When did you suck your first cock?

How old were you when you sucked your first cock? Doesn't matter if you are female or male

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  • I was 14 he was my best friend, we tossed a coin as to who did it first I lost,
    but I was ready and willing I wanted to try it, I couldent believe how good it felt having a dick in my mouth, I did feel a bit sick when he burst in my mouth but I had to man up and swallow, as he did for me after, we gave each other lots of pleasure many times.

  • I was 13 years old and my friend was 16 years old, I don't know how I knew what to do but it came naturally to me. I remember thinking that I liked the taste of cock and liked holding his cock and balls in my hands. I enjoyed it, the only problem was I wasn't expecting it when he blew his load in my mouth. It went down my throat making me gag, I was coughing up cum out of my throat onto the floor, my eyes were watering and it took a couple of seconds for me to catch my breath. It was my first time ever having cum shot in my mouth, but I wasn't turned off by it, because I did it many times again with him and learned to swallow.

  • Peculiar. I thought by now even teens knew that a girl sucking a man's penis is instinctive. There is nothing to learn which is why it was natural for you to hold a man's scrotum and penis in your hands, to enjoy the taste of his penis in your mouth and to swallow all of his semen regardless of any gagging along the way. Girls shouldn't have to learn of it being instinctive on websites. It should be part of sexual education what is instinctive.

  • Its instinctice for both boys and girls. boys actually suck dick way better than girls.

  • I was a 13 year old horny guy and the next door neighbor came on really big, he was 16, I was very curious some, his mom and mine both worked nights and we'd hang out at his place.. It happened, he asked if I would, I said yeah, I would and I sat on the bed with him standing in front of me.. I sucked him until he shot off in my mouth, I loved it, ALL of it, sucking him and him shooting off, I swallowed it, most of it, and have been a lover of hard dick and hot cum ever since.. I'm 64 years old and still love to give head when I get the chance.

  • I was 18 in university. I was recently heartbroken and this cute guy from class wanted to "hang out" so i pumped myself up so i could give him a bj when we hung out but i got lost and ended up in a random professors office he was probably around 50 years old... I told him i was lost cause its such a big campus and we talked for a bit, he was really sweet and i was already cock hungry so i kind of just kneeled between his legs and started rubbing his cock. He didnt say anything so i pulled his cock out and leaned in and started licking it. It was the first time i had ever touched or tasted cock and i was mesmerized by how i could jerk him off with both my hands and still suck on his head... I sucked his cock and licked his balls for maybe an hour and then he filled my mouth up with cum. He quickly got a few napkins and told he i could spit it out and clean up with those. I thought that act was so sweet so with a mouth full of his cum i stuck my tongue out and swallowed his whole load and smiled... I went back a few times and either swallowed his load or took it on my face; i begged him to fuck me but he never wanted to. i tried getting in touch with him after a few years but he didnt seem interested :/ never sucked another cock since him

  • I was 11 yrs old at my best friends house for her birthday sleep over. We was down stairs and her older brother 17 yrs old came home late drunk. He's very cute and I was flirting with him I was the only one of my friends to start getting tits. They was jealous because he was checking me out and flirting back. His sister was getting mad at us and all the girls went into the other room. We kept talking and flirting it was really late and everyone had fallen asleep. He asked me if I wanted to go to his room I said sure. We got to his room he said you have cute tits and asked to see them I removed my top and he started sucking my tits. Before long we was both naked all I thought was how huge his cock felt in my tiny hand. He asked of I wanted to have sex and I said yes it hurt really bad at first. Then I loved it he cam and said stay and wait I'm going to fuck you good. We cuddled and kissed Suddenly he was hard again we fucked me really hard. It felt good but I was sore but wanted it more and more. After that I would come over all the time and sneak in and we would have sex. His mom caught us and freaked out we had sex a few times after I got a bad rep after that.

  • I was 16, and my boyfriend had pissed me off so I went to hang with one of my girl friends who was hanging out with some other guy. Well I was pissed off and the guy was really smooth, or we thought he was because we were in highschool he flirted just the right way and before long things got sexual. Talked us into making out. And then into more and more until we were sharing his cock between our lips. After that nights experience I sucked my boyfriend's cock all the time but he never found out he wasn't my first.

  • He doesn't care & never will. The point is for a girl to NEVER stop sucking a man's penis. it's instinctive anyhow.

