When did you suck your first cock?

How old were you when you sucked your first cock? Doesn't matter if you are female or male

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  • I have had a lot of dicks cum in my mouth and I have been craving another one to suck on. I like shaven nuts and above the dick area. Any size 3" to 10" older or younger as age doesn't matter as long as you can squirt a good load or loads! The first load needs to be in my mouth and the next one needs to cover my face and neck. I live in the Everett,was. Area.

  • I was in my late 30's. I had been getting my cock sucked by guys for about 10 years before that, but now I was getting curious. I was married (still am) but I wanted to know what it was like to suck a cock. I found a guy on Craigslist and when to his place. He had me walk into his living room, strip down and told me to get on my knees. He walked over to me, pulled his pants down, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me on to his hard cock. I loved it immediately. He called me a dirty slut, told me to tell him I need his cock, and I did. It was so hot. I chocked a bit when he forced himself deeper but he held me there until I could take it. I was so hard realizing that I really was the cock slut I was curious about being. He came a little in my mouth and the rest on my face. He told me to get dressed and leave without cleaning up. I drove home with his cum drying all over my face.

  • I was in my early 30s iove it now more than ever I'm 50 now

  • Man once I had tasted my buds hard meaty pre-cum oozing cock and sucked up several more delicious wads of his cum I loved the meaty taste of his hard cumming cock and couldn't help and loving to service that hard cumming piece of man meat wanting and needing to taste his meaty cock and throbbing cock head feeding me delicious wads of cum--yes I am a cock sucker and never get enough--tsgtdick@yahoo.com

  • It was my brothers cock I first sucked we have wanked each other since we were 13, we were alone in the house our parents had gone out for the evening, we always stripped if we knew we would not be disturbed we use to take turns wanking each other, he told me to lie down I was very hard we hadn't done anything for days, I wasn't expecting what he did he got on top of me in the 69 position and took my cock in his mouth which felt marvellous, the thought of sucking a cock I had always thought was revolting, but my brother had my cock in his mouth and was doing it very nicely so I had to return the favour I couldn't be selfish, from the moment his cock was in my mouth I was 100% cock sucker I loved it it was the best ever I didn't realise It would give me such pleasure

  • My experence was close to the same once ii got his dick in my mouth i was hooked

  • Hey anyone out there??? tsgtdick#@yahoo.com

  • Hey use all the right language and loving talk about cum sucking, 69's butt fucking and 3 or more hot circles--what about U guys??

  • Hey guys my buddy just left we had hot 69 loved the taste of his cock and cum sucking on his hard dick head as he sucked on mine and we both love tongue fucking each other both cum great wads of delicious cum taste delicious what about u guys?? tsgtdick@yahooc.om

  • Love talking with other guys about the great pleasures of Man on Man sex--tsgtdick@yahoo.com


  • Man once U taste a buds hard throbbing meaty cock and his pre-cum U can't resist cum sucking his big meaty fucker for every wad of his delicious cum he can cream into Ur cum hungry mouth--tsgtdick@yahoo.com

  • Lets talk, am hard now and stroking

  • Can I suck u

  • Would love it, i want to suck you too

  • I hope u cum alot

  • I want your cum

  • We could 69 the first load, 2nd cum is in my ass

  • I sucked my dad's cock

  • I would like to suck your cock

  • It was my high school math teach & i was 16

  • What did he do??

  • Man he made me play with his big man cock and to take his cock head in his mouth and suck on it---ever happen to you?

  • I was a teenager when I started sucking my buddies dick, 53 now. mikethewaiter2001@msn.com

  • I am Gay I look want need my mouth dick suck cum eat love please

  • Man wish I had Ur cock in hand and was mouth massaging cum out of Ur hard throbbing cock head--tsgtdick@yahoo.com

  • Man there is noting so exciting and delicious as a hot 69 cum sucking and rimming each other!!!

  • I was 12 and sucked my preachers 10 yr old son on a boy scout camping trip and rimed him as well Then he tapped my boy butt last Preachers kids rock !!!!!!!

  • I was about 12

  • Satan fucked both God and Jesus up the ass at the same time, and then he shoved his cock in their mouth and told them to suck it and swallow.

  • When i was 16 i was a pot head & one friday i was comfortably numb & plum dum from getting all baked when my dad came home & got drunk drinking beer & passed out cold in his easy chair so i got on my knees & sucked him off while he slept he blew a big load rt in my mouth & i gagged on it & he woke up & caught me in the very act He just laughed & said well if your gonna be a dick sucking faggot you can blow me every nite you lil bitch now here drink my piss i cant make it to the bathroom this drunk & i did he passed out again & the next day i got my 1st car a new Monte Carlo SS geee tks daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddy that nite i ask him to sit on my face i wanted to rim him too he said ok if i let him tap my ass to so i said yes & ended up with a little brown nose & a butt full of piss also my freshman yr in college he was killed by a drunk driver Himself & it broke my heart so bad i had to take a yr off from college to get my act back together i still morn his loss big tine

  • I got cleaned up in the creek & he put a 5 & 5 ones in my shirt pocket & thanked me saying his life long dream had just cum true I kept a dollar & gave the rest back he said WTF ? & i told him i was only charging hin a dollar cause he got off so quickly & i really didnt suck it long he grinned & said no here ya earned it anyway & he slipped the & back in my shirt pocket & said beside i just paid ya in advance fot my next 9 blow jobs but only if ya let me tap your ass to i cant wait to take a big long piss as deep in your lil hot boy toy butt & btw yoir my bitch now i own you Slave I said master pkease fuck me now im more than ready & he fucked me vergin style, doggie style & ask me to sit on it to that piss enema was one of the hottest thAngs i ever got & i told him he didnt have to pay a sex slave and gave his lil bro 5 $ & thanked him Lol When he found out what i had done for his big bro i hada do the same for him to i served their needs till we all went off to difderent colleges then we did it every weekend when we came home 🤪😁😎🎸 Till they both got married & then some !!!!!!!

  • He said i had 2 choices & it was up to me which i got He told me i could kiss his ass & get a mouthful of it or i could refuse & get a big nose full of it either way i was gonna eat his shit all of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then he cut a fart in my nose again soooooooo i choose to take it up the nose & he took a monster dump making sure my nose was ground zero !!!!!!!!!! He did it slowly toooooooo he shit in my nose for 2 whole hrs force packing my nose My nose & sinus got so full he was actually shitting down my throat by way of my sinus i was helpless as i felt it sliding down my throat & taste it It hada grainy pulpy flavor and he grind & rubbed his ass all over my face & head when he finally shit out it ws in my hair ass well Hey i'll give ya 5 more $ if ya lick & suck my ass crack & shit hole squeeky clean how bout it My togue shiot up lnside his butt hole & i sucked his ass getting a big surprise when he suddenly shit my mouth so full my cheeks were bugling out but he didnt stop there he kept shitting i started fighting it & he laughed i know you want it bitch now suck my furry butt crack clean im ready for a snack maybe ill eat nore of the pinto's we had to est last nite theres some left over then you & my bro can go buy your selves some new cars lol !

  • A few moments longer & he said i hope your thristy bitch Real thristy I suddenly it felt like a draft horse was pissing a flood down my throat he laughed & giggled the whole time he ws doing it He hada small blonde pube bush that was sexy as all hell Finally he pulled his dick outa my throat And then slowly sat rt on my face I saw his butt crack open up ass he did & oh fuck His butt crack was loaded with bright orange butt fur He sat & his butt hole ws rt on top of my nose It smelled like shit & gave me some major brown nose He grind his ass all over my face & head my dick was so hard it hurt !!!!! He laughed How does my ass smell bitch Does it smell giood I know ya like it & i want it So sniff my butt bitch smell it real good Sniff my dirty shit hole rt where the shit comes out I wanna feel your nose rubbing in my nasty shit hole &&&&& i did as ordered When i did he reached & pulled his butt crack wide open then sat back on my face with allllllll his weight pinning me down on the sand real damn good & cut a huge thuder fart rt in my nose It made me high as a kite too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He fart me up for about 10 or 15 moments i passed out once but a loud fart brought me to again He laughed & giggled now Kiss my ass bitch i always wanted to do this & say that I said no & he told me i would or else i was gonna get a nose full of his shit

