gay all the way pussy free and a big Sissy
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  • Sure you did, felcher.

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  • I was 14. I sucked a man's dick in a restroom at a park. I knew that's what went on there. I went there looking for a dick to suck.

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  • I was 14 when I sucked my first dick. I sucked a man's cock in a men's room at a park. I still suck cock every chance I get!

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  • What a way to start the new year! I went to a party and around 1:00 in the morning I walked in the garage and 2 guys were licking a 3rd guys dick. I watched them until he came in to his mouth. Then I had my dick out and I said I'm next! And they started to suck me off. The guy who just came was watching them suck me. Then I came hard and filled the other mouth up. Then my wife walked out and said what's going on here? So I told her to get on her knees and she had 4 dicks in her mouth. She was sucking and the first dick came, she swallowed it all and then the second dick and she swallowed it all again. By 3:30 in the morning she has swallowed 7 loads of cum.what a way to start out this year!

  • You drunks come up with the dumbest stories.

  • So Dumb ass The Question is When did U suck your 1st dick ? Not Every body else ya know ! I wonder how happy those people would be knowing ya did this without their knowing ? I think U Should go suck a dick then answer the question Looser !!!!!!

  • I'm a 25 yr old straight guy and i love sex with women, but one night after a few drinks with my 24 yr old straight step brother he passed out on the couch. After a while he was mumbling in his sleep and i noticed he had a tent in his pants, and before i knew it i'd unbuttoned them and my head was bobbing up and down on his cock as i sucked him off. I kept going until he shot his cum into my mouth, then swallowed it, put his cock away and buttoned up his pants. He has never said anything about it, and as far as i know he has no idea that it happened.

  • Non-consentual. Sounds like rape.

  • I was 17 years old and stranded at a Denny's restaurant on the highway. A table of older guys noticed I was having some difficulties and one of them came over to me by the payphone. He asked where I needed to go and, as chance would have it, they were heading in that direction and offered me a ride after they finished their meal. During the ride they confessed they worked at the local Gay bar (oh no). As we got closer to my home the driver decided to drop the others of at his place and take me to my home by himself. Well, as soon as they had left the driver told me he'd really like to get it on with ME! He asked how I felt about that. I had thought about other guy's cocks before and, hesitantly, said: "I'd like to try blowing you." He said that would be nice and he took out his HUGE dick. I went down and sucked him while he drove. He got so excited he started fucking my mouth and I had difficulty with gagging. Eventually he blew a huge load down my throat and I kept on sucking. I was soooo turned on. As the years have passed I would take advantage of blowing most any guy that wanted it. I still hope to find another big, cut dick to enjoy around the Boston area.

  • I’m from Boston 😳

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  • I was 12 and he was 11 he started sucking mine so i sucked his

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  • I was 14

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  • I was slightly older than the rest of the Frosh at U.W. Oshkosh as I had did a short stint in the Army.
    so at 21, I started at UW Osh and tried to join a frat. Since I was older and of age, figured it would be simple to make it thru rush and be in.
    Not the case. Those jackasses put me thru even more hell. I was labeled as a spy and made to do way more and horrifically worse shit than the 18 year olds.
    about half way thru rush week, we spent most of the night drinking, there was no way I was crawling across campus to get back to my dorm room. (yes, even though I wasn't required, i chose to have a dorm room. as a 21 year old with some life experience, i could easily talk the pants off of the 17/18 year old girls in the same building. Its how you say what.
    I dont think the Frat guys like how easy it was for me so one night half way thru they threw a drinker fest party thing.
    Then one of them accused me of being gay. I didn't understand, I ate and fucked pussy 4 nights a week.
    So the 'test' was for all of the people rushing. Prove you're not gay by sucking a sick and not getting a hard-on while doing it.
    So that night, I sucked my first dick. Had to take it slow, I was not excited about it, but it was pretty much do it or go away type of thing.
    Since I was wasted, it was easier than I expected it would be. since there were others there doing the same, i wasn't worried about this getting out too much.
    out of those of us doing it. Half of us got the dick we sucked off, 4 of the other guys got hard while doing it; after they got into it.
    Once the guy I was blowing blew his load, I got up and went to one of the girls that was cheering us on, and gave her a wet sloppy snowball kiss.
    It was great...
    This was in 2005.

  • Liar. This story was posted to this site on Sept 5, 2019

  • I was 14 and my neighbor 13. Loved his huge corooked cock and rivers of precum. We 69'd and evenyually blew loads in each other's throats. Amazing...

  • Another wet dream of yours?

