Would probably have sex with anyone.

I want cum all over my girlfriends younger 19 year old blonde hair, blue eyes sister.

I had some cocain and I know she takes it, I asked if she wanted a little line. She said yes and she wasn't feeling too good after she took it. She was in the bathroom with a very watery poo. I know this because she shouted for me and told me. My reply was no anal with yer boyfriend tonight lol, when she came back in she said she has done anal before I was surprised because she has only lost her virginity this year on Valentine's Day. She said she never minded it.

I mentioned about one time I heard her and her boyfriend having sex at 3-4am with her groaning so loud she was going "aw babe fuck me" such a turn on and started to think what would someone with a bit more experience (myself) be able to get to her scream lol. I'm not saying I'm like a porn star with a huge penis, I'm probably better at foreplay, I've never had any complaints I can last quite a long while and know what I'm doing but with her her body and tits would make me cum so hard. We also spoke about me having sex with my girlfriends best friend while me and her split got a good while. I think I'm addicted to sex.

I asked is she protected she said yes, so I said does he just cum inside u then yeah and replied he's only done it the one time. I said aye you've got your nipple periced (which I took her to get and paid for and in return I seen her full breasts) and skinny body does he just cum on them and she said no!! I don't like that he cums In his hand :|

I then went on to say your joking you can't do that lol nothing wrong with letting someone cum over u, I've came everywhere on your sister. I have a fetish sort of thing with cumming inside and watching it come out. My fetishs vary to diffrent stuff from time to time.

I then said if you ever want tae talk to me about stuff you can I won't mention it, and hopefully I can tell i things, I'm not gonny lie since I heard u have sex and being that loud I've looked at u diffrently. Like an adult lol we are very similar.

If I could get away with it I'd have sex with all her aunties even her mother who is rotten. I tried to have sex with my best friends girlfriend because she's cheated on him and tried to have sex with me loads.

The night I slept with her best friend could've happend years ago, slept in the middle of her and my gf after a night out my gf was wearing long Pee jays and her best friend had the smallest thong and bra on.

You can guess who I woke up cuddling with my morning glory right in between her butt cheeks. Her best friend has A cup boobs (small I know) nice big brown nipples and pierced she has one of the best body's I've ever seen, and the best bum I have ever seen it's so big and peachy. Woke up with my hand up her bra and pulling at her thong and teasing her clit. She was teasing me tickling my cock. All the while she kept her eyes closed I got so horny I turned around and had sex with my girlfriend while she lay there.

Anyways the night I had sex with her we were in a kitchen kissing and talking, she eyes and smile are amazing perfect teeth big juice lips, I have pictures to show I can send on snapchat. If anyone's interested. And I just came out and said I want to fuck u so bad I have done for years and she replied with so have I. I bent her over, skirt up got pulled right up, thong to the side and bingo. It was better than my dreams. She liked it rough I knew that so she got it rough while the part was still on going in the living room she was pulling at my nipples I pulled on hers she was backing into it while I was thrusting. I knew she liked a finger up her bum so put my whole middle finger in and she never even complained it went in surprising easy lol. She was whispering my name so I went over and kissed her while she was bent over and she said in my ear cum inside me. Also she had knee high boots on like hooker boots ?

Anyways we had to stop. She was too paranoid we got caught so I went against the door and she sucked me off. One of the best bjs ever. I never finished but as I was drunk.

I imagine her during sex with my gf constant. She's engaged now but I don't think it will last she was like desperate to move out her mums. Her bfs a wanker.

So anyways I know this is a long and maybe pointless story but I wanted to get stuff off my chest

The night I had sex with my gfs best friend one of her other friends joined me on the sofa and I slept with her aswell while my mate was sleeping she's no having a child with in which I think may be mine. Still a secret about her to this day.

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  • Horrible writing btw. I gave up half way through.

  • Yeah me too. I actually scrolled down just to see if anyone else had been confused by it

  • Same here. My thought was he did a line of coke or was drunk.

  • Correct it was both lol. I regret this already haha

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