A girl I still cum to

When I was 16, I met a girl on Myspace in one of the chatrooms, I told her I liked her within 2 wks and later became the first girl I loved. Real pretty and hot blonde, she was a year older. But around the time I told her, she told me she kissed a guy at school, it made me mad but we got passed it. For, I think 2 months, we just talked and always tried to keep the dirty talk out of the conversation. But one day, we slowly started talking about what we would do to each other and another day she told me she's really good at sucking. I don't think I said anything about it at first, but on another day, she mentioned it again and we finally talked about it. Almost every day I asked about her sucking, and she would tell me about each guy she gave blowjobs to. Before I tell you, she sent me a pic once of her naked on the bed, really pretty pink pussy, great round natural tits, and a nice little hot round ass. Every time she had the place to herself, she had friends that came over, she would suck their cock and swallow their cum, they would fuck her, then she would suck their cock again before they left. Sometimes had guys sneak in her window at night and tried to be quiet and stayed the night. She said they always cummed a lot, which I believed since I came a lot just hearing about her with other guys. I would seriously shoot a load, get hard again and cum 5 mins later. I couldn't help it. I always worried about my dad or mom walking in, so I would always loosen my belt and put my hand in my pants and jack off that way. I'd cum all over the front of my underwear and would bleed through my pants most of the time. She always talked about how much she loves cocks and especially cum. Everyday she wished she could suck the biggest cock and get DRENCHED in cum from head to toe. One of her friends I heard about later, I didn't like him at all cuz he looks like the type that disrespects girls, she said that they were friends for so many years and he fucked her the most when she started hooking up with friends. He always fucked her as hard and as fast as she wanted to be fucked and he always pulled her hair, and she especially loved taking showers because it would get her in the mood, so they spent a lot of time in there and he would fuck her against the wall while sucking on her wet boobs. He had the biggest cock out of her friends and he was crazy about her pussy, always wanted a taste. She confessed that even tho they stopped fucking when we got together, for awhile he managed to get her in the mood and got her to let him eat her pussy when he was over and she'd go crazy and suck his cock after. She'd also tell me made-up stories of her blowing her teacher or her boss or just random guys to make me cum. When she was telling me about other guys, she said that she doesn't like having her head held when sucking, I asked her who held her head, and she hesitated and didn't wanna tell me, but finally said her dad. She didn't wanna go into detail at the time, but one day I came home from school and seen a message from her telling me about him. A few years before, she was in the living room with her dad and her mom was passed out on the couch, he had her follow him to her bedroom and told her not to say anything to her mom. He told her to get on her knees while he locked the door, he came back and stood in front of her and told her to open her mouth, he unzipped his pants and stuck his hard cock in her mouth. He had her suck on it for a couple mins, then he put her on the bed and fucked her. One time, he woke her up at night, he layed on the bed next to her, told her to undo his pants, then he put her on top of him and told him to do what he does to her, so she listened and rode his dick. She said that went on for years up until a few months before we met. Most nights he woke her up to get his cock sucked, other nights it was to fuck her. One day he brought 2 of his friends over, they played with her boobs and pussy, she sucked both of their cocks and then her dad fucked her in front of them. She said that they made some deal where he would only fuck her when he's having a bad day at work and he agreed not to hold her head anymore. She started wearing mini skirts, and most of the time he would come home, they would go to her bedroom, she would undo his pants and suck his cock, then he would bend her over or put her on the bed and fuck her until he cummed on her ass, face or in her mouth. (Btw, I've been typing this up for 1 hr & 40 mins and finally shot a big ass load. Felt so worn out and my legs were weak for 20 mins. Let's continue.) I loved hearing about her, cumming countless times a day, and calling her a cocksucker. We talked for 2 years until she started acting like a bitch and we stopped talking. 8 years later and I still think about her when I cum. Sluttiest girl I know and I can always think about something with her. If we talked about it, I would've let her get fucked twice a week the whole time we talked online, and let her suck other cocks whenever she wanted after we finally met in person. I like to imagine coming home and she'd be in the bedroom with the door opened a crack, sucking some guy off or he'd be fucking her. I would especially like her to get fucked by a black guy all the time. After taking a peak, I would sit on the couch and wait for her to get done, she would come out with a smile on her face and her boobs covered in cum, sit on my lap and kiss me. I also like to imagine her being on webcam talking to me, and her dad would come over and wanna fuck her right away and she wouldn't have time to shut the webcam off, so I would get to watch them fuck on the couch & her suck his cock, or he'd bend her over the computer desk and fuck her while squeezing her tits, then he'd shoot a load all over her boobs, she'd sit back at the computer and clean up the mess while talking to me again. Time & time again, I post comments on these sites saying that I hope to find a 18-20 year old girl like that who will send me pics or vids of her with a cock in her mouth and cum on her face or boobs.

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  • I am 23 F and for a long time I dream of having guys take me as they want, do anything to me but pain for I am not into that at all unless it is a big cock stretching me out to accommodate him or them.

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