My nipple secret

I am a straight, 37 year old married mother of two, just about as normal as it gets, except for one little thing-I desperately want to lick another woman's nipples! I absolutely LOVE nipples, and I play with mine all the time. When I do, I imagine all kinds of scenarios where I get to indulge in my secret fantasy and satisfy my desire to share some nipple play with another woman. Sometimes, when the desire is almost too overwhelming, I get in my car, crank up the AC, and go for a drive. I wear a tank top so I can easily pull my tits out and play with my nipples. I Love when I pass another vehicle and I can tell that they've seen me rubbing and pinching and flicking my nipples-I get so turned on, but it still doesn't satisfy my need to put my mouth and tongue on a nice perky set of nipples-first, I would rub each one between my fingers, feeling it get harder and harder..then I'd circle each one and lightly pinch them, rubbing them at the same time. When they're perfectly erect, I would kiss each one lightly, just letting each bud graze my lips. After a couple of times, I would gently flick the tip of my tongue on each nipple, flicking it back and forth, getting faster and faster with each flick. I wouldn trace my tongue around and around those beautiful nipples, sucking and licking, back and forth, from one nipple to the other. Oh, I'm rubbing my super hard nipples now and its driving me crazy!! I NEED someone's nipples in my mouth right now, and I need their mouth on mine!! I'm not interested in anything else, no full on sex, just some delicious nipple play. I even love the word "nipples", i love saying it over and over. Nipples, nipples, nipples...does anyone else feel this way? Have you gotten to indulge in this fantasy? How can I make this happen?

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  • I'm a guy, but if I was a woman, I'd be the same as you. One thing I don't know if you've seen, but I love is what I call "Nipple 69". Porn pictures where two woman are each sucking each other's nipples at the same time. I love seeing that. If I was a woman, I'd be doing that.

  • I often have various fantasys about other women x

  • I am a married man. I love it when my wife licks and sucks my nipples. I also love when I see a woman's nipples poking through her shirt. I hsve a female friend who regularly posts pictures on Facebook with her erect nipples showing through her shirt or swimsuit, and I often masturbate to them.

  • I am male and play with my nipples all the time, I love it particularly when they are erect and showing through a tight white T shirt, nipple sexuality is so great

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