  • I am female and at a early age of 13 my older brother 15 tricked me into sucking his cock. From that date on daily for the next 6 years and sometimes as much as five times a day. Think I was 15 when he first ate me out and 17 my first mind blowing orgasm, WOW

  • I'll tell you what. When anyone of intelligence considers the instinct at play here, one knows this girl only thinks there were any tricks involved. We'll be conservative with the arithmetic here ; 365 x 6 x 3 = 6570. Even to suggest that during her teen years, this girl sucked on her older brother penis 5,000 to 6,000 times is quite amazing ; but VERY instinctive and very credible.

  • I was 18, and it was with my bf at a party. We had only been a couple for a few days, so we were in that excited, hot and heavy phase. We hadn't done anything really sexual at at point, just heavy kissing and feeling each other up. Well, we found a somewhat private area, were kissing, and he said he was hard as a rock. I unbuttoned his jeans, slid them down, and gave him a bj. It was my first time so I had no idea what I was doing or how he liked it. It was a little bit of a surprise when he came, and I'll never forget tasting it for the first time.

  • Excellent account. This further demonstrates the instinct of the human female to know her mouth is to suck a man's penis. Clueless girl with a virgin mouth just engages upon fellatio until her first man finishes & she swallows his semen.

  • My brother tricked me when I was young, like 12 or so. We were playing a game he came up with where we put things inside this box then put a blindfold on, I never understood the covering of the eyes until after he tricked me. So it is my turn to reach into the box and he is taking forever to get something in there, turns out he made another box with a hole in the bottom. I reached in and started feeling around, I had no idea what it was but I was touching and feeling out his penis. After I was out of guesses I lifted up the blindfold and was really embarrassed but at the same time really curious. He then talked me into sucking on him and within minutes got my first taste of sperm.

  • My own insucked when I was 15. Another guy's I sucked when I was 29. I sucked his cock in my car, he leaked so much precum that's all I could taste. I can still feel his penis on and out of my mouth, the slurping sounds I made giving him a blowjob. It gets me so fucking horny every time I think about it :)

  • When I was 14 I accidently walked in on my older brother wanking in the bathroom and I was fixated on his cock. Not the first one I had seen but clearly the biggest and I asked him if I could finish and he took hold of my hand and pulled me to him and when I took hold of him god the feelings that went thru me and I ended up giving him a blo till he came in my mouth and I swallowed all of his cum and I still couldn't take my hands off of him.

    The next day we met out in the barn and I gave him another BJ and just about daily for the next three years till he went into the Navy.

  • I was 13 and I became sexually aware at a young age. I had wanted to do it like a year before that to my brothers best friend because I had a crush on him. I had fantasized over and over how it would all go. My birthday is in June and at my birthday party I told him that I wanted to come over to his house tomorrow and give him a blow job. He looked at me and told me I could come over anytime. I went over at like ten in the morning and he answered the door with a smile on his face, we went back to his bedroom and he laid on his bed. I told him no I want you standing up and I kneeled down in front of him. When he pulled his underwear down if bounced straight up and I was just enamored by the site of a real cock. I licked, sucked and stroked him for two orgasms and he loved every second of it. I have always loved doing it and just love how a cock feels in my hands, I love sucking on the head and feeling the ridge slide thru my lips, needless to say my husband is a very happy man.

  • Hopefully, you make more than your husband happy :)

  • Does your husband know that you sucked dick so youbg?

  • I think I was 12, my brother had a few friends that would come over to our house everyday. One of them would always come find me and run his hands all over me then go back to what ever they were doing. He would do this all the time then one day all three of them asked me to come into my brothers room. He had the shades pulled down and lights were off, they told me kneel down between them and they all pulled down their pants. The one that would always feel me out told me how to suck on his cock and I ended up giving them all a blow job. This went on everyday for a long time until I told them that I was not going to do it anymore but it was probably close to three years. During that time my brother would also come into my room anytime my parents were gone and ask me to do it and I would just do it.

  • Of course you did. Girls know instinctively that their mandate is to suck a man's Penis. Furthermore, due to those early three years, I bet to this day your are very adroit at it thus in higher demand once men learn of it.

  • Are you male or female?