  • I was 16 and a friend were playing ping pong in my basement, he said loser sucks cock. I thought he was kidding. I had to go to the store, it was dark out, and his house was on the way. He lost. He said he would pay up.. We stopped at his house and went in the back by the garage and he sucked me and I came in his mouth. I think he lost on purpose. The next day we were playing bounce the ball off the garage, and he said loser sucks. I tried my best to win but lost. We went into the garage and I put him in my mouth. He said he would tell me when he was going to cum. Just when he was ready I pulled out and he shot on the garage floor. Its crazy but we never did it again.

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  • The first time I sucked a cock I was 10 or 11. Buddy of mine from 2 houses down. We were the same age. That led to about a year of playing in our basements and garages.

  • I sucked a lot of penis when I was 5-17. Most of the guys were neighbors or friends. Almond all of them could cum when they were 12. I swallowed a lot of cum. We always used our basement or a garage. I liked it when a friend was 12 and had came for the first time in the last day or two. Very nice.

  • Hi I also was lucky enough to get to suck my first cock at 5 I loved it at day one and wanted it more and more

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  • I was 15. It was halloween. Dressed like a girl for halloween just to be funny. My best friend liked it and made jokes, jokes got flirty and it led to that.

  • Sucked my my first cock at 15

  • Start sucking dick at 16 in exchange for beer

  • I started drinking beer in exchange for cock.

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  • Im not gay but i would like to suck a dick. I have never done it and im 72

  • Do it man I am 66 and suck my first a year ago wish I had started sucking years ago

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  • I just got home from coming over to a buddy’s place who I had met on Grindr. I sucked his dick, didn’t like doing it but I loved his head. Turns out I’m mostly straight.

  • I sucked my 1st cock at the age of 8

  • Same

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  • I was in school, I was only 14 YO, it was very quick (around 10 second only!).
    then, I sucked my friend dick's at my home, he cum in my mouth.

    I LOVE YOU MO(RUS), and I wish to see you again.

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  • Here's my ex's (Amy). She spent most of summers at her uncle's farm. She had a crush on her cousin's (Lynn) handsome boyfriend (Roy). When she was 17 she knew they were having sex because she served as the lookout by the barn. When she was 18 her cousin broke up with him. "he just wants his dick sucked 3x a day -- you can have him." Amy said she'll do it 5x a day, but how do you learn to give a blowjob? So they 3 went to the barn and Lynn showed Amy how. "now you do it" Rockwell moment.

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  • I was 14 & Bi curious. We had a hot 16 yr old Mexican pool boy toy. Oh i couldn't keep my eyes off him & he knew it to. Then we both start flirting & we end up in my bed. We 69 and was mind blowing. He had a big long uncut dick. So while i had the chance i learned to suck & throat him. After that every time he came we end up in my bed or in the pool. So i did the pool boy toy in the pool 😈

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  • I was eleven and my brother, thirteen at the time, just walked into my bedroom with his penis sticking straight out of his pants. I was on the floor already and he just old me to sit up higher and suck on it. I still have no idea why I did it but I just did, he stood there telling me to suck faster and even held my head at one point and thrusted himself in and out of my mouth. He told me, Okay here comes my sperm start swallowing it and next thing I know he is ejaculating and I am doing my best to swallow but he was still thrusting in and out a lot. I remember holding my hand up and catching some of it as it dripped down my chin. He finally stopped and told me I did great and lets get you cleaned up. He told me like five times this was our secret and do not tell anyone about it. He ended up coming into my room three times that first day and doing pretty much the same thing, I gave him blow jobs for about two years never realizing what I was really doing and never told anyone about it until I was about sixteen. I was not mad about it I just decided it was time to tell someone, they ended up telling their parents about it who told my mom about it. She kicked my brother out of the house to go live with dad but we still see each other thirteen years later and all is good.

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  • When I was 19 I was sleeping over a friends house on the couch, us guys had been drinking and around midnight we all went to bed. Around 2 am he left his girlfriends bedroom and walked through the livingroom naked to go to the bathroom. I was awake and watched him, his dick was long and soft, I had never thought about sucking cock before but suddenly my dick was erect and my mouth watered. When he walked out of the bathroom and started to walked back to his girlfriends bedroom I called him over. He looked surprised, but he walked over. His cock was now only inches from my face. I looked up at him, then hesitantly touched it, it was warm and soft, but I could feel it start to grow in my hand. Without a second thought I licked the tip then slid it into my mouth, he moaned, the I pull it out and saw beads of precum on the tip I licked it and then slid it down my throat. I sucked it and caressed it with my mouth until I felt his warm cum explode into the back of my throat. I continued sucking it for a few more seconds, then let his cock slid out of my mouth. He smiled then went back to bed. I jerked my cock until I cummed in my hand, i licked that up then went to sleep. We never talked about that night ever.

