Orgasm after orgasm

My husband loves to tie me up to the point of immobile and then give me as many orgasms as I can take from either licking, vibrating or you name it. We went camping a few months ago and we were just out in the woods remote. I enjoy this kind of thing because I can lay out nude and sun, I even go into the river for a cool off and have never had anybody around.
He brought up bondage one afternoon and wanted to do it outdoors, he brought a rope hammock along just for the occasion. I decided that I was in the mood for some bondage so I was thrilled with the new experience, one thing I was not prepared for though was insects. While he was getting me into the hammock and running rope around me they were not to bad because he was moving around a lot. He had pulled my breasts through the holes so they were hanging down to the level of the tall grass, this he had planned so that as I swayed back and forth it would tickle my nipples. Once he had a vibe on me he began rocking me back and forth letting it do its job on my nipples but unfortunately the mosquito's were also doing their job on my open skin. He went and got some spray but then decided he would not spray my breasts and just watch them bite me for a while. I could never tell if it was the grass or one of them biting me but after about fifteen minutes of it they were itching like crazy.
He then decided after watching all of this that he needed to have an orgasm himself so he lubed up his cock and began sliding it between one of the holes above my bum. He was sliding along my lips quite well due to all the wetness of two orgasms but then I felt him pushing on my anus a few times, he kept alternating between it and my lips. After a few minutes of this he decided that a little bit of anal was feeling pretty good and stroked his head in and out of it for a while. He then did something that I did not think he could do, he rotated me over in the roll of hammock and pushed my breast together for some nice stroking. I watched thru the holes as his cock head would end up at my nose during the push thru and soon I knew my face was going to be wet. I heard him moaning out and closed my eyes as I felt the warm sperm spraying onto my face. He rolled me back over and played with me some more until I came again then decided that he was thru playing with me for that day.
I would have to say that it was a very enjoyable experience and overall took a lot less time to get me bound up, if the insects had not been out it would have been perfect.

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