Let a stranger fuck my drunk wife

My wife Jen and I took a weekend to get away from the kids and focus on ourselves for a couple of days. We stayed in a hotel in South Beach Miami as my wife loves to go dancing and clubbing. on Friday night after arriving at the hotel we went out to dinner where we shared a bottle of wine and became pleasantly buzzed. Then back to the hotel room to change into some nice outfits. She wore a gorgeous dress that was extremely tight and showed off her 36C breasts as well as her amazing butt. We went to a nearby club that seemed to be quite busy.
She is quite the dancer and unfortunately i am far from adequate on the dance floor. in order to cope i tend to drink heavily so i don't feel so self conscious about my moves. Jen tends to be a cheap date where 1-2 mix drinks and she is drunk. Drunk Jen is amazingly fun and great entertainment for all.
After a few dances and couple of very tasty miami beach mix drinks, Jen was completely hammered. She was grinding me so hard i nearly came in my pants. I couldn't keep up but there were plenty of men trying to get in on the action. Jen, who is normally fairly reserved was loving all the attention and began to dance with 2-3 other guys. I was okay with the dancing until i saw one of the guys start to get a little too touchy with her. At first his hands were grabbing her ass and then eventually he was pressing his crotch against her. Then i realized that i was mesmerized by the site of Jen and this random guy dry humping on the dance floor. i felt myself get rock hard and couldn't bring myself to cut in.
Jen was really letting loose and this guy was not stopping her. He grabbed two shots and gave her one. she never does shots so i was shocked when i saw her down it without a problem. The tequila must have hit her hard because within a few minutes of the shot she was too drunk to keep dancing. Jen asked me to go in a mumble that was barely audible or coherent. The guy she was dancing with offered to help her and me get her to the door of the club without falling over.
Once at the door i blurted out something i didn't expect to; i asked this man if he'd be willing to help me get her up to our hotel room up the block. He agreed and we continued to walk on each side of Jen out of the club and to my hotel. We entered the elevator and went straight up to my room. The entire time Jen was mumbling something that made no sense to me. She seemed to be completely lost in her own mind.
When we got to my room i unlocked the door and the man helped me carry her to the bed. We placed her onto the bed and then i surprised myself again by asking him to help me get her undressed. The man smiled to himself and quickly agreed. Jen was practically passed out but still mumbling to herself. We pulled off her shoes and then he rolled her over to unzip her dress. Together we pulled it off her and Jen was laying there in just her strapless bra and thong.
I told the man he could have a little fun but no sex. The man agreed and began to feel her breasts. he then traced her body going slowly down her abdomen until he reached the top of her thong. Without asking or waiting he peeled the thong off and took in the site.
Jen's freshly shaved pussy was glistening and her nipples were erect. he began to stroke her inner thighs and then pushed her legs apart slightly so he could explore. Jen was moaning and seemed to really be enjoying the touching and feeling. MY cock was raging hard and i could see a big bulge in this stranger's pants. With one hand he unzipped his pants and began to stroke his cock. I noticed it was larger than me by about 2-3 inches. i would say he was more than 8 inches and maybe 9 long but not too thick. He began to stroke himself while Jen moaned.
I was frozen with my own cock aching to come out. Then, the stranger leaned over and began to suck on Jen's nipples while he pressed on her clit. She began to buck and moan loudly now and for the first time since we left the club was not mumbling. We both clearly heard her say fuck me baby. Now i know she was assuming she was talking to me but this stranger wasn't standing around waiting for clarification. He pulled off his pants and climbed onto the bed. After rubbing some of her juice onto his cock he proceeded to rub the head up and down her slit. I stood there and said nothing. I kept thinking to myself that i should stop this, or at least make him wear a condom. But for some reason i could not find the words, almost like they were stuck in my throat.