  • After school i raced to the creek he showed up wearing only shorts & flip flops he took wrestling classes at the Y & was built like a brick shit house !!!!!! He laughed & pulled it out it was LONG & hard as stone he giggled & said suck it & swallow & 5 $ is all yours He kicked the flip flops off Shoved his shorts to the grond & kicked them to the side & stood very dominately stroking it with a evil grin he told ne to lay on my back in the sand i was totally clueless again but did it anyhow He junp me like a wild animal landing on top of me in the 69 position & giggled your gonna earn this 5 $ bitch now open your mouth & take this dick down your throat say aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh i dare ya to now i was terrified his dick was much bigger & longer than his bro's at the same time i wanted it sooooo damn bad ass well I open my mouth & he shoved it balls deep it went waaaaaaay down my throat & he was a beast with it he fucked the hell outa my throat & blew a huge load in few seconds i thought he was pissing then realized it was sone how different it felt like snot slowly running down my throat but ws still totally clueless & kept sucking it hard as i could

  • He pissed out & said now suck my dick bitch that turn me on big time & i did He grabbed my head with both hands & held it tight & giggled take this bitch & fucked my damn brains out he showed nooooooooooooooioo mercy at all & i knew i was gonna be a dick sucking bitch till i died !!!! I practiced on his bone alllllllllllllllllll day long & drank his piss bout a dozen times He piss my whole body full I even had his piss foam coming outa my nose i stopped rt before he drown me lol it was highly erotic !!!!! The next day at school during lunch his bro slipped me a note that said to meet him at the creek rt after school i got ya 5$

  • But i'll tell him soon as i get home So ya better get started practicing on mine & dont forget ya gotta drink all my piss to His bro was very cute so i didn't care We were on a big white sandbar His dick was uncut the 1st one i ever saw & i wanted to suck it badly i wasn't sure just how to do it though He giggled & snapped his finger & pointed down at his dick & said now get down on your knees and suck my dick bitch I said yes sir & did I was so hot by then i sucked the hell outa his bone & was really getting into it When he giggled Ok Hang on i'm gonna take a piss rt in your mouth & YOU gotta drink it all even the after squirts im gonna pump down your throat & suddenly i hada big mouth full of his piss !!!!!!!!!!! It taste like warm water & was easy to drink & i dtank him dry Oh fuck HE took a big LONG piss Str8 down my throat but i held my ground maned or boyed up & took it all

  • I was 6 & one day i was playing with my best friend across the st We were playing at the creek behind my house in the woods when suddenly he blurted out Yesterday my brother ask me to suck his dick & said he would pay me 5 $ if i did it for him ! But hes my bro so noooo way I would if it were any body except him Ok so it was 1969 & 5 $ would have bought 5 new Hot Wheels or 10 ! New match box cars !!!! His bro had just turned 10 & was the neighborhood paper boy so he hada job & $ !!!!! Before i knew it i said Well not me ! Tell him i'll do it he said ok but wait hold on So you would rather suck my big brothers dick instead of mine huh ! I said yes & told him how many toy cars 5 $ would buy me He thought a moment & said ok i'll do it I'll tell him & help ya out & i said tks Butt ! Ya gotta suck my dick 1st for free then when he pays ya You keep 4 $ & give me one a finders fee he giggled

  • İ didnt, but i want to suck a dick and i want to eat Semen soo much.

  • I would let you practice on mine

  • Are you in washington state? If so let's meet up!

  • I was 28 and my roommate was 22. It was his birthday and he got trashed so I hauled him to his room. he was dressed so I helped him out of his clothes and saw his softy through his mens string bikinis. I just froze and something made me play with it. The next thing I knew I had his dick hanging out over his underwear stroking it. It never got hard so I sucked on it. He got semi-hard but never came. 2 weeks later I got trashed and woke up the next morning with cum oozing out of my ass. I asked him if we fucked. He said that is what I get for messing with him when he's passed out. I said why do we have to be passed out? So now 3-4 times year we bang one out. I never thought I'd be this much into it. I don't really suck dick tho, I just never thought I'd let a guy have my ass. I still love pussy, and now enjoy dick.

  • When i was 16 i sucked a priest off in the confessional booth after mass Lol I confessed to being a dick sucking pervert & he stuck his penis through the bars Telling me his needed sucking badly It didn't take long He ejackulated a big load rt in my mouth and i gagged on it that was so embarrised me badly i swallowed & ran

  • I'm female and in my 30's now but believe it or not I was 27 before I sucked my first cock.
    That also came with a totally new version of myself.

  • When I was 23 had a fling my apartment manager Maggy who was 43 and hot. She didn't have sex in years. She grew up in the 30's and 40's, few women her age sucked dick. She said sluts and whores only did that. Sort of liked when I gave her oral but told me to wash my mouth out after. Girls in her office mock her distaste for oral. We were caught skinny-dipping in the complex pool at 1AM - We often did that, she had the key. We were having sex in the shallow end when the maintenance guy shined a spotlight on us. The office girls started calling her Mrs Robinson, and told her I'd find a young chick to give me blowjobs (I had a girlfriend, Maggy knew) - So the girls pressured her to suck dick, not me. She started by kissing it a little more each time. One night we had sex 4x and the next night she said her pussy was too sore "how about a blowjob" and she totally got into it. It wasn't the best one ever, but the effort was A+++. About a week later she said I can't believe I love doing that. Actually gave her confidence to find a real BF her age, which I encouraged her to do because I was getting married. She was a young widow with sadness issues and was in therapy. Her Dr discouraged her "he's a temp fix and will dump you." But her Mom said so what, he makes you happy right now.and he's discreet "stay out of the fucking pool" , he's 23 and can please 2 women.. just don't get caught.

  • A slutty one?

  • Well no not really,just adventurous. I used to be quite religious but I dropped all of that and started living more.

  • What new things have you done?

  • Well most things outside of normal vaginal/penis sex.

  • I was 5 & my best friend older bro had his way with me he had just turned 9 He jumed me got on top of me 69 & fucked my damn brains out during a sleep over one nite Finally went balls deep held still moaning & said Hang on I'm gonna take a piss down your throat bitch See if you can drink it all he took a big long piss it taste like warm water & was easy to drink My best friend his lil bro Caught me sucking his dirty butt hole & flipped out After the older bro tapped my tight cherry boy butt It was his turn to He out did big bro Before long i got double teamed one fucked my ass while the orher fucked my damn brains out Then they would trade places They fucked the hell outa me for 2 yrs till they moved to another city They taught me allll bout sucking dick & deep throat An older cousin of mine was a pilot with his own small airplane a piper cub he took us flying one & we became members of the mile high club On the back floor board at 500 ft instead of a mile

  • Age 13 sucked my own cock

  • Age 10 sucked my own dick age 12 it shot its 1st load & bout drown me on it i gagged on my own cock & that was mind blowing So mind blowing that to that to thank it i sucked the piss out of it & have been doing it ever since that was a long long time ago Now if i could only rim myself life would be complete

  • I was sucking mine since I was 4-5 years old and I did it until I was 22. The first time I shoot a load of cum at age 12 it was in my own mouth and I sucked 2 more loads right after the first one. I love sucking penis and swallowing cum loads.

  • I was 19 when me and my brother sucked each others cocks at the same time,
    I nearly gagged when he came in my mouth but he ordered me to swallow it as it was an insult not to.

  • Did you unload in his mouth?

  • Firstly I'm a girl. I was 14 at the time,could've easily passed as 16 though. The guy was 18 and my older brothers friend. We used to get very flirty and if ever I was left alone with him I would make suggestions. So I told him I'd love to give my first blow job. He turned me down straight away but after several weeks of offering I wore him down and he gave in.

  • 🤣🤣 nice

  • It was nice and it lead to the early loss of my virginity.

  • Me and my cousin were curious so we sucked each other and still do , it's great

  • I sucked my first cock when I was 11. I was in 5th grade. My best friend and I did it every weekend until half way through 7th grade when he moved away.

  • I’m a twenty-seven year old woman. Eleven years ago I was dating a guy who was a year older than me. At sixteen, I was a slender, athletic blonde. I wasn’t the prettiest girl in school but I was in the top fifteen. One cold night in December we went to a movie. On the way home we had a fight and I was so mad at something he said that I demanded he stop the car. He did and I got out. I slammed the door and he drove off. Unfortunately, I found myself stranded on a dark deserted road miles from home. I started walking, shivering and cursing my stupidity. He came back fifteen minutes later and told me that if I wanted a ride I have to beg. I gave him the finger and told him to fuck off. He drove off and returned ten minutes later. I was freezing. I started to beg but he stopped me. He said I’d have to get down on my knees, naked, and beg. I gave in and took my clothes off. Then I got down on my knees in the dirt and begged for a ride. My nipples were so hard they hurt. He took his cock out and made me suck it. I hated it while it was happening but a few day’s later I was shocked to realize that remembering it turned me on. A few more experiences confirmed that I am sexually submissive.

