When did you suck your first cock?

How old were you when you sucked your first cock? Doesn't matter if you are female or male

4.9 years ago


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    • I was 11 years old when i first got to wrap my lips around the uncut dick of my 12 year old best friend, still do 38 years later.

    • I'm a female and I was about 14 years old when my lips touched my first cock. I found the taste different as the boy was uncircumcised. As I got older I discovered there was a difference and enjoyed it even more as I went off to college. There, I sucked a lot of cock as guys were always willing. I developed a taste for cum, especially the thick kind!

    • I was 12 and it was go to work day with my dad who was a long distance truck driver. We stopped overnight at a truck stop and we went into the restaurant to eat. Several truckers stopped by to say hi and asked my dad if he wanted to play cards. At first my dad said no because I was with him. I told him I wouldn’t mind if he wanted to play cards. He said ok, but I had to promise not to tell my mom about the “bets”. I thought he was talking about money, but I was wrong. The loser had to give the group a blowout! It turned out to be a bad night for my dad and he lost the last 3 games. My dad looked oddly at me and said he would be right back. He and the first guy left and went in the cab of the truck. A few minutes later the first guy came back without my dad and the second guy left. When he came back and the last guy left, I was curious and followed him. He got in the truck, I waited a few minutes and opened the door. My dad had his cocktail in his mouth and was beginning to cum. My dad turned towards me and the guy shot cum in his face.

      After the guy left I asked my dad what it felt like to

    • Email me mke2001w8tr@gmail.com tell me more

    • How long ago was that

    • It’s been 30 years. I still get horny when I pass truck stops. For years I would stop at truck stops to eat. I got married and haven’t been to one since… but as you might guess I did a search for a site like this for a reason.

    • I was 38 and wish I had got to doing it sooner. I am now 72 and still enjoy sucking cum, luv the taste, the most a have done in one day is 6, would like to do a group of 5 or more. live in Albemarle NC & STILL SUCK

    • I was 32 when I sucked my first dick I wish I had the courage to do it sooner I'm now in my 60s

    • How far from Asheville me and wife headed that way she likes watching a man suck my cock and lick my balls

    • I was born male and it was my 13th bday. He was my best friend, John G. I set things up so that he would "catch me" dressed up with makeup tights, high heels, the works. It was my bday and I said if he would let me I would love him to be the first cock I suck. He said yes and I played with it and he is huge and I sucked it until I got all his cum. I felt the warmth of his cum then I tasted it and I loved the taste. I told him that I wanted him to make love to me as soon as he is able to get hard again. It was amazing and I knew I wanted men who could fuck me that good.

    • When I was 32. I always wondered what it was like to suck another guy's cock. I enjoyed every moment of how dirty and whorish he made me feel. I let him do a lot more than that..

    • Fathers Day… 2015. I went to a family reunion and met several cousins from my dads side of the family. My dad was married and divorced before meeting my mom. They moved right after getting married to take a new job. The reunion was at my grandfathers farm. He has 200 acres and used to grow crops. My newly found cousins and I went exploring in the barns. We stayed playing dare and double dare. At the first the punishment was harmless… you had to hang upside down on a rafter or you had to jump from the loft to the ground. Then the oldest cousin gave me a date and I failed. He said to find out my punishment, to go behind the hay bales and wait. In a few minutes he came around and said I needed to get on my knees and close my eyes. As I waited, he came close and put his hands on top of my head. I felt something pressing against my lips and he said open your mouth. As I did he pushed his Vick inside and said SUCK… I did. I opened my eyes and looked up. He was smiling and asked if I liked it. All I could do was shamed my head yes because he was rocking back and forth. I’m a few minutes he was cumming down my throat.

      My dad asked me later if I enjoyed playing with my cousins. I said I loved it and asked when I could visit again.

    • I sucked my brothers cock when I was 11 and he was 16

    • I'm a older man who loves the taste of cum. I love to suck cock. I often eat my own sperm

    • Im a boy im going to cum in my knickers put strawberry yought on it eat it with cum

    • Thats nice

    • Sweet

    • Wish we could do it together

    • Me to.