  • You never talked about it because it never happened.

  • When I was 14 and it was a couple of lifeguards at the local swimming poll in Pittsburgh...They took me upstairs to the office ,,in the private shower they had there and I was told to suck them off if I wanted to be on there swing team...The crazy thing about it, was that I liked it and sucked them off 3 times a week for the whole summer..I'm 68 now and still am addicted to sucking cocks and swallowing every cummload....Want yours sucked,,,lol


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  • I was 12 when my best friend Ryan showed me my first porn movie. I had sex with my sister years before, & had watched my dad & mom have sex, so I wasn't new to it. I looked over & Ryan had his dick out & was jerking off & that was the first time I saw an erect dick from someone my own age. He was as big as the guys in the movie! Almost as big as my dad's dick! Ryan was 7.5" long & it was an absolutely beautiful cock. A couple days later when I was sleeping over, we masturbated together again & he told me "Suck my dick like the girls did in the movie or I'll kick your ass!" He was always a bully, but I was so intrigued by doing it that I got on my knees & copied what we had saw on the porno. We did it a couple more times & when I was going to the bathroom after I swallowed his load, I made a detour into his little sister Amy's room. Her & I were the same size, so I got some of her clothes (dress, stockings, panties, high heels, & one of her wigs) put them on in the bathroom & did my makeup with hers. Then I went back into Ryan's room & when he saw me he asked "What are you doing Amy? Where's Mikey?" I got closer & he recognized me "Holy shit you're a hot little girly faggot, aren't you?" & he grabbed my arm & pulled me on the bed with him. I sucked him & pretended I was a girl, which wasn't difficult because I always wanted to be a girl. I had the sounds down pat, softly cooing as I sucked his big bulbous cockhead & whimpering when he pushed my head all the way down. From then on I had to be dressed up before I got there or immediately after arriving. So I would sometimes wear my older sister's clothes over there. More than a few times I got rides from guys who stopped to talk with me. Every one of them hit on me, saying I was a pretty little girl, so if I saw they had a big bulge I'd suck them too as thanks for the ride. lolz

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  • When I was growing up my older Brother made me to suck Him off almost every night of the week and now its all I want to do is suck and blow other men and boys cocks! please any man any boy please piss and spew in my face and throat asap p l e a s e p I s s in my m o u t h a s a p leesburg florida married cock sucker/blower of dick meat p l e a s e p I s s in my throat asap
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  • Lying sack of shit. A quick Google search revealed this story posted word for word on LitErotica.

  • I was an 11 year old and I was staying with my cousins. I was staying in his room on the floor. He was older then me and I saw him on the bed playing with himself under the blanket. I was watching him and I felt quite hot. I pulled myself up and he was a bit shocked but I asked what he was doing. He showed me and I just got higher and just on instinct took him in my mouth. He moaned and layed back and I just bobbed up and down with my mouth as he moaned. Then he blew his load in my mouth and I just thought it was the best moment I have had.

  • Nice! Me and my cousin started sucking each other too during sleep overs. His cock was very thick and curved. At least 8" and he begged me to let him slide it in my tight ass and paid me 20 dollars. It hurt like hell but eventually he got it all in me and fucked me nice and deep and blasted his cum up my asshole and I really loved it and wanted to do it again. He would have his friend Tim over and we would lay on his bed and all suck each other's cocks and then they would take turns fucking me with their big hard cocks

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  • I was 10. My cousin was 5 or 6. My dad had porn around the house which was not well hidden. I was a horny only child so when I was at a holiday party I went downstairs to play with my cousin.

    I took his tiny dick out and sucked it then I put it in my pussy. It felt really good but then an older cousin came downstairs so I had to pretend nothing happened. I wish I had asked him to fuck me because he was older than me.

    I really wish I'd had a brother or someone who would have been able to keep me satisfied. Instead I used my baton to stick up my pussy and masturbate. Real sex was better though.

  • Please tell us more about your first sexual experiences. In the above story, did you continue with your cousin? Why did you not have the older cousin satisfy you at the time? Was it a power thing?

  • It wasn’t really a power thing. Just curiosity. No different than your story about taking your 6 year old’s sister’s virginity.