  • I am male. When I was 18 I sucked off my brother's best friend, who was 17 at the time. He came to visit my brother who was not home. Hung out in the basement with me for a little while. Told me he thought I was gay (I am) and got me to blow him, he shoot his load in my mouth without asking or warning me and I swallowed it all. Love swallowing cum to this day.

  • I was 15 (f) and was hanging out at the house of my friend who was a neighbor. His dad was at work and his mom stepped out to go shopping. We were looking at porn on his laptop when he started asking questions about what pussy felt like. I said, "You show me yours and I'll show you mine." We went ahead and dropped our shorts and played, just touching at first. Then I took him in my mouth, and eventually had him lie down so I could swing around and do a 69. I think he was just about to get his rocks off when we could hear his mom pull into the driveway. Believe me, we never got dressed back up so quickly. My heart was totally beating through my chest. It was really hard to act normal in front of her. I think we both had guilty looks that afternoon.

  • I've never sucked a cock my friend when we were 13 wanted to do me and he wanted me to do him, I was not sure and said no so he said he would just masturbate instead, my first time and he was so limber and long he sucked his own cock I was mesmerized I've never seen this before I blew my first load and thought I was going to pass out. I do regret not trying it at least once.

  • I was 25 and my father in law was 60. The wife likes it that we spend so much time together doing.....things. She has no idea that I suck the cock that made her.

  • Indeed. Most important here is that you NEVER stop sucking, regardless of the man's age.

  • The first one I gave was when I was about 16, he was a sweet guy we were in love blah, blah lasted six months.
    The first time I sucked a cock I was 14 and it was not really a mutual thing but I was to young and thought no one would believe me. Luck was on my side though and a few months later my mother kicked him out of the house and a short time later he was in jail for something else. When I was around 20 my mom and I were talking about bad relationships and she brought him up telling me that she always worried about him with me but was glad she kicked him out before anything happened. I just looked at her and smiled telling her that he was a little touchy but nothing real bad. Yup, lied to my Mom.

  • I'm a 44 year old married woman , my first time sucking was my older brother and his friends in a fort they had built at the end of our property I was just barely 11 hated the taste so they came up with the idea of pooring kool aid on their dicks so I could suck them. There's alot more that happened but you get the idea

  • Cool. This dame learned how to become a scumbag early, although appropriately. More importantly, perhaps your spouse could lend reality to the product of your very early training.

  • That's cool I bet u sucked good

  • I would love to hear more about this!

  • So would I!

  • I was 12 and it was a neighbor boy who was 14. He said I was awesome and would cum deep down my throat. Still love giving head at 22.

  • Female, I was 14 and gave my cousin his first, I had been really curious about doing it. I watched numerous videos online, I even practiced with a banana. He was completely amazed at how great it felt and wanted more so I spent my whole summer break giving him blow jobs. Wow was I ever stupid but any other guy I have been with tells me I am amazing at it, one of my boyfriends told me I was a blow job artist.

  • Look, it can't be both girl. You're either stupid OR amazing so I believe you'll choose the latter. Be very thankful for your excellent pubescent summer where your cousin is indeed responsible for you becoming adroit at oral pleasure upon a man!!

  • How did it happen?

  • Would like to find out

  • Male, 63. I sucked my first cock when I was 8 years old. My brother was 12 and part of a group of boys older than me so within a few weeks of sucking his cock for the first time I was sucking 4 or 5 different cocks. The eldest was 14 at the time and this went on for a few years. Still think about it and still love it!

  • I sucked older boys at that age too but I didn't have a brother. It was older boys at the park. I did it to get to hang out with them. On a good day I would suck 4 or more and sometimes more than once. Weekends and summers I was very busy. I loved walking out of school and 2 or 3 of them be waiting for me. All the other boys thought it was cool I hung out with older dudes. Little did they know I was eating their cum. Did this for a little over 4 years. They all got older and moved on.

  • 40 year old female , I sucked my first cock at 13 . He was 17 and the brother of my best friend . We were watching movies in their basement , I had a huge crush on him so when his sister fell asleep I let him play with me eventually letting him talk me into giving him a blowjob. He held my head when he came so I was forced to swallow. I found out the next morning my best friend wasn't really sleeping and watched the whole thing.

  • Of course you were forced to swallow. it's the only appropriate method for teaching a young girl how to finishing her oral performance on a man. Be thankful your girlfriend, who may have been a 'plant' had the attractive brother to teach you such.