  • I was 13, the first cock I ever sucked was our black labradors big cock. I thought that I could practice sucking cock on our family dog. I heard that boys like girls a lot more if they can suck cock. I didn't know what I was doing at first but learned by trial and error how to suck dog cock. I must of sucked the dogs cock a hundred times before I sucked a boys cock. I still suck our dogs cock almost everyday while my husband watches me.

  • Wow I would love to watch you

  • I would love to see you and maybe show me too

  • Nice I was 14 we lived on a farm my older step bro was 19 He ask me to suck his dick & he had 10 inches He said it was a lil bro's duty to suck his older brothers dick off He wanted me to drink from his tap as well I had no experience but thought my older bro was hot We had a wolf dog named big bad me & him were tight One nite me & big bad were laying on a blanket out in the front yard star gazing We started wrestling around some Big bad ended up standing over top of me on the ground He won & i sucked his dick to learn how to suck my bro's big dick Long story short big bad hada big dick to I sucked big bads dick several times each day He couldn't keep his bone outa my throat We were nympho with it I could not suck his big dick enough He loved to hump my throat also Before long i sucked my bro off & deep throated him the 1st time he said he never climaxed like that before & blew a choker load I loved drinking from his tap & gave him rim jobs to i been sucking dog dick ever since & love the nutty jiz taste I drive a semi a mack truck & have a english bulldog like is on the hood I suck ever dog i can & have found lots & lots that are ok with that I deep throat their knots & suck the after shaft They quickly get very large & shoot a massive load of that nutty jiz i'm addicted to

  • Hot...those are to lucky boys...!

  • Would you like to try a pony?

  • Well we lived on a farm so what do you think

  • Oki i'm really sorry for this but that poor poor doggie like what the hell and what you are married and have a husband go suck off ur husband not that damn dog unless you are married to the dog

  • He's a guy, fool.

  • I was 9. My parents both worked and I spent a lot of time alone after school. My older sister was supposed to watch me, but she'd disappear into her room with boys or go out and leave me. I'd spied on her a few times and would play with myself thinking about it.

    We had a gay neighbor. He saw me outside alone one time and invited me into his place to watch TV. We started talking about what my sister did with boys and he asked if i wanted to try it. I got naked for him and he sucked my dick a little and then said it was my turn. I sucked his, trying my best to imitate what I'd seen my sister do.

    I remember he told me "don't stop" and that he was going to cum. When he started to cum in my mouth I tried to swallow it all but couldn't. After I stroked myself to a dry cum while he watched.

  • I'm sorry but that sounds like rape to me

  • Ya cant rape the willing now

  • Most of theses stories are BS. I was 5. Ranch hand i caught jacking off...he sucked me and aske me if i wanted to do him...i did... He put his dick in my mouth and started cumming right away... i loved it...we did it together for 4 years until he moved away... I LOVED it then..and still get excited telling the story...no he didn't rape my ass...none of the shit i hear in these BS stories... Just man and boy having a great time together... MUTUAL ...no molestation...unless I did...I had a desire for his hard dick and to get his cum...to this day i love to think about it. I told my wife not long ago and she cane harder that I have ever seen her cum.....so it was great...i just wish i had more time with him...

  • I was 5 also and I loved his cum. I have eaten a lot of cum since then. I miss the nights of sucking 7-10 teenage boys off.

  • I started at 5 but at 7 I was giving my asshole to dicks. I love cum, mouth asshole on me I still love making a dick cum in and on me.

  • Let’s talk

  • What would like to talk about

  • Slut

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  • Even more of a slut

  • I'm a bi guy aged 49. I first sucked a cock in a public toilet while I was visiting Dresden when I was 21. I prefer having sex with women rather than men, but you can't beat having a nice hard cock in your mouth.

  • Yes being bisexual all my life , i love cock and pussy, they both taste awesome to me. i am 60 years old .

  • Let’s cum

  • Yes I love it

  • I was sixteen when I gave my first bj to a high school teacher who was 54 yrs old and married. He had a nice 9" cock that was not too thick that I learned how to deep throat in no time. He fucked me too. Every time we met was so good .

  • I was 12 years old and sleeping in the same room as my 15 year old Brother!
    He forced me to suck on His big 10 inch cock meat and I loved it and ate His spew cum all gone!
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  • Ok that's fucking weird and that is rape sent he forced you

  • I am the middle child with four siblings, all boys except me. I was a tomboy like no other until my body started changing, age 13 I was already wearing a C cup, my mom had to alter bras for me because they were not small enough to fit my around my body. One day two of my brothers and I were up in this tree fort that had been in the woods a long time, we had fixed it up some and it was big. I was doing something and was bent over, my brother said, wow, you have some really nice boobs! I was wearing a shirt that was really big on me so the front was hanging down, I gave him a look and then lifted up my shirt and slid my bra up showing both of them my boobs. They went crazy, and one of them pulled his pants down and showed me his penis, a few weeks later we were up there again and one of them asked me if they could see them again. I did not care so I did it again for them and of course one of them showed me his again but this time I was really curious and asked if I could touch it witch then led to sucking. The three of us did a lot together in that tree fort.

  • That's fucked up

  • I will be thirty seven this year and gave my first blow job twenty six years ago. Well gave is not really the right word, my brother who is four years older came into my room he was still grounded from me breaking a lamp, he took the blame and I cried in my room listening to our dad spank him like twenty times. Our parents were at work and it was just the two of us home as he was old enough to watch me. I looked up at him and he told me something like now it is time for you to do me a favor, I asked him what he was talking about and he laid it out for me. I was going to give him blow jobs for talking all the spankings for the lamp. He did not use those words but that was the way he laid it out, if I remember right he told me I was going to suck his dick. I had not even heard that expression yet either but it was not hard to figure out what he meant.
    So I spent the rest of summer vacation doing it and I have to admit it was a bit of a turn on for me. I think it was a few weeks before Thanksgiving break, he had not asked for one in quite some time and our parents decided to do something leaving us home. I went to his room and asked him if he wanted one, he looked at me with a smile on his face and told me that he quit having me do it worried I would tell our parents about it.

  • I was 12, I fell in love with it the min. It was inside my mouth, the soft texture of it and how it felt so good getting harder the more I sucked it the bigger the head got. It made me instantly hard as a rock and I wanted to jack myself off as I was sucking on his dick. I definitely wanted to pretend I was his girlfriend and give him all of me mouth and ass, I was in love. I would invent holes in my body for him to penetrate. I would suck and fuck him for ever and his friends 😋

  • I to was younger and from the first rush I new I was doing what I liked

  • I loved feeling it go from soft to hard as a rock and then squirting in my mouth and me swallowing it all.

  • Oh hell buddy I want you in my mouth and then you cum yum

  • Were are you at, I want to your cock and cum in my mouth 🥰🥰☝️☝️☝️☝️

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    I Sucked my 1st Cock and Lost my “Cherry”
    Cousin @ 12 years old (he was 14).

    A factual recount of the summers of 1969-1973

    Once I got the first to allow me to give him his first blowjob. The rest fell right in behind. By the time school was out for the summer of 1970, there were two others giving blowjobs. By the end of the Summer I’d topped one, he asked for it. Afterward, he wanted to “do me” as he put it. I quickly assumed the position of ass up face down.

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    The Affair with the older lady is another detailed story- coming soon.
    As is how I was able to garner the nerve to make a move on my lifelong best friend, whether we were stoned or not.

    I hope you enjoyed my writing….


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    I Sucked my 1st Cock and Lost my “Cherry”
    Cousin @ 12 years old (he was 14).

    A factual recount of the summers of 1969-1973

    Steve, being as large as he was – even a half hard cock fit into my stretched hole quite easily, and Bobby, well the horn dog he was, it wasn’t 10 stokes and he was swelling in my mouth. This round took a long time for them to finish, while I was enjoying myself - I did get a little fatigued. Finally, they came, and we collapsed on the sleeping bag.