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  • I was 10 my older brother best friend would spend the night and sneak over to my bed I would wake up to him forcing his big 8 inch cock Into my mouth it was my first time so I opened my mouth and just started sucking when i felt his cock start to pulsate and throb the next thing i know i feel these streams of hot liquid shooting in my mouth i just swallowed naturally that was my first but not the last i want some big cock right now i have a hardon from hell after confessing that

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  • I was 17 and sucked my best friends dick off in the locker room shower's one day after track practice. We were showering together when he dared me to get down on my knees & blow him saying if i did i had to swallow for him to. So i got down on my knees & dared him to stick it in my mouth. He was more than happy to & held my head with both his hands & talked junk to me about doing it. The next class he slipped me a note asking if i liked it and could he do it again. We always took our showers together after that & i sucked him till the end of our Sr yr oh he also loved giving me golden showers to. I been a dick sucker ever since.

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  • I was in the 7th grade. We were camping and my older sisters boyfriend and I were the only ones awake. He just started rubbing my crotch. We snooped out and down to the lake. He was the first I let finger me. After I was soaking wet, he took out his penis and asked me to suck it. And I did until he came. It tasted disgusting, but I liked the idea of having my sister's boyfriend cock in my mouth. I always wonder if she ever sucked him. I can never ask.

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  • I swallowed my buddies cum the first time I sucked his dick as a teenager. I ended up sucking it pretty regularly until I graduated from high school and moved away. I'm a closeted bisexual cocksucker guy

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  • I was probably around 40. Up to then I always thought that I was totally hetro. But then a friend asked me to join him and his girlfriend for a 3 some. I assumed it would be us guys taking turns at his girl or DPing her together.
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    That started a long time love of cock for me. I just can not resist the sight of an erect cock. I feel compelled to take it in my mouth.
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  • I loved fishing when I was young. I jacked off and sucked a lot of dicks. Some small and some big. I liked the small ones 2"-4" they blasted huge loads. The big cocked guys were fun to play with having 4-6" in my mouth and using both hands to jack him off.

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  • Sucked 2black burglars off wen broke in to my mums apartment as I was sleeping I was still in school uniform uniform I was 11 then DPEd me they both hammered me hard

  • I was 13 years old when I suck my first cox it was my neighbor he was 9 years old, happened we were playing around nobody was home at the time, so I told him can i suck your dick he said yes when I started sucking his cox he love it then he started sucking my cox too, so we keep it for a secret for couple years he was 13 years old in i was 16 years old

  • Previously posted14th Nov 2020: I sucked my first cock a week ago. I'm a 23 year old Indian bisexual dude. I recently came out to my friend from Italy and she was very happy that I trusted her with my secret. A week back, her boyfriend was visiting her and something bizarre happened; she asked me to join them in the sack. Her exact words were that she wanted to see us play with each other's cocks. I mean I was turned on by both of 'em so I was not gonna say no. The guy was an Italian too, and his cock lived upto my expectations. Big, fat Italian stallion! If my friend wanted to see who'd win in the power dynamic between me and her boyfriend, then the answer couldn't have been more clear. I barely gave her chance to suck it.

  • Continuation: Her boyfriend will soon be visited her again. I'm just happy that I can manifest my inner sissy finally. My friend was even teasing me saying that she could feminize me for Halloween and she was asking me for tips on how to suck a cock because her boyfriend said I sucked his cock better than her. Also, she asked me if I'd be interested to make her my mistress- she has a whole thing in mind with a chastity cage for my cock. I just don't know if I should go for it. The picture of chastised me and her with the key around her neck attending lectures together is kinda hot ngl. For now, though, I am quite happy and fulfilled to be the designated cocksucker to her delicious boy toy. I'm their Indian faggot gladly! :)

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  • The distribution of ages in the answers is interesting. Plenty of guys started sucking cock as boys, teens, or young adults between the ages of about 8 to 25, which I expected. But there are a fair number of others that started in their 50s or 60s, which I did not expect.

    There must be something either social or hormonal that happens to older men around that age that makes some of us take another look at the idea of sucking cock. Maybe we've used up much of our drive to seek out and fertilize females, and just want to enjoy a sex life that is simple, hot, and hastle free. Or maybe older tits and pussy just don't do it for us anymore.

    I started out fairly early, so I would like to know more from others that took up cocksucking later in life. I don't think that society as a whole is veey aware of this pattern, let alone understands or accepts it.

  • I am a 70 yr old horneyman , after divorced I was alone for a while till a meet a girl and were fucking for over a year we split ... I was so horney ,put up a n add soliciting some men that like to have sex , we meet and became lovers for wlile he would suck my dick so good had the best time I would suck his 40 yr old dick so good I would masturbate and he would take the load I was not abe to do ,I would clean his hole and he mine , the best sex ever , finally he found aa more steady partner

  • You are correct. I’m losing my virility, the next best is to feel that of younger eager cocks that need sucking. So my first cock suck is at my age of 66. I love it,need the spunk . No more need for pussy, I will serve needy virile cocks for now on , and be their cum receptacle.