  • Female 62. First sucked when I was 13 and still a virgin (lost it at 21) was living on the Rock (Gibraltar) and had entered a local swimsuit beauty competition, the MC dirty old touchy devil if I guess 50 years old took me down onto the beach(to give me some expert tips) so he said, ended up on my knees in the shallow water, swimsuit pulled off my shoulders to reveal my tiny tits to him as he wanked, to me back then he was huge in the cock department and as I knelt trembling he pushed into my mouth, I imiediatly started to enjoy the sensation that I'd only talked about with my very closest friend, all of a sudden it erupted in my mouth as he held my head firmly and fucked his cock in my mouth, I remember feeling I was getting choked so had to gulp what felt like gallons of warm salty cum straight down and swallowed most of it, he pulled out once finished, belted up and walked away, I didn't win either but had the taste for cock then and for the next three years whilst there sucked many a mans big cock without getting caught or loosing my cherry

  • Lucky you girl!! THAT is precisely how many if not every girl should be mandated upon puberty ; learning the appropriate method for finishing, when a man chooses to ejaculate in their mouth.

  • At 13 I let a man that lived in our building convince me I could be a model. During one of his "photo shoots" he told me he was doing a lot to get me a modeling career and wanted me to do something for him in return. Next thing I know I'm on my knees with his cock in my mouth and his hands in my hair . It was more him fucking my mouth than me sucking him and he finished pretty quick. I did it four more times before he literally just disappeared from our building.

  • Countless girls have reported being tricked to perform their mandate with this same tactic. I'm sure now you fully understand that this is all part of some girls pubescent training toward becoming a woman. It was good for you to experience and I'm sure many girls envy your opportunity. The man had needs & you became the lucky girl.

  • Female, 38. Sucked my first cock shortly after I turned 18. I was a virgin, and it was with my first boyfriend at college who was a virgin as well (he went on to be my first husband after we graduated.)
    I really enjoyed it, and especially enjoyed having the power to make my boyfriend come undone like that. To this day I love sucking cock. Every guy I've ever been with has raved about my blow-job ability. I don't honestly think I'm anything that special I'm the sack, but I am damn good at giving head!

  • Excellent girl. This reads so honestly that it nearly lacks credibility. As such, it's concise and pointed. I can identify with your response due to being sexual with several having the same m.o. Like you, they were just another satisfying vagina, however they were especially adroit at sucking my penis and of course swallowed all my semen which I'm sure you do. Because face it, no dame can be 'great' sucking a man's penis unless she finishes by swallowing!!

  • Female, 16. Worst time of my entire sex life. It started out pretty well, he was laying on the bed and I was on my hands and knees above him. I licked and sucked on him for a while figuring he would enjoy it. He then grabbed my hair and began just thrusting in and out just before he started to orgasm. I gagged because he went to deep, had sperm running out of my nose, he would not let up until the next gag caused me to puke on him. He was grossed out and asked me what was wrong, I yelled at him and told me you cannot just ram it down my throat like that moron.
    Yeah, it was a great first time, he never got another anything from me again.

  • Good on you. He was a fuckin idiot.

  • Male. First time I had penis in my mouth was when I was 12 years old and it was my cousins who was 11. I didn't know what blowjobs were and usually me and him took turns just putting our penises in our mouths. We just did what felt good I guess. I remeber that his penis had really soft skin.

    When I was 18, I lived with my best friend (male). He was Bi.. Which he denied at the time. One day me and him were watching porn and both messed up on Valium and alcohol. We ended up masturbating together and somehow I just asked him if I could sick his dick while he watched. He said yes. I started giving him my first dick-sucking ever! His penis was long but not thick. He was well shaved down there and surprisingly did not smell bad. I was horrible. Using teeth at first and not managing my breath right. After a few minutes of practice I just started doing what my gf did when she gave me head... My friend loved it... I remember tasting his pre gum it was salty but there was so much of my saliva it wasn't that bad. That's why I let him cum in my mouth. I swallowed a mouthful of his cum... That's when I was about to earl... I ran into the bathroom and used Listerine.