    But they didn’t leave me unattended… no sir… Steven moved to my face and we began to make out feverishly and Bobby sucked my rigid stiffy. I was in heaven yet again. I exploded with screams of ecstasy. It was then I realized I was quite vocal at orgasms. So, that was Saturday night and there was still another week to go… For some 12+ days I was a little slut puppy.

    I brought all I had learned home with me to a neighborhood full of pre-teens and barely teens, including 4 younger brothers. Since I had been 12. I use 12th birthdays as each becoming fair game. Since everyone’s parents worked, we had no problem find a house to play in. 9 of 10 it was at our house. I was the only one the block to have girly magazines. [In the first week of August 1969 mom filed for divorce. After the family meeting, I went into her room as she made dinner, and took procession of the old man’s magazine collection.
    The magazines were a big draw in getting 12,13, 14, and 15-year-old neighborhood boys to join my in mutual JO sessions (well to start with). There was never less than 3 in my room, most of the time was 5 plus. 2 rules; first was you had to be naked to get a magazine from the box, and secondly, there was a no touching the others without asking first.

    continued on Part 7

  • Part 5 of 7

    I Sucked my 1st Cock and Lost my “Cherry”
    Cousin @ 12 years old (he was 14).

    A factual recount of the summers of 1969-1973

    Bobby was the horniest and quickest to reload. It was a great day. But it was not the most memorable of the Baton Rouge vacation. That came Saturday night. We asked and were given the green light to have a camp out in an unused pasture.

    Of course, Steve was to come, and we were allowed a fire ring for roasting weenies and marshmallows. Once we saw no lights on at the house, we were naked in seconds flat. Food devoured much earlier. Steven spoke first as to what we should try. “let’s do a 3way suck off” so we made a triangle and did just that… it was wild and crazy, and we all came within 5 minutes of the other 2, me being the first to cum… but hey, such is life. But, in losing as they called it… I had not been aware of the competition going on at the time. LOL - I was told that I had to take them both on at once. How? I asked -

    We have to show you in a few. After a soda and some recuperating time, I was told to get on my hands and knees on a sleeping bag. Steve and Bobby did the rock, paper, scissors for dibs – The dibs it seemed was to which got my ass and who got my mouth. I didn’t care – all this attention was wonderful.

    So, there I was being fucked at both ends, and was in heaven. Already having both cum, they each lasted longer than the triangle. Yet they seemed to have timed their ejaculations, almost simultaneously; each filling me up. I remember being so happy I would have laughed had my mouth not been full. What I didn’t know was they had a plan. Bobby to my unknowing self-had worn a condom, and as soon as they pulled out of their respective hole, they traded places.

    Continued on Part 6

  • Part 4 of 5

    I Sucked my 1st Cock and Lost my “Cherry”
    Cousin @ 12 years old (he was 14).

    A factual recount of the summers of 1969-1973

    Suntan lotion comes in handy… over the pool furniture we fucked one another – I would say each last about 10 maybe 15 minutes… After a dip in the pool for a few – he popped up out of the water next to me and planted a big old’ wet kiss on me. I felt his tongue part my lips and allowed his advances. I again just repeated what he was doing. This make-out session went on for what felt like an eternity, but in real-time, about 5 minutes. My knees began to buckle and to prevent us both from drowning; we got out of the water. On a double layer towel, we continued the make-out session a bit longer, and that lead to more stroking and sucking and 2 more loads going off.

    So, you see – I was there – for 2 weeks, and only with adult supervision on the weekends, and then it was minimal. The days pretty much a repeat of that first Monday, except for where in the house, pool, shower, or just on the property (there were 50 acres, and even a few cows in a pasture) well, my uncle did own his butcher shop. So, to save you some boredom in repetition and me some time and finger cramps, I will forgo the repetitive parts. LOL
    It was Thursday – I know well – when a neighbor kid came over, Bobby’s friend from childhood. After the pleasantries, and some adolescent BS, Bobby let Steve know that I “was cool” and we could all get naked together. Steve being the shorter of us three I figured younger. Boy; was I wrong, he was double the size of either Bobby or myself and 5 times the pubic hair. So, I asked, oh wow, he was all of 16. There you have it, a 16, 14, and 12-year-old playing house for a solid 6 hours. I was the tallest, yet skinniest. Steve was the most knowledgeable, at least to me.


  • Part 3 of 5

    I Sucked my 1st Cock and Lost my “Cherry”
    Cousin @ 12 years old (he was 14).

    A factual recount of the summers of 1969-1973

    Bobby, then explained to me what oral sex was and that girls did it to guys all the time when older. And that we could practice on one another. He thought it best if he did it to me first, that way by watching him I would be able to learn. I realized a few days later how he knew. Anyways, with me on my back, my cousin gave me my first blowjob. Like it was yesterday, I remember. The one thing I thought odd at the moment was how he spit me out on my tummy and went right back to sucking, all my load on my belly. When it was my turn (or his depending on how you want to look at it) he rolled onto his back and I took him into my mouth as he had done me. Just from the memory of how it felt, I was able to easily figure out what to do… Was almost natural feeling for me… it wasn’t long before he began to cum, but I had left myself perpendicular to him – the side of my face on his stomach. There was nowhere to go, so, I gulped vs. drowning – LOL I was from that moment on – hooked.

    We decided that sleep was in order after that. We knew we would have the house all to ourselves during the day for the week. So, we crashed, naked and spent… No more than 10 minutes after my aunt’s car left the drive were we at again that Monday morning – stroking and sucking until we’d both blown our loads… then after a bowl of cereal and a shower – not together, that came to be realized later in the week. After showers were done, Bobby had the idea to go out to the pool and lay naked in the sun, To Tan as he said… It wasn’t 10 minutes into our tanning sessions that his mouth had covered me up. I was erect in seconds. He stopped and said – “Let’s fuck” – I asked, “how?” To which he explained again…

    Continued on Part 4

  • Part 2 of 5

    I Sucked my 1st Cock and Lost my “Cherry”
    Cousin @ 12 years old (he was 14).

    A factual recount of the summers of 1969-1973

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  • I am female and my first time I did it was around eight but I had no idea what I was even doing and my older brother asked me to do it then told me how to do it.
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    "Take off your socks," he said.

    As I pulled my socks off and tossed them aside, he said:

    "You're completely naked!" he exclaimed.

    Yes, I am, I replied. And it feels great. You should join me. Which he did in a matter of seconds.

    Once he was naked, I went down on him in a flash. Sucking his pencil-thin hard-on, licking his tiny hairless balls, then turning him around and running my tongue up and down the length of his hairless crack.

    I was stroking myself while doing this and it didn't take long for me to cum all over his legs and feet.

  • About 12

  • I was 13 and on summer break staying with my cousin, we went to a beach party and stayed pretty late because we had met two guys. They gave us their numbers if we wanted to see them again and after a few dates we were over at one of their houses. I really wanted to do it but at the time I was to naïve and shy to come right out with it, we were making out after a day of swimming and he slowly took my hand and put it right on his shorts. I gripped it thru the material and he quickly got even harder, I was down on the floor kneeling in front of him in minutes helping him pull down his shorts. His cock sprang out and I was immediately turned on by it and have always loved how a mans cock is shaped ever since. I had read quite a bit on blow jobs but it was totally different having one right there in front of me to lick and suck on. I must have been doing it right though because all he kept telling me was how damn great it felt and I was really good at it. I did gag a little when his orgasm started but he was pretty deep into my mouth with the first shot so it hit me by surprise, I managed to clear my throat though and keep on going giving him a great one. We saw each other pretty much daily after he was off of work and for some reason I was always excited to blow him, looking back on it that guy was pretty damn lucky.

  • I was 16. I was hitchhiking home from school rather than take the bus. A man picked me up and asked me if I wanted to stop by his apartment. I had long hair and I must have given off a vibe. I actually wanted to try sucking dick that day. I agreed and once inside he started dominating me. He gave me an apron to wear and had me start vacuuming the carpet. He flicked some ash on his crotch and pointed to it and told me to get rid of it. I blew it off his pants. He pulled out some pedo porn of boys sucking dick and pointed to a picture and asked "what is he doing?" I blushed and meekly answered "he is sucking a dick". He took my hand on put it on his crotch and I started rubbing his dick through his pants. Then he took me to his bedroom and I started sucking his dick. His pre cum was the nastiest stuff on earth and I stopped immediately. I was turned on but couldn't stand the stuff.