  • My urge to suck must be stronger than yours, but at age 20 my sex drive was still more than adequate to perform well with a girl and generally satisfy both of us. So I got married, but by my late twenties I was shaving my legs, wearing panties, and sharing cuckold fantasies with my wife during sex. This progressed to full scale crossdressing and lots of cocksucking by my mid thirties.

    Things would have turned out very differently for me if I had sampled gay sex during high school or college, but the only option back then were cruisy restrooms (too scared) and a few adult theaters (too young). If you think that you might enjoy sucking cock or crossdressing, you really owe it to your self to try it as soon as the next day or two.

  • No Ur right Society isn't butt bet most guys are very aware and if they are lucky like me they get to start young, me. Was on a hunting trip with my Dad and Uncle and was excited seeing their big Man Peckers when we stopped to take a leak.
    That next morning when we woke up they both hard hard throbbing 7" or so peckers and were slow stroking them as they went to take a leak-horsing around they played some Grab Ass and were soon fondling and stroking each other off.
    I was just out of site in the tent, but seeing this & I started playing with my hard morning pecker and stepped almost out when they saw me. My Dad stepped over and too my surprise grabbed my hand and put it on his hard Daddy Pecker!
    Hell yes i loved the feel of his hard prick just as he grabbed mine. We fondled and jerked each other a bit when to my thrilling surprise he squatted down and sucked me up!! Man I was so worked up that in just a suck or 2, I was feeding him wads of cum and he didn't miss a drop cum suck up and swallowed every wad!
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    Like my Dad from that day on I was a loving cock sucker and serviced most of my friends and from time to time a stranger in the gym or in the men's room. Addicted I can never get enough!!!

  • When i was 10 a neighbor boy who was 14 ask me to suck his dick & swallow for him, i didn't but start thinking about it. The more i thought about it the more i wanted to and i thought he was cute. Next he start to dare me to do it but still i said no. Finally he offered me a whole 5 $ to suck it pulling it out to show me. It looked so hot i wanted it so bad. I thought damn if he's willing to pay for a blow he really wants it. Then i did it on a camp out. I sucked him only a few seconds before he flood my mouth with his jiz. Oh shit his dick was all muscle when it shot throbbing in my mouth it really turn me on and the taste was hot also. He ask me to get on my knees and suck it off and when i did he grab & held the back of my head with both hands. Seeing how much pleasure he got really turn me on and i knew i was gonna be a dick sucker the rest of my life. And when i ask to be his personal dick sucker he said yesssss till he got out school & left for college but he always came home every werkend to see me i must have swallowed gallons of his jiz over the yrs. And he had no problem learning to deep throat using his dick that was hot as hell. Now i suck & throat every dick i can.

  • I can't believe after all these yrs im going to share this i never told anybody before then i found this site so here goes. It ws Dec 1969 i had just turn 19. I was curious bout gay sex esp one guy sucking off anothers guys dick. The thought was hot. So i was at this old strip mall to get something it was esrly Dec. and there was a Santa there. I stop & watched him & the kids a few moments then went on. I needed to pee so headed to a bathroom round the corner. I happen to know that in this bathroom the last 2 stalls had a glory hole. On the way i pass 2 moms with kids one coming & one going. I heard one mom tell the other one that Santa was drunk. So i went on i got the last stall & peed. About the time i finish i hear someone coming then big Santa boots are in the stall next to me. I watched his boots face the hole & heard his zipoer unzip. Then a uncut 6 inch dick stuck through the glory hole & i heard him whisper ho ho ho. Kinda shocked & caught off guard i sucked Santas dick off through that glory hole. It taste like week old piss but it didn't take long & Santa bone up & shot a Huge load i almost gag swallowing it. Feeling it shoot & tasting man milk i lnew i was hooked! So i whisper hey Santa i been a bad boy & want to drink from your tap. And he stuck his dick back through for me it taste like warm water now all these yrs later i wonder just how many times drunk Santa got sucked off ?

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  • I remember the first time I sucked a guy. He looked at me knowing he was breaking me in especially the grin when he was about to cum and after. It was the same look he gave a week later when he lifted my legs and shoved it in my ass - again another first for me and he knew he was taking my virgin ass.

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  • 7 years old was the first, 10 yo was the second time, 13 yo was the third time, 31sucking an 19 yo was the fourth time and 60 was the fifth time . Haven’t sucked a cock since 2018.

  • I have to reply to my own statement that since I can’t get hard I wouldn’t mind sucking cocks again.