    • I think a lot of us married guys do this when we get older. Use to have never dreamed it but now want it more and more.... so hot to swallow even own cum but so good to help a married friend out and take his load and him yours to and be proud of each other no shame or labels just fun.

    • Yes, I agree. In my younger days the idea of sucking a cock was repulsive. I was 54 when I sucked my first cock. My wife wasn’t as interested in sex as she once was and I missed getting my cock sucked. I was joking with a co worker saying if he took care of me I would take care of him. About a week later he came by when my wife was out shopping. After a few beers he said he would take me up on my offer. He rubbed my leg, then my cock. It felt good and I was so horny I said yes. After he finished, it was my turn. We’ve been helping each other out ever since.

    • Wives don't understand that guys need to cum and that other guys will suck cock

    • Back in the days of craigslist I was posting ads to suck cock and most of the responses were horny married guys who wanted me to suck their cocks, it was nice.

    • I know I miss that. I am trans and I would show up to the men wearing a dress and hanes pantyhose and high heels to suck or to get fucked. It was so easy to meet cute men and get some nice size cocks. On a few dates there were 2 or 3 men and I had all of them at the same time. I even got paid from many of the men. I love the taste of cum and cum facials and an ass full of cum too. I always make sure to leave my cum facials on my face and I go to the store and buy some things like my tampons and lipstick or waterproof mascara. I love men so much I only wish I was born a girl.

    • My first cock was a trans. I didn’t know I was with a trans until we were in bed and my hands went from breasts to cock! By that time I was so horny and curious I instinctively pulled away the panties and started sucking. The cock was bigger than mine and the skin was super smooth. I did everything I could think of to give a blowjob of how I liked to receive one. I never like it when the girl spit out my cum, so when it came time I swallowed and then licked the balls and shaft clean. I’ve sucked other cocks since… but none compared to my first.

    • Who else did you suck? how did you find them?

    • I sucked several cocks after the trans. My first was a co-worker. I told him about the trans and he became obsessed with me sucking him. He constantly said I was lying, prove it and followed me in the bathroom. After a couple weeks I figured why not and met him after work. I would not suggest doing that because it caused lots of issues and eventually I quit because he was saying things in front of people.

      I would estimate I’ve sucked about 15 guys. Most were one time without strings. I find joggers who go commando like to be admired. I’ve sucked a lot of cocks in the park. They leave their shorts on, I get on my knees and slide up their shorts. There is an added rush of possibly getting caught. If we hear someone, I stop and he takes off… Another good place to find guys is at the beach. I place my towel close if I see a guy with a nice bulge. I let them know I’m interested by glancing at their bulge. About 1 in five are interested. Happy Hunting.

    • Nice, I like cruising public men's bathrooms and parks

    • I find to many of the rest stops along the highway are patrolled, I stay away from them. I’ve had more luck at truck stops. The long distance haulers have beds and curtains. Most truckers don’t like wearing a condom, so be prepared to have a sweaty uncovered cock in your mouth.

    • I drove an 18 wheeler for 8 years in the tri-state area, NJ, DE, PA. And you would really surprised how many married men are out there just wanting to suck cock. I stopped counting after 100+ blowjobs from other men. I sure do miss those days, but I can still find some local cock suckers in my area, North GA. Still can get my cock sucked about once every two weeks, and loving it!!!

    • Married guys are cock hungry, I sucked some trucker cock before from the cb radio in my younger days

    • Definitely the place to suck and get sucked off, for sure!


    • Northeast Ohio

    • Me too where I'm in Lorain where are you

    • Akron area

    • When did you start sucking cock?

    • Hi Chris here. Im 67 years old. I never sucked a cock before but I'd Love to try it I think I'd be great at it! I'm in Hummelstown Pa. If interested?

    • Me too Chris.

      I am new and curious. Oregon.

