When did you suck your first cock?

How old were you when you sucked your first cock? Doesn't matter if you are female or male

5.7 years ago


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    • I was 8 or 9 when my uncle made me suck his cock, I would say that I was very interested in his cock, since the only other one I had seen so far was my father's, and his was very different..
      Not long after my father tried to do the same thing to me but I refused,i never let him do the things my uncle did to me

    • I was 10 years old when I sucked my first man's cock. It wasn't the first cock I'd sucked, but it was the first human cock. He was in his 20's, and worked for my dad on our farm. He caught me playing naked in the barn,

    • I was about 11 wen my sister started fucking me she had a big clit for a12 year old girl . My mum court me licking her bald pussy one night

    • 10 years old. My best friend (m) and I were playing in a field behind my house and he persuaded me to suck his cock, because 'all the big boys were doing it'. It felt weird at first, but I got used to it!
      I'm 73 now and have had the pleasure of introducing my two grandsons to the pleasures of mutual oral sex.

    • How old are the grandsons

    • My older brother made me start sucking his cock when I was 11, he would never suck or touch mine

    • I'm a female. 37.
      I was 17 - hot neighbor dad I was baby sitting for.
      In his car.....he fingered my virgin cunt too much and it hurt. So I made him cum quick. Jerk - came in my mouth - no warning.
      He just laughed and patted me on my ass.

    • Did you suck it again after that first time

    • Https://dhusia.ws?i=a38e8f1c

    • I guess I first sucked cock when I was about 14.my friend talked me into it.I’ve been sucking cock since

    • Love to wear panties and stockings and suck dick

    • Hot me too

    • I was 13 when I sucked a cock for the first time. Was at summer camp with other boy scouts and the group leader encouraged us to blow him off in the evenings

    • Me to…only I sucked off the scout assigned as our team leader. He was about two years older and working on his Eagle Scout badge. He came to my tent each night, I would suck until he loaded my mouth with cum and leave. I never saw him after the camping trip was over.

    • I sucked cock in the boy scouts too and a couple friends after school before going home to the family

    • Ειμαι 63 παντρεμενος απο τα 25 στρεϊτ στα 5 χρονια γαμου η γυναικα μου εφερε σπιτι τον γκομενο της κοιμομαστε στο ιδιο κρεβατι μαλακιζομουν οταν γαμαγε την γυναικα μου και κοιμομουν καποια στιγμη ενιωσα καποιο χερι στον κωλο μου μου αρεσε ξυπνησα ηταν ο γκομενος του αρπαξα την πουτσα με το στομα και ρουφηξα και την τελευταια σταγονα η γυναικα μου βιντεοσκοπουσετοτε αυτος μου σηκωσε τα ποδια με γαμησε και απο τοτε συνεχιζω.

    • I'm 56 females. I was 15 when I sucked my brothers' cock. He was16 and it was his first orgasm and my first-time tasting cum. It was great. we did this for over 5 years. Tell he got married. We still take about and then we both tried it aging several time in the last 10 years. It still tastes like the first time.

    • Love that tell more

    • Piss in my mouth,, mke2001w8tr@gmail.com

    • I will

    • My cousin and I were both ten and decided to take turns taking the other's dick in our mouths. We didn't even know about masturbating or orgasms yet. I instantly very much loved the feel and taste of his hard dick in my mouth though. I knew immediately I wanted to do this again. As I got a bit older I began sucking my friends' cocks whenever the chance was offered. I learned later I also love a dick in my ass. Having hard cocks in my mouth and my ass at the same time is a rare but wonderful treat too! I'm a bi-male who loves women but have always been a cocksucker and never turn down a chance to suck a guy off. I love cum and always eagerly swallow every drop, keeping their cock in my mouth until they are licked clean.

    • Me too it's hot

    • My parents divorced and my mother married my stepfather. He was always great to my mother and took us into his house after the divorce. I was 16 at the time with no boyfriend. I had never sucked a cock before. It was difficult to hear my mom getting fucked hard in the bedroom next door by this man I hardly knew, and I was curious if he had a big cock. Well, one Saturday morning, my mother had left to go with her friends shopping. My stepfather was at the kitchen table having coffee. He was in a bathrobe and I caught a glimpse of his cock. It looked thick. He caught me looking and said it was ok.
      He said if I didn't tell my mom he would show it to me. I agreed of course. He opened up the robe and revealed a thick cock with a nice big head. He said that my mom likes to suck on it and lick his balls. I asked him if I could suck it a little bit as I hadn't sucked a cock before. He said "sure". I kneeled down and licked that big head before taking most of it my mouth. I loved it when he pushed my head down onto it and asked me how it tasted. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, but he quickly pulled me off and said that his cum was for my mom later. My mom ended up divorcing about 2 years later. I never told her what happened!

    • Kate bloomer. I was 55. Wanted to learn why gals loved doing so much. sex therapist told me I had to do it to find out. it was so fun. I want to do it more if I can find a nice average size local guy in my area

    • I think it's great you are curios and willing to try something new. You said it was as fun..., did you enjoy it? How far did you go? Did you suck and swallow? Did you know the person or was it a casual hook up?