  • Do you want to come suck me baby I’m up for it I’m 61 years old get back to me and let me know mwah

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  • I sucked cock on three occasions starting at age 11 that were mostly symbolic. The first was sucking my best friend during a sleepover in 5th grade, but it was basically preadolescent play. He didn't cum or get hard, and I didn't really understand what I was doing.

    Two years later I discovered my dad's porn collection, which had a distinct focus on animal sex. So I tried sucking off the family dog, but he was fixed and didn't really get into it.

    I was really a very shy and nervous teen, and although I explored the grafitti in public restrooms extensively, I somehow never had the courage to respond to the occasional overtures from older men. Biggest mistake and regret in my life.

    I finally lost my virginity at age 19 on a threesome with my much older half brother and his somewhat older wife. He asked me to suck his cock and I was happy to agree, but it was again mostly symbolic and he didn't cum.

    Over the next year I asked two room mates and my half brother if I could suck them, but they all declined. I was still too nervous to cruise restrooms or bookstores.

    I then managed to get married somehow at age 20, and had what I mistook for a fulfilling sex life until the divorce at age 33. After that I was terrified by the AIDS epidemic for the rest of the 80s and early 90s.

    I finally found the courage to begin visiting book stores and eventually restrooms in my late 30s. It wasn't long until I was wearing lingerie under my street clothes and stripping down once I got inside, and within a few years I would be dressing up fully en femme as a cocksucking sissy slut. This was what I was really put on Earth to do. I would suck off 3 or 4 guys during a typical visit, sometimes as many as 8.

    Then I got married again after 15 years of this...go figure. But I still get out once every several years long enough to suck 1 or 2 cocks.

  • I was 8 when I sucked my first cock. Was over at my cousins house in his room when he came out of the bathroom from taking a shower. He was naked and for the first time I saw a mans penis. It was long and just hanging there. He saw me looking at it and asked if I wanted to suck it. I had no idea of what he was saying and told him that. He said he would teach me. He had me get on my knees in front of him, then to hold his cock in my hand. To start to kiss the head and use my tongue on it by licking it from his balls all the way up the shaft to the head. It was getting larger and stiff. He instructed me to place it into my mouth and suck on it as far as I could take it in my mouth. I could hear him start to moan as he placed his hands on my head as he began to moan louder until he shot his large warm load of cum in my mouth. He said swallow it all and for me to jerk his cock until all of his cum was in my mouth. It felt great and I did enjoy him. We did that a couple of times a week for the summer.

    One day we were doing it, when he said he wish I was a female so he could fuck me. Again I had no idea of what he was talking about, but I did run to his mothers room found her bra and panties and put them on. I came back and said fuck me. I continued to suck his cock and he got hard real fast. He spun me around pulled my panties down and spread my cheeks apart as he shoved his cock into my ass. He fucked me hard and deep until he came in my ass. I loved being his sex toy.

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  • One more thing--I find it interesting to read at least a few other posts about other young teens taking it upon themselves to try sucking off a four-legged friend. I think that this is probably a really good sign that you are a natural born cocksucker.

  • The last few guys talked about sucking off the family 🐕. I'm only interested in men.

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  • Suck my 1st cock at age 10. We live on a farm and i had a shaggy mtn pony name Dusty. At 1st all i did was give his big cock jead a tongue job it was to big to suck on it didn't even fit in my mouth. But long as i lick & kiss it Dusty stay rock hard. When he saw me each morning he would belly slap to get my attention. I was about 14 before i got that huge cock head in my mouth damn what a big mouthful that was. I would suck & jack his long huge shaft it was like looking down the shaft of a cannon! By 18 i could throat his big cock head but that was it damn i wanted to deep throat him so bad but that never happen.

  • Are you male or female ?

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  • I was a freshman in college and sucked my room mates dick on a dare & he was a hell fire & brimstone preachers kid. Then i let him fuck me in the ass to & he took a piss in my ass when he finished oh fuck that was hot as hell it made me so hot i rim him when he ask me to his ass was so damn hairy i was his bitch that yr sucking another guys furry butt was a huge turn on i sucked it at least 3 times a day even more on weekends. He said it was a big turn on for him to sit on another guys face for a ass sucking he also gave me golden face & mouth showers in the dorms communial shower and i drank as much of his piss as i could for him A Men !

  • Man the best time for rimming is after U have butt fucked him the taste of cum from hi's twitching ass lips makes it so much better!!! tsgtdick@yahoo.com

  • I was 14. I mowed the yard of a neighbor and he was my first time. He was very kind and gentle and took things very slwly, starting with me seeing some standard fuck mags on his coffee table when I went in to get paid. After looking at the mag and his ands roaming on me, he took me, showered me and then took me to his bedroom. It was then he sucked me for a minute or so and then very calmly and gently, he taught me how to go down on him. I took him into my mouth and sucked him for a while. He paused to tell me what was going to happen next and that I would like it a lot. He went back into my mouth and within minutes he told me I was about to receive his "love". That is when he started cumming. I swallowed as much as I could, gagging a littlem some oozing across my lips but I quickly learned I loved cock. From that day forward I was totally in to sucking cock.