  • So as bad as this is going to sound the first time I did it was on my honey moon, I was 23 years old. I was so nervous about it for months ahead of time that I would buy whole carrots, the largest one I could find and practice on it. I was so worried that I would choke on his when the real time came. I would actually use a peeler and put notches in the carrot after measuring out six and seven inches so I could feel it on my lips and know how much I had in my mouth.
    We arrived at our hotel room and I could not believe how much I just wanted to rip off his pants and give him a blow job. He was so amazed at my eagerness and within minutes of arriving I did exactly that to him, I pulled down his boxers and I could not believe how small it was, I started licking and sucking on it and as it grew harder I was getting so turned on waiting for it to be bigger. My husbands cock is five inches on a good day and not very thick at all, I can actually get his entire package, balls and all in my mouth all at the same time. He loves it, tells me I am amazing and I suck his cock all the time still to this day because I know it makes him feel so good.

  • How big is your cock?

  • 9 inches and thick

  • I think I was around twelve or so, me and two other friends were camping out in the backyard and one of them had brought a few porn magazines. I had never seen or read about sex up to this point. I had read a story and did not quite understand what a blow job was so I asked them if they knew what it was and one of them told me about it. He then asked if I wanted to try it and for some reason I told him sure, I started doing it and he was hard as a rock in seconds and just a few minutes later I was swallowing cum. The other one asked if I would do that to him as well and I told him sure, his cock was really large compared to the first one. I remember my lips stretching as it grew in my mouth but for some reason I really liked doing it and swallowed his cum as well. I ended up giving those two dozens of blowjobs over the summer and we just sort of quit doing it.

  • I was 17 and with my first boyfriend. I sucked him in his bedroom while his parents were downstairs. I'll never forget tasting him after he popped. It was my first encounter with sperm, which was a trip for sure.

  • I was 45 when I sucked my first cock. Went to a park where gay men gathered and followed a young man into the woods. He put me on my knees and placed his clock in my mouth and he proceeded to drop a load of cum in my mouth, which I eagerly swallowed. It was not turning back for me---it was great and have eagerly sought out gay men eer since and have joined the community of gay men. I enjoy being a bottom gay man enjoying giving sexual pleasure to gay men, as I did the first day a beautiful young man put me on my knees to suck his cock and take his full load of hot cum..

  • I sucked my first cock when I was 44 and have not stopped since---Real sorry I did not start sooner.

  • I agree. First at 65. I love tasting the spunk and I’ve missed so many cocks and spunk loads by starting so late.

  • I sucked my first cock in my 60s and now want to so do it again.

  • My first when I was 65. A year ago . Now it’s all I want to do, look for, meet and suck cock until the spunk is in my mouth. It’s possibly the best most horny sex I’ve ever had, it’s beautiful, while I fondle the balls, hear the groans, and feel the cock twitching and pulsing with the need to cum.

  • I was 38 when i sucked my first cock, was addicted after second try

  • You still sucking?

  • I started with my cousin when I was 15 he was 17 I sucked him real often for about a year one day and night I did him 4 times it slowed down quite a bit as he started with girls but I did suck him when I could the last time when he was 75 y/o

  • I was preteen and the neighbor boy and I sucked each other pretty often - no cumming from either of us --too young. I remember doing it but don't remember much what it was like except we did it quite often so I must have liked it. I'm much older now and would like to suck a mature dick and swallow cum.

  • If your over 18 you can taste mine

  • My case his mom its ok

  • M10 he was 4

  • I was 9 and the neighbor boy who was the only kid close by was an overweight 17 year old. It was a rainy Saturday morning and II went over to his house to watch tv with him. He asked me if I wanted to know a secret that only boys knew and said he would tell me if I promised to do as he said. He took me to the bedroom and took his clothes off and lay on the bed. His belly was so big I'm sure he couldn't see his dick. He told me to lick the end of it. He was leaking precum and he told me it was boy's cream. He jacked while I licked and when he cummed I thought he was peeing on me.

  • Mmmmmmmmmm 9 is hot

  • I was 9 years old. I had a cousin a little older than me and when visiting our grandma we shared a bed upstairs. While we were talking he reached under my underwear and started playing with my balls. My little dick go so hard and it felt so good I didn’t stop him. He said he was going to show me something he just learned so he ducked under the covers and pulled my pants down, picked up my dick a put it in his mouth. OMG. I loved it so much I did it to him and we would suck each other off any chance we got no matter where. We were both too young to shoot cum but I liked it.

  • I miss sucking penis when I was under 10. Feeling it get hard and then having him dry orgasm great feeling. And having him sucking my penis was great to.

  • I am a married man, and the first time I sucked a man I was 36. I showed up at his house wearing sexy lingerie under my clothes. He answered the door naked. I was so scared and still can't believe I went through with it

  • You can wear lingerie and pantyhose for me all the time and suck my cock. RobLuvsLegs73@yahoo.com

  • I am in ohio and love to crossdress and suck cock. im a closet bottom sissy bj queen.

  • Would you at

  • I was around twelve and three of us were sleeping out in a tent, we had several porn magazines to look at and we did so until late. When we finally turned off the lights one of my friends was moving around and I felt him touch my leg and keep on moving until his hand was over my cock. He worked my shorts down and just started sucking on me and my other friend asked what we were doing and turned on his flashlight. I then saw that the one sucking me was naked and his cock was hard and hanging there so I reached up and began stroking it. I remember cumming very quickly from his sucking and he swallowed everything. It all felt so great that when he moved his hips over me I just opened my mouth up and started sucking on him.
    I then realized after a few minutes that my other friend was kneeling in front of the one I was sucking so we had a bit of a threesome going. I also remember that when he started to orgasm I had to really concentrate and swallow hard because I was laying down but I managed to not choke.
    We camped out a lot that summer and sucked each other off over and over well into the night and I have never had my cock sucked so much again.

  • God and Jesus both fucked each other up the ass as hard as they could which after that they both were sucking on each others cock and swallowing like the filthy fucking motherfucking pigs that they really are and always will be. Hail Satan.

  • So have you sucked Lucfier's dick yet ?

  • I was really young the first time I did it but I really had no clue what I was doing. I mean that I did not know it was something sexual, he told me it was something that he just needed everyday and if I could do it for him he would really appreciate it. I went to a sleepover when I was around twelve and one of the other girls brought a few Cosmo's with her and one of them had a list of what guys love when receiving head. I learned what I had been doing for the past several years but did not share it with anyone at that time. Some of the girls were fantasizing about what it will be like to give a blow job and when they asked me about it I just gave them a quick answer telling them maybe someday.

  • Who was the boy?

  • I was 12. I hung out with my sisters who are four and six years older then me so one day after school they had some boys over and they were fucking and sucking them. One of the boys was tied of waiting his turn so he stuck his cock in my mouth. Needless to say some other young boys got a surprise when I started sucking them off after school. I was the most popular girl in school LOL.

  • I was 14 he was my best friend, we tossed a coin as to who did it first I lost,
    but I was ready and willing I wanted to try it, I couldent believe how good it felt having a dick in my mouth, I did feel a bit sick when he burst in my mouth but I had to man up and swallow, as he did for me after, we gave each other lots of pleasure many times.

  • I was 14 the first time I suck cock. he was 50 and my friends dad . He told me he now I would suck his cock . I could only get it’s head and about inch of his cock in my mouth .. he did cum and held my head in place and made me swallow. I was hook . I went back for more and got use as a cock sucking cum pig . He was good for two loads a day and still craved cock and cum . Along come a man in his 30 live a block from me .. mom was at work I invited him in and in no time I was sucking him he was a fast cummer but I suck him off three times a day . The more I suck the more I wanted by the time I was 15 I had 4 married men that I suck off daily because there wife’s would not suck them or swallow. I been sucking cock for43 years and still love to suck and swallow!!

  • I wish you were my buddy

  • I was 13 years old and my friend was 16 years old, I don't know how I knew what to do but it came naturally to me. I remember thinking that I liked the taste of cock and liked holding his cock and balls in my hands. I enjoyed it, the only problem was I wasn't expecting it when he blew his load in my mouth. It went down my throat making me gag, I was coughing up cum out of my throat onto the floor, my eyes were watering and it took a couple of seconds for me to catch my breath. It was my first time ever having cum shot in my mouth, but I wasn't turned off by it, because I did it many times again with him and learned to swallow.