  • When I was 25 I managed to get the head of my cock in my mouth and sucked it. I stroked it to cum and swallowed. In my late 30s and early 40s I gave head at adult book store gloryholes once every couple of years. Never made any of them cum though. I stopped over 10 years ago, but still fantasize about it. Sometimes I suck on a sausage and pretend.

  • Female, and I was 15. My bf and I went to a movie, and I blew him behind the theater while we waited for his parents to pick us up. I'll never forget that white stuff that came out of his dick. It was weird.

  • Did he moan?

  • Yeah, he did.

  • I sucked my brothers dick when I was 20, it was his idea we went down on each at the same time I couldent believe how much I enjoyed it, he was fairly big I really had to stretch my mouth to get it in, its my fondest memory

  • Are you make for female?

  • I'm a man I sucked my best friends cock first when we were both 11 and starting puberty. I was surprised when he came in my mouth. It took me month before I came as well we carried on wanking and sucking each other all that summer of 1976.

  • Have you done it since? Do you masturbate to the memory?

  • I have done it loads of times since and it's one of my favourite memorys to wank to by myself or with a friend.

  • Yes I do.
    I've been married for 29 years. I'm Bi and wear lingerie my. Wife knows all about my meeting men friends for sex every few months and buys me new lingerie for the occasion and books a Hotel for us with her blessing.

  • Does she know how young you started?

  • Yes she does.
    She caught me and Dave sucking each other in the woods and joined in.
    Sometimes when I'm with our friend Col she will come and join us and relive that long hot summer.

  • Football coach in junior high. Loved it.

  • Where ?

  • His office after practice and nobody was around. I wanted it. It was not abuse. He was a hot hairy Italian with big muscular arms and legs.

  • Only once?

  • All season long. I wanted him to fuck me too. But he did not.

  • I'm a guy, I was around 8 but I didn't enjoy it that much. I did again when I was 12 with a bigger cock and loved it. Wasn't into cum tho, so I didn't taste it. Then I think a yr or 2 later, I was able to put my own dick in my mouth for a couple yrs and tried my precum. I would love to suck a mushroom cock and have it leak tons of precum. Still not into regular cum but I would taste it and most likely swallow it if it was from a mushroom cock. I always go crazy to suck tgirl Sadie Hawkins dick & swallow her load.

  • Sadie Hawkins makes my mouth water... Would love to rim that and suck her off...

  • How old were the guys? What were the circumstances?

  • I wasn't going to say, but it was actually my brother who was 5 yrs older. He was the one who got me into doing things with him. We'd always wait until night time when our parents had to work, and then I'd go into his room and strip, and he'd have me climb into his bed and then he'd try to get me to suck his dick. I liked having something in my mouth but it just felt weird at the time. Nothing happened for a couple yrs until one night we had to put together exercise equipment, I was sitting on the floor and he appeared next to me and stood there with a big tent in his pants and asked if I wanted to suck his dick. He sat on the bed in front of me and I was amazed at how big his dick got and kept telling him it was so big. He let me touch it for a few and then sucked on it, it tasted so good and felt great in my mouth. In the end, I turned down his cum and he hasn't asked me since, and I was afraid to ask, thinking he would call me gay or something. For so many yrs I had dreams and thoughts about being in front of him again with his big dick aimed at my face. I especially just wanted him to shoot his cum all over my face, maybe suck his balls after he shaved them and just showered, and I would've let him cum in my mouth and overfill it...

  • I took gymnastics in middle school and got pretty limber. When I was 14 I saw a picture of a tranny with her legs flipped over sucking her own cock. Spent the next week stretching and trying until finally I could suck the head, over the next month I got limber enough to take much of the shaft. In 30 years no woman I've been with has been able to give me as good head as I do myself.

  • Did you swallow?

  • I am a married man. I am 76 and sucked my first cock about four years ago. Long over-due... and I loved it. I still love cock and suck it as often as possible. And yes -- I do swallow. It's my reward.

  • There's a n_i_gg_e_r in the woodpile here.

  • Where do you find cock to suck?

  • Gay bars and wooded trails.

  • I am male and I was around 14.

  • How old was he?

  • My first time I was 11 female and the boy was 10 and he finished in my mouth but i did not swallow and he licked my bald pussy ut I did not cum

  • If you recall, ten year old boys don't ejaculate semen ; hence there was nothing TO swallow girl.

  • Did he lick your nipples?

  • Years old with a neighbor if same age

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