With a few rubs up and down her slit, Jen spread her legs wider and continued to beg to be fucked. The stranger began to slide his cock into her soaking wet pussy and within a few strokes had gotten most of his cock inside her. He was shocked how tight she felt and made it clear that this was one of the tightest pussies he had ever felt. She was moaning and loving every moment. The stranger fucked her for about 4-5 minutes with the strokes turning to a steady pounding. With her legs wrapped around him i counted at least 2 orgasms. He continued to pound her harder and faster. Before i could even register what was happening he suddenly let out a huge grunt and signaled that he was cumming. At that moment i realized that he had just filled my wife's pussy with what appeared to be a massive load.
Reality came crashing back and i began to fear that maybe this stranger, who's name i didn't even ask had some STD. Before he could even relax i snapped out of my daze and told him to go quickly. He understood and didn't give me much trouble. He pulled out and grabbed his pants. On the way out he thanked me and left.
I cleaned her up as best as i could and put her in a t-shirt and fresh underwear.
The next morning Jen woke up and had no memory of the stranger in our room. She knew she had sex but i guess she just assumed it was me. In fact, she mentioned to me what amazing sex we had the night before and that she had not cum so hard in a long time.
I decided not to tell her figuring i would probably be in big trouble if i did. About a month later she told she had missed her period. The test was positive and we were having another baby. The conception date was right around the night in question. I also had sex with her on that weekend and shortly after it once or twice, but i am very nervous the baby is not mine. She is due in four months.

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  • OP - for those that have been following, my wife recently gave birth (about two weeks early). she and baby girl are doing fine. I haven't tested DNA yet and am not very good at telling baby features (they tend to all look like babies to me until they get a little older). However, the eyes on this kid remind me of the guy above. maybe it is me being paranoid but i think that this is not my biological kid. i ordered one of those home DNA test kits and will let you know what i learn. at this point i've accepted the fact that some total stranger knocked up my wife and now i'm going to raise his kid. While i am a total jerk and won't let this get in the way of raising and loving this girl as my own, i kind of feel bad that she'll never know her real dad.

  • OP - the girl is not mine. DNA tests confirmed it. But she is so cute i love her already. Still haven't told my wife and at this point i won't say anything ever.

  • Good for you. You're doing the right thing, OP. Love the child as if she were your own, and don't ever let on you know.

  • Two months to go until she gives birth. I still haven't told her. I will wait for baby to be born and do a DNA test. I'll raise the kid as my own if it is not mine but won't be able to stop thinking about it until i know.

  • Wow dude thats pretty crazy... Very hot story! I hope you decide not to take the test. If you are going to raise the kid as yours the DNA test shouldnt matter.

  • Wow, that is some story. My wife gets drunk easily too. Once she gave a friend of mine a lapdance at his birthday party. She didn't plan to, but she was drunk and horny (I think she liked him too). She just hiked up the miniskirt and started grinding in her panties against him. My friend later said he came in his pants, and I think she may have had an orgasm too, based on her facial expressions.

  • I normally let my buddy fuck her when she's passed out , at least I know he's clean of diseases

  • You should have ate that dripping pussy after he finished you might have liked it.

  • That thought never entered my mind. that doesn't appeal to me in any way.

  • Thank you that made me very horny xx
    My husband will wonder what happened when he walks in from work and finds me naked on all fours at the door, after that we will fuck then I will show him your story but not replicate it

  • Glad you enjoyed my confession.

  • Good, maybe now that she's pregnant her tits will get bigger. 36 should be followed by nothing smaller than DD

  • I wish I could do this, my wife's on birth control though, obviously you knew your bitch could get pregnant, you can't tell her now, you just have to live with it, and hope it's not black...

  • Sorry i didn't even think of that when writing it. the stranger was white with same color hair as me. i don't remember his eye color though.

  • Chump ..... have fun paying for the next 20 yrs

  • Money is not an issue for me. just trying to figure out whether i should do a DNA test when the baby is born.

  • Lol

  • Great story x

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