  • Peculiar. I thought by now even teens knew that a girl sucking a man's penis is instinctive. There is nothing to learn which is why it was natural for you to hold a man's scrotum and penis in your hands, to enjoy the taste of his penis in your mouth and to swallow all of his semen regardless of any gagging along the way. Girls shouldn't have to learn of it being instinctive on websites. It should be part of sexual education what is instinctive.

  • Its instinctice for both boys and girls. boys actually suck dick way better than girls.

  • Amen 2 that!

  • I was a 13 year old horny guy and the next door neighbor came on really big, he was 16, I was very curious some, his mom and mine both worked nights and we'd hang out at his place.. It happened, he asked if I would, I said yeah, I would and I sat on the bed with him standing in front of me.. I sucked him until he shot off in my mouth, I loved it, ALL of it, sucking him and him shooting off, I swallowed it, most of it, and have been a lover of hard dick and hot cum ever since.. I'm 64 years old and still love to give head when I get the chance.

  • I use to go to the neighbors house at 13 and he was the same age as me and he had a 16 year old brother. One night we were in the bedroom downstairs and his brother and 2 friends walked in. We were watching t v and one of them dropped his pants and told my friend to get down and suck his dick. My friend did and then we both were sucking dicks . Soon we both had blown all 3 of them and they left. I asked him if he likes swallowing sperm and he said he loves it. I admitted I did too. Then we sucked each other until around 5 in the morning. I know that we swallowed 6 loads and we did it almost every night for several years.

  • You close to ft worth texas

  • I'm in fort worth

  • I was 18 in university. I was recently heartbroken and this cute guy from class wanted to "hang out" so i pumped myself up so i could give him a bj when we hung out but i got lost and ended up in a random professors office he was probably around 50 years old... I told him i was lost cause its such a big campus and we talked for a bit, he was really sweet and i was already cock hungry so i kind of just kneeled between his legs and started rubbing his cock. He didnt say anything so i pulled his cock out and leaned in and started licking it. It was the first time i had ever touched or tasted cock and i was mesmerized by how i could jerk him off with both my hands and still suck on his head... I sucked his cock and licked his balls for maybe an hour and then he filled my mouth up with cum. He quickly got a few napkins and told he i could spit it out and clean up with those. I thought that act was so sweet so with a mouth full of his cum i stuck my tongue out and swallowed his whole load and smiled... I went back a few times and either swallowed his load or took it on my face; i begged him to fuck me but he never wanted to. i tried getting in touch with him after a few years but he didnt seem interested :/ never sucked another cock since him

  • I was 11 yrs old at my best friends house for her birthday sleep over. We was down stairs and her older brother 17 yrs old came home late drunk. He's very cute and I was flirting with him I was the only one of my friends to start getting tits. They was jealous because he was checking me out and flirting back. His sister was getting mad at us and all the girls went into the other room. We kept talking and flirting it was really late and everyone had fallen asleep. He asked me if I wanted to go to his room I said sure. We got to his room he said you have cute tits and asked to see them I removed my top and he started sucking my tits. Before long we was both naked all I thought was how huge his cock felt in my tiny hand. He asked of I wanted to have sex and I said yes it hurt really bad at first. Then I loved it he cam and said stay and wait I'm going to fuck you good. We cuddled and kissed Suddenly he was hard again we fucked me really hard. It felt good but I was sore but wanted it more and more. After that I would come over all the time and sneak in and we would have sex. His mom caught us and freaked out we had sex a few times after I got a bad rep after that.

  • I was 16, and my boyfriend had pissed me off so I went to hang with one of my girl friends who was hanging out with some other guy. Well I was pissed off and the guy was really smooth, or we thought he was because we were in highschool he flirted just the right way and before long things got sexual. Talked us into making out. And then into more and more until we were sharing his cock between our lips. After that nights experience I sucked my boyfriend's cock all the time but he never found out he wasn't my first.

  • He doesn't care & never will. The point is for a girl to NEVER stop sucking a man's penis. it's instinctive anyhow.

  • The older, the better... suck 4 life..

  • I am female and at a early age of 13 my older brother 15 tricked me into sucking his cock. From that date on daily for the next 6 years and sometimes as much as five times a day. Think I was 15 when he first ate me out and 17 my first mind blowing orgasm, WOW

  • Id love to hear the tricking details

  • And you did eat his cum?

  • Good girl! its amazing how many sisters suck brothers cocks. never get sick of hearing stories of it.

  • I'll tell you what. When anyone of intelligence considers the instinct at play here, one knows this girl only thinks there were any tricks involved. We'll be conservative with the arithmetic here ; 365 x 6 x 3 = 6570. Even to suggest that during her teen years, this girl sucked on her older brother penis 5,000 to 6,000 times is quite amazing ; but VERY instinctive and very credible.

  • My brother got me to do it for several years and like the girl above he would ask me to do it several times a day during summer vacation and during the school year I did it to him after school. This went on for probably four years and I would guess I gave him over 2000 blow jobs if you work out the math.

  • Good girl! and you also swallowed all those spurts of his hot cum in your mouth?

  • I was 18, and it was with my bf at a party. We had only been a couple for a few days, so we were in that excited, hot and heavy phase. We hadn't done anything really sexual at at point, just heavy kissing and feeling each other up. Well, we found a somewhat private area, were kissing, and he said he was hard as a rock. I unbuttoned his jeans, slid them down, and gave him a bj. It was my first time so I had no idea what I was doing or how he liked it. It was a little bit of a surprise when he came, and I'll never forget tasting it for the first time.

  • Excellent account. This further demonstrates the instinct of the human female to know her mouth is to suck a man's penis. Clueless girl with a virgin mouth just engages upon fellatio until her first man finishes & she swallows his semen.

  • My brother tricked me when I was young, like 12 or so. We were playing a game he came up with where we put things inside this box then put a blindfold on, I never understood the covering of the eyes until after he tricked me. So it is my turn to reach into the box and he is taking forever to get something in there, turns out he made another box with a hole in the bottom. I reached in and started feeling around, I had no idea what it was but I was touching and feeling out his penis. After I was out of guesses I lifted up the blindfold and was really embarrassed but at the same time really curious. He then talked me into sucking on him and within minutes got my first taste of sperm.

  • My own insucked when I was 15. Another guy's I sucked when I was 29. I sucked his cock in my car, he leaked so much precum that's all I could taste. I can still feel his penis on and out of my mouth, the slurping sounds I made giving him a blowjob. It gets me so fucking horny every time I think about it :)

  • I was 17 and I had a neighbor girl that was 13 she was very well built. She walked into the garage and got on her knees and she sucked my dick. I filled her mouth and she swallowed it all.when I finished my dad said he was next. She swallowed 5 loads of cum.

  • When I was 14 I accidently walked in on my older brother wanking in the bathroom and I was fixated on his cock. Not the first one I had seen but clearly the biggest and I asked him if I could finish and he took hold of my hand and pulled me to him and when I took hold of him god the feelings that went thru me and I ended up giving him a blo till he came in my mouth and I swallowed all of his cum and I still couldn't take my hands off of him.

    The next day we met out in the barn and I gave him another BJ and just about daily for the next three years till he went into the Navy.

  • Very hot, I always had a special place in my heart for horny farm girls

  • I was 13 and I became sexually aware at a young age. I had wanted to do it like a year before that to my brothers best friend because I had a crush on him. I had fantasized over and over how it would all go. My birthday is in June and at my birthday party I told him that I wanted to come over to his house tomorrow and give him a blow job. He looked at me and told me I could come over anytime. I went over at like ten in the morning and he answered the door with a smile on his face, we went back to his bedroom and he laid on his bed. I told him no I want you standing up and I kneeled down in front of him. When he pulled his underwear down if bounced straight up and I was just enamored by the site of a real cock. I licked, sucked and stroked him for two orgasms and he loved every second of it. I have always loved doing it and just love how a cock feels in my hands, I love sucking on the head and feeling the ridge slide thru my lips, needless to say my husband is a very happy man.

  • Very good girl!

  • Hopefully, you make more than your husband happy :)

  • Does your husband know that you sucked dick so youbg?