    • Why did you go to sex therapy

    • About 11 or 12. Didn't 'suck' it - just put it in my mouth. He did the same to me. We'd take turns touching each other. Balls, penis. Then one of us went down and put the other's little pink/pale stiffy in our mouth. It was so weird - because it just seemed the natural place to put it!
      That was over 60 years ago. We each married and had a boatload of kids. We weren't gay - would have loved the other to be a girl - but 'any port in a storm!'
      I'm pretty sure that it was a one-time thing.

    • My 15 year old sister was very popular with the boys. One day I asked her why all the boys liked her. She said because I blow them. I did not know exactly what that was so I asked her to explain. She said she was meeting some boys at the park. She said I could watch an maybe blow a couple of the boys. We met my sisters best friend and off to the park. There were nine boys waiting for us. My sister got to work fast. After she finished blowing the first boy she told me to try it I did and I liked it. I was 11 years old a couple days before turning 12. I could not believe how fast word traveled I had tons of boys trying to hook up with me for a blow job. I actually had several seniors in high school dating me so I would blow them. My tits were just little mounds but they did not care they just wanted a blow job. I gave up my virginity to one of them.

    • I first got my cock sucked when I was 15 and she was 13

    • I would have sucked them too

    • I am a male and I was far too young for it to be legal. It was fun and my mothers " friend " taught me how to do it.

    • What a thrill for a young lad to take an older man's cock for the first time. I know there are a lot of older men who enjoy it.

    • How old was he? Did you suck only or swallow too? Did you enjoy it? My first time was with a family friend and I loved it. I still suck to this day. I am male.

    • I was about 13 when I started sucking cock

    • My wife was into fucking black cock. I sometimes go along to watch and make sure no harm comes to her. She had set up a date with this guy that she had fucked several times before. Turns out he had invited seven of his friends. Since she was the only women there some of the men got restless. They told me I had to keep them hard until it was there turn to fuck my wife. I started blowing this one guy and felt another dick in my ass. That was a first for me. I am not a fan of blowing men or taking it up the ass. However if that is what it takes to help the wife get bbc then I let it happen.

    • How do I get my wife into wanting 2 cocks

    • Did they cum in your mouth as well?

    • My wife loves black cock. She loves telling me how it feels and she can't get enough. I've heard the stories so many times I want to find out what she's talking about. I don't know how to tell her or know her f she would allow me to participate in one of her encounters. Any suggestions?

    • My girlfriend brought a guy home she used to know from the navy
      He stayed in the spare room but we invited him in we took turn fucking her. In the morning she went off to work. He knocked on the door and came in naked and asked if I fancied some fun
      His cock was about 7 inches long, I am the same. I sucked his cock and then he wanted to fuck me too. After that I wanted to fuck him. When Stephanie came home we fucked her again and then she wanted to watch him suck my cock too. Best position was him licking her pussy while I fucked him.

    • The wife loves sleeping around with mostly black men. I like to watch them fuck her after they leave I fuck the wife. One day she was fucking this black guy when she told me I had to take his load. I said no. He let me know I better take it or he would beat the shit out of me. I took his load. I was 23 at the time. The next time he came over the house I sucked his dick as me wife played with her clit. Now when she has a bf come over the house at some point she will ask the man to let me suck him off. Most of them like me sucking there cock.

    • Sounds like fum

    • I would have sucked all of them if I was there

    • I was 13. Out riding bikes with 3 girlfriends. Ran into our class sex fiend and he wanted to have sex with one of us. The girls decided it should be me as I hadn't started menstruating yet. Looking back, it was hilarious. we walked about 10 feet into a corn field. I had on shorty shorts and halter top. He pulled his pants down and his pecker was hard and pointed straight up in the air. Evidently, he was more talk than experience as he didn't know to lube me up or any prep work. It wasn't like he had to fight thru some tangled bush, all I had was a few hairs growing there.
      He was like put in your mouth, don't know why but I did. Okay what's this suppose to do ? Then he literally starts fucking my mouth and he shoots in my mouth, my position, he was holding my head and shooting it at the back of my throat, I gagged it down.

    • I was 16 at the time. I came home from school and found my older sister sucking her boyfriend's cock on the couch. I told her that I wouldn't tell mom and dad if she let me suck it too! She looked at her boyfriend and he said it was alright with him. I ended up sucking his cock while my sister watched. We still laugh about it today!

    • 15 in the back seat of a car double dating with my girlfriend. It was a little awkward but I enjoyed it!

    • A male dad gave me the experience of a lifetime I sucked him dry at age 4 thanx dad wish you did I to me every week not just that one time cause I know I like it a lot of there are any blacks that want their cocks sucked get hold of me donaldlassleben4441@gmail.com I want to start sucking cocks regularly,would really love to be humiliated by black cock's I promise to worship big another

    • I am male & was in fourth grade. We had an old man as a neighbor who was always nice to me. I told him I was ugly because the other boys had started getting girlfriends. I told him they said they "french" kissed. He told me I was pretty & later offered to teach me to french kiss. I was so shy but let him. I went back a few times to "learn". I don't remember how I ended up sucking him but I did for a few years.

    • Where are you from

    • Karen (the fat shaming loser on NaughtyPosts that fucks his mother’s corpse) is also a gloryhole regular and is now up to 400 lbs. from all of the cum he has swallowed.

      He looks like a giant Sperm Tick.

      He still lives in his mom’s single-wide and he still prowls the elementary school playground looking for pre-teen boys to abduct. He calls them his “fresh veal”.

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