  • I had recently had my first explosive orgasm . When my friends 17 year old brother masturbated me for my fist time . We were sitting in the house , he pulled my jeans down and started to touch me . Not saying anything . Then he stroked me to orgasm .After this I could not stop masturbating at every chance . Then after a few days , i was laying on the carpet with a friend watching TV his parents were at work . I told him to lay on his back ,and pulled his jeans down . Touching him until he was hard . Then i stroked him to his first orgasm . Asking him to do the same for me . We did this every chance we got . Eventually he took me in his mouth and i had my first explosive blow job . Then i took him in my mouth and gave him one . The cum hitting the back of my throat . We did this for a long time , until i got a girlfriend . Later i learned that he was gay .

  • I really wish someone will kidnap me and turn me into a sissy cum slave for man cock after he done with me locks me up like a sissy sex doll toy

  • I was 12 and was forced to suck two 16 year olds. My girlfriends brother and his best friend

  • I was 14 in Flint Michigan. I lived in a small town 40 minutes from Flint, my parents were visiting friends and suggested I go with their kids to a game. It was my first "inner city" experience. I went to the bathroom by myself and confronted with two guys who gave me an choice, suck them or get beat up. I sat on the toilet, the first guy pulled his cock out and grabbed my head and pushed it his cock in my mouth still soft. I quickly got hard and within a minute he was cumming hard. He was zipping up and the next guy came in already hard and it wasn't 10 seconds he shot his load but kept fucking my mouth until the next load shot about 5 minutes later. At the time it freaked me out but now I get hard thinking about it.

  • 48 at an adult theater. I had gone many times to one but never did anything. One day I stopped at one and was enjoying a nice video when a cock slid into the hole. At first I just ignored it, but I was real horny so I decided to stroke it. It felt great. Then I just just leaned in and started to suck on it. Before long the guy started cumming in my mouth. I was hooked. But living in small town USA I have to travel to get some. Guess its time for a trip!!

  • I was going to porn theaters at the age of 16 . I always sat in the back of them. And because I was young there was always a few guys some young and some old that would pull out their cocks and put my hand on it. After a few strokes on it they would tell me to suck them off. I was sucking 5-10 guys a visit. Then a few of them would ask me to follow them to their place and we would have anal sex. A few times I did 3sums with their wives.

  • The best sex in my life has been sucking off groups of guys at the back of adult theaters while crossdressed. Such a shame that adult theaters are so rare now.

  • Love crossdressing. I go to crossdressing parties and enjoy having men suck my cock or me sucking them then having fuck my ass while wearing my sexy clothing. The most I have had at one time was 11 different guys.

  • I was 16 when I asked my mom if all men's cum tasted the same . Mom had me eat pineapple everyday to make my cum less bitter . It works . Anyways she ask if I like to try it ( swallowing other men's cum ) . I excitingly said yes . That night she had 2 of her boy friends over . They had really nice dicks . I sucked off both of them with my moms help . I don't consider myself gay or bisexual , I am not attracted to men . But I get turned on once I see their dicks . I love sucking off and swallowing cum . I also love licking asses, women or men's , specially hairy ones . I get turned on by big dicks more but like sucking anyone who looks and smells clean . I have a confession about the whole ordeal I had with mommy and sex . I have never told anyone about my mommy and this site will allow me to do so anonymously. No , I not a son with a huge cock my mom couldn't resist . Just the opposite , by age 14 my dick was only one and inches long at best . It finally grew to about 5 inches and until I was 31 , mom always called it mommy's little peepee .

  • I was 68 and a widow bored i went to an adult book store looking around. I ask why guys kept buying tokens & going in the back? After i found out there were peep shows bought some myself. I was watching a movie when suddenly a dick came through the glory hole. A voice whisper suck it suck it. So i did & got a mouth full of man seed! Feeling the penis throb & pump When i tasted it i loved it! I watched more of the movie and in just a little bit i had sucked 4 dicks off swallowing all 4 loads 2 white dicks a Latino & a big fucking blk dick to. And i think they were all as young as my own son. It was a honor to suck them off & now i'm addicted to that glory hole and glue my mouth to it as often as i can! There is a Latino guy i suck off a lot we look for each other i think he's sexy & he shoots a big load for me to swallow.