  • I think I was 12, my brother had a few friends that would come over to our house everyday. One of them would always come find me and run his hands all over me then go back to what ever they were doing. He would do this all the time then one day all three of them asked me to come into my brothers room. He had the shades pulled down and lights were off, they told me kneel down between them and they all pulled down their pants. The one that would always feel me out told me how to suck on his cock and I ended up giving them all a blow job. This went on everyday for a long time until I told them that I was not going to do it anymore but it was probably close to three years. During that time my brother would also come into my room anytime my parents were gone and ask me to do it and I would just do it.

  • Of course you did. Girls know instinctively that their mandate is to suck a man's Penis. Furthermore, due to those early three years, I bet to this day your are very adroit at it thus in higher demand once men learn of it.

  • Are you male or female?

  • I am male. When I was 18 I sucked off my brother's best friend, who was 17 at the time. He came to visit my brother who was not home. Hung out in the basement with me for a little while. Told me he thought I was gay (I am) and got me to blow him, he shoot his load in my mouth without asking or warning me and I swallowed it all. Love swallowing cum to this day.

  • I was 15 (f) and was hanging out at the house of my friend who was a neighbor. His dad was at work and his mom stepped out to go shopping. We were looking at porn on his laptop when he started asking questions about what pussy felt like. I said, "You show me yours and I'll show you mine." We went ahead and dropped our shorts and played, just touching at first. Then I took him in my mouth, and eventually had him lie down so I could swing around and do a 69. I think he was just about to get his rocks off when we could hear his mom pull into the driveway. Believe me, we never got dressed back up so quickly. My heart was totally beating through my chest. It was really hard to act normal in front of her. I think we both had guilty looks that afternoon.

  • I've never sucked a cock my friend when we were 13 wanted to do me and he wanted me to do him, I was not sure and said no so he said he would just masturbate instead, my first time and he was so limber and long he sucked his own cock I was mesmerized I've never seen this before I blew my first load and thought I was going to pass out. I do regret not trying it at least once.

  • I was 25 and my father in law was 60. The wife likes it that we spend so much time together doing.....things. She has no idea that I suck the cock that made her.

  • Indeed. Most important here is that you NEVER stop sucking, regardless of the man's age.

  • The first one I gave was when I was about 16, he was a sweet guy we were in love blah, blah lasted six months.
    The first time I sucked a cock I was 14 and it was not really a mutual thing but I was to young and thought no one would believe me. Luck was on my side though and a few months later my mother kicked him out of the house and a short time later he was in jail for something else. When I was around 20 my mom and I were talking about bad relationships and she brought him up telling me that she always worried about him with me but was glad she kicked him out before anything happened. I just looked at her and smiled telling her that he was a little touchy but nothing real bad. Yup, lied to my Mom.

  • I'm a 44 year old married woman , my first time sucking was my older brother and his friends in a fort they had built at the end of our property I was just barely 11 hated the taste so they came up with the idea of pooring kool aid on their dicks so I could suck them. There's alot more that happened but you get the idea

  • Cool. This dame learned how to become a scumbag early, although appropriately. More importantly, perhaps your spouse could lend reality to the product of your very early training.

  • That's cool I bet u sucked good

  • I would love to hear more about this!

  • So would I!

  • I was 12 and it was a neighbor boy who was 14. He said I was awesome and would cum deep down my throat. Still love giving head at 22.

  • Female, I was 14 and gave my cousin his first, I had been really curious about doing it. I watched numerous videos online, I even practiced with a banana. He was completely amazed at how great it felt and wanted more so I spent my whole summer break giving him blow jobs. Wow was I ever stupid but any other guy I have been with tells me I am amazing at it, one of my boyfriends told me I was a blow job artist.

  • Look, it can't be both girl. You're either stupid OR amazing so I believe you'll choose the latter. Be very thankful for your excellent pubescent summer where your cousin is indeed responsible for you becoming adroit at oral pleasure upon a man!!

  • How did it happen?

  • Would like to find out

  • Male, 63. I sucked my first cock when I was 8 years old. My brother was 12 and part of a group of boys older than me so within a few weeks of sucking his cock for the first time I was sucking 4 or 5 different cocks. The eldest was 14 at the time and this went on for a few years. Still think about it and still love it!

  • Lovely stuff wish I could get sucked by an 8 yr old

  • I got head from a 7yr old once !! Even got to BUTT-FUCK him !! So tight ! Hard to go back to older men after fucking something that young and sexy !! Pouty
    lips a bubble butt slim body ! So willing to please ! I fucked him till he could
    cum ( about 2years) then went out in search of another young one !

  • I sucked a 14 yr old off at a truck stop once upon a time im a white boy trucker & he was a blk kid with a horse dick !!!!!! He rode me hard and tied me up wet !!!! I told him i had never sucked a blk dick before & it instantly became very inportant to him that his was gonna be my 1st one he giggled & told me all blk guys know that white boys just love to suck a blk dick lol I said well we all knew that blk guys love white boy head

  • I sucked older boys at that age too but I didn't have a brother. It was older boys at the park. I did it to get to hang out with them. On a good day I would suck 4 or more and sometimes more than once. Weekends and summers I was very busy. I loved walking out of school and 2 or 3 of them be waiting for me. All the other boys thought it was cool I hung out with older dudes. Little did they know I was eating their cum. Did this for a little over 4 years. They all got older and moved on.

  • 40 year old female , I sucked my first cock at 13 . He was 17 and the brother of my best friend . We were watching movies in their basement , I had a huge crush on him so when his sister fell asleep I let him play with me eventually letting him talk me into giving him a blowjob. He held my head when he came so I was forced to swallow. I found out the next morning my best friend wasn't really sleeping and watched the whole thing.

  • Hummmm

  • Of course you were forced to swallow. it's the only appropriate method for teaching a young girl how to finishing her oral performance on a man. Be thankful your girlfriend, who may have been a 'plant' had the attractive brother to teach you such.

  • Female 62. First sucked when I was 13 and still a virgin (lost it at 21) was living on the Rock (Gibraltar) and had entered a local swimsuit beauty competition, the MC dirty old touchy devil if I guess 50 years old took me down onto the beach(to give me some expert tips) so he said, ended up on my knees in the shallow water, swimsuit pulled off my shoulders to reveal my tiny tits to him as he wanked, to me back then he was huge in the cock department and as I knelt trembling he pushed into my mouth, I imiediatly started to enjoy the sensation that I'd only talked about with my very closest friend, all of a sudden it erupted in my mouth as he held my head firmly and fucked his cock in my mouth, I remember feeling I was getting choked so had to gulp what felt like gallons of warm salty cum straight down and swallowed most of it, he pulled out once finished, belted up and walked away, I didn't win either but had the taste for cock then and for the next three years whilst there sucked many a mans big cock without getting caught or loosing my cherry

  • Lucky you girl!! THAT is precisely how many if not every girl should be mandated upon puberty ; learning the appropriate method for finishing, when a man chooses to ejaculate in their mouth.

  • And taking a cock up the ass !!

  • At 13 I let a man that lived in our building convince me I could be a model. During one of his "photo shoots" he told me he was doing a lot to get me a modeling career and wanted me to do something for him in return. Next thing I know I'm on my knees with his cock in my mouth and his hands in my hair . It was more him fucking my mouth than me sucking him and he finished pretty quick. I did it four more times before he literally just disappeared from our building.

  • Countless girls have reported being tricked to perform their mandate with this same tactic. I'm sure now you fully understand that this is all part of some girls pubescent training toward becoming a woman. It was good for you to experience and I'm sure many girls envy your opportunity. The man had needs & you became the lucky girl.

  • Female, 38. Sucked my first cock shortly after I turned 18. I was a virgin, and it was with my first boyfriend at college who was a virgin as well (he went on to be my first husband after we graduated.)
    I really enjoyed it, and especially enjoyed having the power to make my boyfriend come undone like that. To this day I love sucking cock. Every guy I've ever been with has raved about my blow-job ability. I don't honestly think I'm anything that special I'm the sack, but I am damn good at giving head!

  • Excellent girl. This reads so honestly that it nearly lacks credibility. As such, it's concise and pointed. I can identify with your response due to being sexual with several having the same m.o. Like you, they were just another satisfying vagina, however they were especially adroit at sucking my penis and of course swallowed all my semen which I'm sure you do. Because face it, no dame can be 'great' sucking a man's penis unless she finishes by swallowing!!

