Babysitting sex

I had offered to help a friend out babysitting her 2 boys , she had been having trouble getting babysitters as theboys were quite a handfull 10 & 11. She thought someone older may be a calming influence on them ( Im 45 ) I arrived at the house and the boys were watching a wrestling dvd and seemed quite polite and quiet. Ben the youngest asked me if I liked wrestling ., I said it was ok but didnt really watch it, he asked if I wanted to try , I said no I wasnt dressed for it in a skirt and blouse. Kevin the elder one said it was ok I could do it sitting down , I noticed Ben had gone behind me and Kevin leant forward and grabbed my arms , I pretend to struggle a bit playing and fekt Bens arm go around my neck and squeeze. I could still breathe easily so didnt take much notice but after a few minutes I started to feel faint and struggled a bit more , Kevin held me tighter and moved between my legs rucking ny skirt up. Shes going Kevin said to Ben as a blackness engulfed me , I dont know how long I was out but woke up with Kevin between my legs holding his hard cock my hands tied and Ben playing with my tits it felt like a dream. Kevin moved my panties to one side and pushed his cock in me I tried to struggle but couldnt move , Ben started sucking my tits its felt so surreal I closed my eyes and realised I was thrusting my hips to Kevins strokes and groaning. Kevin soon came in me and Ben replaced him , it was all too much for me as I started to orgasm , Ben soon finished and I felt Kevin release my arms , they both lay either side of me playing with my tits , and kissing me until Kevin mounted me again quickly followed by Ben before my friend returned . .

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  • Call the cops on this perv!

  • You're supposed to post that on fantasy channel...... So a big pile of BULLSHIT

  • Tomorrows update will be she is pregnant by a 10 yr old

  • Have you seen them since ?

  • What utter crap

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