    • I will suck your cock I want to try I'm in my 70s love to try the taste sounds yummy

    • Love to try to suck a clock yesyes

    • You can suck my cock im a boy ill let you

    • I'm in Williamsport PA and I will suck your cock. Text me if you want to at

    • Email me suedon21@optimum.net

    • You'd like to suck a cock. The sperm tastes really good. It's really good for you also. I sucked and swallowed a big load of sperm when I was 8 years old. I've loved to eat sperm every since then. I like to eat my sperm when I masturbate.

    • Lucky guy

    • Where do you live...city

    • Poughkeepsie ny

    • I live in Williamsport PA and I will suck your cock and swallow your load.
      Text me at 1570-980-0707.

    • How. How bout mine?

    • Im male and I dod it first when I was 55 because my x wife asked me to and let her watch. So I did and i liked it.

    • Anyone ever suck cock in public men's bathrooms? adult bookstores? tell me about it. mke2001w8tr@gmail.com

    • I used to go to adult bookshops in my city that had video booths with glory holes. Guys from 20 to 50 or more went there it was really popular especially for married guys. I would go there two or three nights a week with my wife's blessing. I used to tell her about my fantasy and that Id heard of glory holes and she encouraged me to go try it and I did and I got addicted, when I came home from there she was always eager to hear about how many cocks I sucked, what they looked like, tasted like, were they passive or did they fuck my mouth, how many cum in my mouth, she would get so wet hearing my adventures her cunt was dripping then Id fuck her. She also got turned on hearing about me putting my cock through the hole and get sucked off and loved me describing how it felt to blow my load in some guys slutty mouth. But for me I just loved a hot stiff throbbing cock in my mouth oozing pre cum in my mouth savoring the flavour and loved giving them pleasure untill they shot their thick hot sperm .... oh fuck.

    • I grew up in Center City Philly. I found a porn shop with video booths that let me in when I was in jr high. I spent almost every day before school and during lunch sucking cocks through the gloryhole. I think I was an attraction for several regulars. It was a long time ago, I'm married now, beautiful wife, beautiful life.

    • Nothing better than a mouthful of cock and cum especially gloryhole cock

    • Yes I have and loved every load

    • Back years ago i use to enjoy but then it all went away.... guess its good with so much going around these days but i sure miss just stopping in sucking and getting sucked and going home happy after

    • I miss those days

    • I was 5, my brother was 14. We were home alone watching TV. He got up stood in front of me, pulled it out. He told me to open my mouth and then he put it in. He told me it was like a straw and that I needed to suck. I started to suck. After a while I felt something hot and salty coming out of it. I swallowed it. I didn't know at that time that I had just given m first blowjob.

    • I was five too. but it didn't happen with my brother , but rather a high school boy who lived down the street. He taught me how to masturbate and get 'cream" to flow. And it went on from there, to other things with him and others, for a few years. There was a musky smell to him and to this day, if i smell it anywhere, I get an instant hard on. I actually liked it, but when he asked me to do it again, I said: " I will if you promise not to pee in my mouth this time" ( i think he had cum in my mouth the first time). I was five and didn't know. The smell and the whispering are what i remember most. it was comforting. From that time on, I remembered every single cock that i have ever seen. (I have been married for over 50 years and have had two experiences with men, one before i was married and one with a friend, 50 years ago). I dream and think of sex with a man every day, but doubt that it will ever happen again, at my old age.

    • Just for the record, I believe that he was a sick fuck, to fool with a little child and can only hope that he was busted, at some point. I still know both his and his brother's name, but have had no success in tracking them down. to let them know what i think about what they did. But apart from them, i have often felt that it was some sort of karmic thing, as I have and still do love a man's cock, even though i have not had experience with it.

    • That's good that you like it.

    • I haven’t yet, but I’m hoping to soon. I was 14 when my best friend gave me a blowjob. When it came time for me to do him I chickened out. He moved away, before I got another chance but we’ve kept in touch over the years. I’ve always regretted not sucking his cock when he asked me to. Last week we both graduated college and he invited me to spend the weekend at his parents fishing cottage. I don’t know how to tell him I’m ready to suck him now. Anyone have any idea on how I should tell him I want to do what he asked at 14?