  • Female, 16. Worst time of my entire sex life. It started out pretty well, he was laying on the bed and I was on my hands and knees above him. I licked and sucked on him for a while figuring he would enjoy it. He then grabbed my hair and began just thrusting in and out just before he started to orgasm. I gagged because he went to deep, had sperm running out of my nose, he would not let up until the next gag caused me to puke on him. He was grossed out and asked me what was wrong, I yelled at him and told me you cannot just ram it down my throat like that moron.
    Yeah, it was a great first time, he never got another anything from me again.

  • Good on you. He was a fuckin idiot.

  • Male. First time I had penis in my mouth was when I was 12 years old and it was my cousins who was 11. I didn't know what blowjobs were and usually me and him took turns just putting our penises in our mouths. We just did what felt good I guess. I remeber that his penis had really soft skin.

    When I was 18, I lived with my best friend (male). He was Bi.. Which he denied at the time. One day me and him were watching porn and both messed up on Valium and alcohol. We ended up masturbating together and somehow I just asked him if I could sick his dick while he watched. He said yes. I started giving him my first dick-sucking ever! His penis was long but not thick. He was well shaved down there and surprisingly did not smell bad. I was horrible. Using teeth at first and not managing my breath right. After a few minutes of practice I just started doing what my gf did when she gave me head... My friend loved it... I remember tasting his pre gum it was salty but there was so much of my saliva it wasn't that bad. That's why I let him cum in my mouth. I swallowed a mouthful of his cum... That's when I was about to earl... I ran into the bathroom and used Listerine.

  • When I was 25 I managed to get the head of my cock in my mouth and sucked it. I stroked it to cum and swallowed. In my late 30s and early 40s I gave head at adult book store gloryholes once every couple of years. Never made any of them cum though. I stopped over 10 years ago, but still fantasize about it. Sometimes I suck on a sausage and pretend.

  • Do you want to start up again

  • Female, and I was 15. My bf and I went to a movie, and I blew him behind the theater while we waited for his parents to pick us up. I'll never forget that white stuff that came out of his dick. It was weird.

  • Did he moan?

  • Yeah, he did.

  • I sucked my brothers dick when I was 20, it was his idea we went down on each at the same time I couldent believe how much I enjoyed it, he was fairly big I really had to stretch my mouth to get it in, its my fondest memory

  • Are you make for female?

  • I'm a man I sucked my best friends cock first when we were both 11 and starting puberty. I was surprised when he came in my mouth. It took me month before I came as well we carried on wanking and sucking each other all that summer of 1976.

  • Have you done it since? Do you masturbate to the memory?

  • I have done it loads of times since and it's one of my favourite memorys to wank to by myself or with a friend.

  • Yes I do.
    I've been married for 29 years. I'm Bi and wear lingerie my. Wife knows all about my meeting men friends for sex every few months and buys me new lingerie for the occasion and books a Hotel for us with her blessing.

  • Does she know how young you started?

  • Yes she does.
    She caught me and Dave sucking each other in the woods and joined in.
    Sometimes when I'm with our friend Col she will come and join us and relive that long hot summer.

  • Football coach in junior high. Loved it.

  • Where ?

  • His office after practice and nobody was around. I wanted it. It was not abuse. He was a hot hairy Italian with big muscular arms and legs.

  • Only once?

  • All season long. I wanted him to fuck me too. But he did not.

  • I'm a guy, I was around 8 but I didn't enjoy it that much. I did again when I was 12 with a bigger cock and loved it. Wasn't into cum tho, so I didn't taste it. Then I think a yr or 2 later, I was able to put my own dick in my mouth for a couple yrs and tried my precum. I would love to suck a mushroom cock and have it leak tons of precum. Still not into regular cum but I would taste it and most likely swallow it if it was from a mushroom cock. I always go crazy to suck tgirl Sadie Hawkins dick & swallow her load.

  • I was sucking my dick at 5 up until I was 23. The first time I came I was 12 and I was sucking my dick hard and I was just liking what it felt like. It was different than usual my head was on the back of my throat and bam I was cuming hard. I sucked and swallowed it all. I was thinking about the 4 guys that had came in my mouth and now I was just going to keep cuming and swallowing until I dry came! I swallowed 6 loads of cum before I let my dick out of my mouth.

  • I would love to find at girl to suck

  • Sadie Hawkins makes my mouth water... Would love to rim that and suck her off...

  • How old were the guys? What were the circumstances?

  • I wasn't going to say, but it was actually my brother who was 5 yrs older. He was the one who got me into doing things with him. We'd always wait until night time when our parents had to work, and then I'd go into his room and strip, and he'd have me climb into his bed and then he'd try to get me to suck his dick. I liked having something in my mouth but it just felt weird at the time. Nothing happened for a couple yrs until one night we had to put together exercise equipment, I was sitting on the floor and he appeared next to me and stood there with a big tent in his pants and asked if I wanted to suck his dick. He sat on the bed in front of me and I was amazed at how big his dick got and kept telling him it was so big. He let me touch it for a few and then sucked on it, it tasted so good and felt great in my mouth. In the end, I turned down his cum and he hasn't asked me since, and I was afraid to ask, thinking he would call me gay or something. For so many yrs I had dreams and thoughts about being in front of him again with his big dick aimed at my face. I especially just wanted him to shoot his cum all over my face, maybe suck his balls after he shaved them and just showered, and I would've let him cum in my mouth and overfill it...

  • I took gymnastics in middle school and got pretty limber. When I was 14 I saw a picture of a tranny with her legs flipped over sucking her own cock. Spent the next week stretching and trying until finally I could suck the head, over the next month I got limber enough to take much of the shaft. In 30 years no woman I've been with has been able to give me as good head as I do myself.

  • Did you swallow?

  • I am a married man. I am 76 and sucked my first cock about four years ago. Long over-due... and I loved it. I still love cock and suck it as often as possible. And yes -- I do swallow. It's my reward.

  • I am 63 and I have wanted to suck cock for a long time. Married but after prostate cancer and difficult getting an erection I find the desire to touch and suck a hard growing to point of no return

  • I am male I sucked my first cock at 50 after a lifetime of fantasizing, I loved everything about it, the naughtiness of having another mans dick in my mouth was overwhelming, and when he cum I held it there for a few seconds to savor the taste and then let it slide down my throat, I've sucked many since and have no intention of stopping, everyone has their vices in life, I guess sucking dick is mine,

  • Iam 85 never suck on but would like to try

  • I would love to 69 with you on top of me you could fuck my brains out then i would rim you if ya sat on my face i once sucked a old blk man off at a rest area then later a friend of mine who knew him told me the man was 98 and a retired preacher i sucked his dick & let him give my face a golden shower and even gave him a rim job because he said he wouldnt believe i would do it so i dared him to sit my face & find out & he took me up on it to i think he liked that the best cause he ask if we could meet up again so he could sit on my face some more & feel my hot tongue in his shit hole lol he told me i could kiss his ass all i wanted to & then some I was only 24 & told him it would be my pleasure to & thst it ws a great honor to do so and he almost let a faint esp when i told him i would love to drink from his tap which i had to explain He said so let me get this str8 You will let me Sitck my dick in your mouth And & then take a piss Rt in it & you'll drink my piss & i said yeah i love drinking from other mens taps We had left the truck stop & went to my place near by for more privacy & he said i can do it rt now so prove it and i drank him dry He said he liked piss feeding me & sitting on my white face best of all of it We hooked up for about a yr till he had to go in a nursing home & sucked him off there till he passed away bout a yr & a half later I thought it was so hot that i was giving head to a mann a lil over 100 & drinking from his tap

  • Go ahead and take the plunge, you love it,

  • Lucky old man.

  • Same here, to bad we started so late

  • There's a n_i_gg_e_r in the woodpile here.

  • Where i'll suck his blk dick if he like white boy head

  • Where do you find cock to suck?

  • I’ll let you suck mine.

  • I will suck your cock and swallow your cum where do you live

  • Near D C I want a man to suck my cock really bad woman are welcome but I think men give the best blow jobs if you can deep throat I don't care

  • I dont no

  • Gay bars and wooded trails.

  • I am male and I was around 14.

  • How old was he?

  • My first time I was 11 female and the boy was 10 and he finished in my mouth but i did not swallow and he licked my bald pussy ut I did not cum

  • I want to suck little boy cock

  • And lots of them wood love for you to do it and would have noooooooo problemo with it !!!!!

  • If you recall, ten year old boys don't ejaculate semen ; hence there was nothing TO swallow girl.