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  • Lovely, lucky you. Yes it is an honour to suck and make that cock spurt.

  • I am 65 and have started to suck, I’m addicted too.Pussy no more.

  • I was 16. Another guy and I actually got into the drive in porn theater. We started jacking off and then jacking each other be before you know it we were sucking each other off. I’ve done it a good handful of times, El Paso Texas had great booths in the porn shops. The last time was over 10 years ago before I moved away from there. I still want a hard cock I’m my mouth and I want a mouthful of cum.

  • Once tried, never forgotten, always wanted.

  • I was 10. Several experiences in junior high. First swallowed my roommate in college. Had one experience this year at age 72

  • The first cock I ever sucked I was very young. I loved it the very first time. When I turned 18 he took me to the adult store to the booth's. I sucked a few then we went out and looked at the movies for rent. I was dressed up like a slutty girl. An old man came in and my friend was nowhere to be seen so I kept looking at vids and found one with a young boy on his knees sucking on a huge cock of an old man. I had a mini skirt on so I started playing with my ass. The old man came and stood next to me and started asking me what I liked. We talked a bit and I let him gently finger my boipussy. I was rubbing on his cock. I then just bent down unzipped his pants and pulled it out. I sucked him off rt there. It was absolutely awesome and beautiful. He was really big and thick, he came in my mouth and all over my face.

  • Did he FUCK your boipussy ?

  • 17 and Noah my 19 yr old step bro, who i had a big crush on. Finally saved up enough $$$ to buy a cool car. A nice Baja Bug with a nice sound system. We got along good so i took a chance even though i was scared shitless! I offered to preform oral sex & drink from his tap in exchange for rides & he was cool with it. Oh the very 1st time i swallowed his load i knew i was addicted to it & have been ever since. Now i deep throat & swallow i still suck Noah btw

  • I was 10 and sucked my best friends older brother off he was 16 I sucked & swallowed his loads till he was 20 They lived across the street & i sucked him off several times a day and i still love to swallow cum

  • Wow that is so fucking hot i hope he had a nice big dick and fed you big cum loads your fucking lucky right across the street from you fuck yes

  • He had 8 cut it was nice & yes he usually gagged me with his load he got off on that i ended up serving lots of his needs

  • Unfortunately, I was 44, and even more unfortunately, I haven't had the chance since then. I should have done it sooner and more often. Nothing feels better than a cumming cock in your mouth!!!

  • I'm willing to let you suck my cock all day if you would like, as long as I can suck yours. Love the feeling of warm cum dripping down my throat and all over my face.

  • I agree. You need it now, you always will, until you suck some more,then you will want it even more. You are doomed to want to suck for the rest if your life.

  • I take my cock wind was 21year and I'm 60 now I looking for someone to turn me into a sissy sex slave for man cock need hot cum inside me deeper and deeper until I'm full with hot cum inside me and locks me up inside rubber woman chastity belt for life

  • I was 8 when my 10 yr old brother dared me to suck his dick so i did. We end up 69 with him on top & he fuck my damn brains out giving me a sore throat & i been sucking dick ever since but 69 with me on bottom is my favorite thing to do & swallow anything i get!

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  • I was 19. I was engaged to be married. He was in his mid 40s. He changed me and I became his good cock slave

  • Like very guy I k now once U have had the great tasty pleasure of mouth massaging a buds hard pecker and getting Ur 1st taste of his pre-cum U can never stop after that and love the taste of every meaty pecker U can mouth massage, tasting that meaty fucker and all his delicious cum U can suck up out of his low hanging balls--always going back for more when ever he gets hard!!!

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  • Tell me more. Who was the lucky guy. Tell me what happend.

  • 35f. I was 16 and on holiday with my family in St Lucia.

  • A random guy?

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  • No.

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  • I was five years old

  • So was i

  • Please tell me more.

  • That’s horrifying.

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  • Let's get together

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  • Where you at I'd like tohttps://www.naughtyposts.com/56646/when-did-you-suck-your-first-c suck it

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  • No doubt. If your mouth was on his cock it was better than ok.

  • 13 and he was 16

  • It is always nice when an older teenager takes you under his wing and teaches you the joys of giving a blowjob.

  • Wasn't sure what to do at the time but he knew.

  • Yeah fukin swallow motherfuker

  • You didn’t say if you enjoyed it. Did it make you a cock sucker for life? It did great wonders for me.

  • Yes I enjoyed giving and receiving I have 3 friend all bi I see them weekly. No drama no jealousy just come over and let's watch a movie enjoy eachothers cocks

  • I did enjoy it

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  • Turn on

  • I was 14 years old

  • Tell please

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