    • Actually I didn’t have to say anything. I found out the whole reason he invited me was to recreate our encounter. He gave me the best blowjob ever… it was even better than the first time when I was 14. This time when he asked me, I didn’t chicken out. Although I did have fun getting him to ask me a couple of times. I got very excited each time he asked and I pretended I didn’t want to. When I final got his cock in my mouth I was all in and I couldn’t wait for him to cum. Yes I swallowed! We didn’t get any fishing in… but we didn’t mind. We’ll definitely be getting together a lot going forward.

    • He was 5 i wes 6 and we suck he sad he suck hes daddy i ast if i can he sad yes hes dad sad yes soi suck hes cock iloce it

    • I gat to be a ssg and the pfc suck my and i put it in hes ass

    • Ssg take hes cock out and sat suckit i suckit i suck one most day soon love it helli love com i suck all tthe time

    • I wish you were here right now. My morning wood could use a warm mouth to unload my cum into.

    • Please let it be me

    • I was 12 stayed with my aunts house would play outside and get my clothes dirty told me one more time i would not get my boy clothes till i had to go back home she dressed my as a girl in cousins clothes and sent me outside to play my girl cousins was not there for a week they stayed with there father was playing in some houses that was being built when a 17 year old thought i was a girl and stated playing with me then forced me to suck him off this went on every day after the 2nd day i started to like it he never did find out i was a boy im now 68 and would love to dress as a girl and suck off a guy i live in maryland

    • Listening to you got my blood headed south, in Md also, 75, I would love a guy do me.

    • Uncut and I think 6 or 7" Laurel

    • I always wanted something like that to happen to me at that age, sucking older daddy cock

    • 13 yo boy and my 11 yo best friend. A senior we knew always jokingly accused us of blowing each other. We weren’t even sure what it meant. We found out and decided to try it. His dick was still finger sized and hairless. Mine was larger and hairy. He couldn’t cum. But I instinctively held his head as I squirted into his mouth. He got really mad. He thought I had pissed.

    • Male I was 12 and it was my brother who was 16.

    • I was 13 and it was the first time my parents let me sleep in my neighbors tent overnight. It was the Fourth of July and there is always a neighbors party. After the fireworks were done the we went to the tent while our parents partied. I fell asleep before my friend did and woke up to my friend playing with himself as while looking at Hustler magazine. I started laughing and teasing him. He said if I don’t stop laughing he would make sure I could laugh. I said what you going to do? Without talking he stood up, pushed my face in his erect cock and said put it in your mouth. Before I knew it I was sucking my first cock. He made me suck it about 2-3 minutes and I tasted some pre-cum. By the time school started I was sucking him several times a week. I was wondering how many guys in my class would like a blow job. That’s a story for another time.

    • I was 15 when I sucked my first cock. I hated it. Fast forward 20 years and now I dep throat and suck and swallow like the cock scucking slut that I am!


    • Re: I see, I always liked looking at cock in public men's bathrooms and locker rooms

      Me to. Have you ever been caught? What did you do? I froze and pretended I didn’t see him staring at me. I always regret not finding out if there could have been my first cock other than my brothers.

    • I never got caught looking in the locker room, didn't want to be to obvious about it. when did you start fooling around with guys? who was it?

    • I was 16, my best friend showed me his cock and I sucked him off

    • What does anather boys cum taste like is it nice when they cum in your mouth i never done a boy before i want to taste anather boys cum

    • If i showed you my cock would you suck me of im a boy

    • Wow that sounds so nice

    • I was 21 wind a real man put his cock inside me and cum inside me I really wish it will happen again soon

    • Well i suck daddy i was7 he put it in my mouth and sad suck it well he saw daddy so i sucked and he com in my mouth it was good i love itand he suck me he suck my cock and ass but i well suck all comer love cock mouth or ass


    • You can suck my daddy clock anytime.

    • Love to find somebody that like to suck a daddy cock and be a hunting buddy fishing panel Southeast Kansas

    • I would like to suck you

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